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  1. Not a chance 1. Rodgers wants to go to a SB contender 2. Panthers can’t take the risk of trading valuable assets to have Rodgers decide to retire without warning
  2. Good stuff, in other words, we shouldn’t even give Marty credit for drafting Cam
  3. True, but I think Horn and Marshall will also have immediate impact
  4. I still think Horn makes more immediate impact but this was great to see https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ranking-the-top-10-instant-impact-rookies-for-the-2021-nfl-season-kyle-pitts-jamarr-chase-head-of-the-class/ 6. Brady Christensen, OT, Panthers Have to get one offensive linemen in here, and I didn't want it to be a first-round pick. Too obvious. Quietly, Christensen is the likely Week 1 starter for the Panthers at left tackle, protecting Sam Darnold. Sure, he'll battle it out with 2019 second-round pick Greg Little, but the former Ole Miss star hasn't come close to meeting
  5. He basically said that before, anything past first 16, talent level drops to about the same as second round
  6. I think they would have drafted Lance if available
  7. Previw of things to come? https://instagram.com/stories/griffinz_23/2568421792160221278?igshid=136kaaqe5grzl
  8. I like them both for different reasons. Arnold for pass catching and Tremble for the nastiness he will bring in the run game
  9. Al Davis overdraftes for athleticism in 1st round. It’s exactly what you want to look for in an undrafted rookie. At least there is hope they may be able to developers him into a future contributor
  10. Explains why Tepper was so happy to talk to Christensen when he was finally drafted. I think that was a huge relief that he was still available.
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