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  1. NFL PA should make it part of the collective bargaining agreement that every team should play on grass
  2. It’s not about what you’ve done but what you’re going to be. By your logic Justin Herbert should have been excluded from top 40 even though he was a top 10 pick and ultimately balled out as a rookie
  3. He ranked Corrall above Pickett, Willis and Ridder in the NFL draft so I am guessing he will be on the list above them here
  4. Tyrod is a checkdown king though. Simms prefers QBs who like to sling it
  5. Yeah safe to say Darnold should be a backup but some wanted us to keep Teddy or bring in Minshew
  6. No secret I am a fan of his QB evaluations. Here is where he stands so far. He still thinks that Darnold has a chance to redeem himself. It will be interesting to see where he ranks our incoming rookie Matt Corrall.
  7. Ask any player and they will tell you how it affects their joints and hurts their feet.
  8. So they’re going to switch back to turf after Chelsea?
  9. USA Today Sports At just 6’2”, Corral is considered a bit smaller than the prototypical NFL signal caller. His slight stature has not impacted his ability to throw the deep though, as he has shown above-average arm strength completing multiple passes well over 30 yards in the air. Corral often used play-action to set up these bombs and completed them at the second-highest rate of all FBS quarterbacks (48%). Scouts like his ability to make quick decisions and his knack for ball retention, as he would prefer to take a sack than force up a potential interception. There’s also the following quote to consider from an NFL scout. According to NFL.com, one AFC team’s scouting director believes that “Corral is a better pure quarterback than either [Pickett or Willis].” Corral’s ability to use his feet, like Wilson, is also of note.
  10. He has a pretty good track record at evaluating QBs coming out of the draft.
  11. Took a screenshot video of the SiriusXM broadcast this morning. Chris Simms continues to heap praise about the Panthers third round pick and compares his skillset to Aaron Rodgers. RPReplay_Final1652790654.mov
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