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  1. Feels like we've been taking CB every year lol
  2. I think Tepper has made bad choices and people want a scapegoat to blame everything on..when everyone in the FO hold blame People want one convenient person to blame everything on when its been a systemic failure that starts with him but is not only just him
  3. Being incompetent at a job doesnt mean you're meddling
  4. Dalton looks like he was coaching HS football last week and got a call to start
  5. Your job as a coach is to sell your program....what would you do if you're in his position? Turn it down?
  6. I've been more in the college football this year than the NFL tbh
  7. Not a Bryce hater....but its not the best sign when you have to bring up outliers like these to defend him
  8. I'm not hitting the panic button because its early and things could turn around but he's speaking in a lot of empty coach speak imo I haven't seen anything yet to suggest He(Bryce has shown something special on several occasions"--way too early to write him off...but yeah havent seen much on the field that gets me excited
  9. Will never understand why fans generally take the Billionaires side/management just because the NFL player is more visible lol
  10. People are shocked when I tell them these stores target poor areas. its almost predatory how grocery chains operate
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