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  1. He also grabbed his head before that so I don’t buy that it was just his back
  2. They wouldn’t allow games to be played on turf
  3. Yes at least we don’t have to regret not drafting Fields.
  4. At least we’re not Chicago Bears who are projected to break some records in sucking
  5. Baker throws for more TDs though. But we’re literally debating which garbage stinks less. Fug you Rhule
  6. I think Kyler Murray was also coming back from a leg injury
  7. Yeah, Deebo is half the player that CMC is. I think many here have forgotten how good he is as a receiver. DJ would be putting up video game numbers with a real offense and QB
  8. Not when you have the best weapon at your disposal and you don’t even use him for what he does best. He should be getting at least 10 targets per game.
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