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  1. Wasn't Stroud reported to be struggling last year in OTAs or preseason? these types of reports are dumb I would rather have a gamer than a practice warrior That said, I think Caleb is overrated and he went to a franchise that is notorious for QBs busting
  2. Jonathan Brooks is the modern NFL prototypical RB. He'll be better than JStew
  3. I loved jStew but let’s not forget he was almost always held out from practice due to some nagging injuries
  4. He talks way too much about his time in Seattle and Russell Wilson and how they built that team in 2012. I won’t fall for any of it until I see them play for a year
  5. I would love to see this. It will all depend if Bryce Young can look like a franchise QB. He may just surprise us. If not, I don't see us winning more than 5 games.
  6. Week 1: Sept. 8 at New Orleans (L) Saints away is always tough even when we're the better team. Saints win Week 2: Sept 15 vs. Los Angeles Chargers (L) Jim Harbaugh, Justin Herbert - enough said. Week 3: Sept 22 at Las Vegas (maybe?) Gardner Minshew doesn't scare me but the Raiders defense should be good. I'm 50/50 on this one Week 4: Sept. 29 vs. Cincinnati (L) No chance against Burrow and Chase Week 5: Oct. 6 at Chicago (W) This better be a win, I think Caleb Williams will be a bust Week 6: Oct. 13 vs. Atlanta (L) Falcons will be the best team in the division and will sweep us Week 7: Oct. 20 at Washington (W) I'll pencil in a win against Washington with a new (old) coach and new QB Week 8: Oct. 27 at Denver (L) If this was at home I would choose us, but I don't see us winning at Mile High Week 9: Nov. 3 vs. New Orleans (W) This should be a close game at home. Hopefully the team starts to gel a bit more and we pull off a W. Week 10: Nov. 10 vs. N.Y. Giants (Munich, Germany) (L) Giants don't scare me, except maybe Burns in this game. I think we lose a close one Week 11: Nov. 17 BYE Week 12: Nov. 24 vs. Kansas City (L) We'll get crushed Week 13: Dec. 1 vs. Tampa Bay (W) Team plays inspired football to help Canales beat his old team Week 14: Dec 8 at Philadelphia (L) no chance Week 15: Dec: 15 vs. Dallas (L) this will be a home game for Dallas Week 16: Dec. 22 vs. Arizona (W) we always do well against Arizona Week 17: Dec. 29 at Tampa Bay (L) revenge game for TB who will be playing for division title Week 18: Jan. 4 or 5 at Atlanta (L) Falcons win the division
  7. Most oddsmakers have Panthers over/under at 4.5 which makes a lot more sense
  8. and the same one who said Zach Wilson should have been the #1 pick. i can't argue really with some of his points, Bryce does have a lot to prove that his game can translate to the NFL, especially when it comes to making NFL throws consistently
  9. this! i knew we were in trouble last preseason when i saw that offensive line. most on here called me a crybaby
  10. It can't be worse, we hit bottom last year and only way is to go up. How much better? 2 wins -> 4 wins? or can they actually win 7-8 games? I don't think the latter is happening
  11. That's fair, I just thought the game manager typically means our defense has to carry and not sure that'll be possible.
  12. NFL 2K - 2005 I think was the peak for me as well, never could get into Madden after that. In fact, I stopped playing Madden in protest due to the monopoly
  13. He’s already said in interviews his goal is to turn Bryce into a game manager and only ask him to make a few special plays per game. I think it’s smart for Bryce’s development but it also means we won’t win many games.
  14. I haven’t played it in almost 20 years. You would think by now they would just have AI generate the playbook based on actual game footage.
  15. Don't know anyone can pass Smitty other than his stats, he'll always be the goat. I do expect XL to break all rookie receiving records. Hopefully Bryce develops a connection with him and delivers the ball on time because I have a feeling he will have no problems getting open in the NFL.
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