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  1. If we manage to win this game, then I'm not sure how badly we would need to play to lose one.
  2. I've always considered the third preseason game to be the only that mattered. First, it is the closest to a real game regarding the game planning and effort put forth by the first team, not to mention the first team playing most of the game. Second, it is the last chance our first team has to develop momentum and confidence before the season starts. Winning and success is an attitude that only comes from experiencing it. If our offense has three straight games with a slow start, then you can count on that carrying over into the season. There won't be any momentum built up for any of the offen
  3. Maybe the answer to this question is buried somewhere in this thread, but does anyone know why Shaq didn't play this game? Coaching concerns over his earlier injury?
  4. That stop n' go in the highlight video. WHAT A ROUTE! That's the kind of thing that translates well in the NFL. This could could certainly fit in well. He fills KR/PR and would provide an insane compliment to Philly and KB. It will be interesting to see his combine numbers, I would love to know just how fast the kid is.
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