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  1. It’s a travesty I can’t even watch most games on TV in Charlotte.
  2. First rookie in four decades to lead all rookies in points, assists, and rebounds First Things First (@FTFonFS1) Tweeted: Has LaMelo exceeded expectations during his Rookie of the Year campaign? "He has a chance to be just the 2nd rookie in at least the last 40 years to lead all rookies in points, rebounds & assists. Right now, he leads all rookies in everything." — @getnickwright https://t.co/TaJFiRjXzZ
  3. Heck I would trade a late round pick for them to take on that horrible contract
  4. Nobody should be judged for opting out due to Covid. Man had the right to think about his health and family first.
  5. He showed potential, I would like to see what Rhule can do with him
  6. It's not a topic until Zod blesses it. On a serious note, I know Jets and Dolphins have better draft assets, but I'm not so sure they're ready to move on from Tua or Darnold. At least not convinced enough to give up a king's ransom like Tepper will do.
  7. His shoulder is done. Did you watch his games last half of the season? He acted like the football weighed 50 lbs when throwing
  8. Sorry Cam, I was a big proponent of keeping you on the roster, but your shoulder can't last more than 4 games as evidenced last year. I pulled hard for you to succeed in NE but I think it's time to call it a career.
  9. I doubt it, Bellichick would never sign up for giving Teddy that much money.
  10. If I was Cam, I would have kicked that kid out of the event. That kid has a disgusting and disrespectful attitude.
  11. Spot on, turned out to be the right move for the Hornets. I'm excited what this team can do with one or two more pieces around Lamelo and Rozier.
  12. I was expecting an actual report with inside sources. Instead, just another opinion article. That said, maybe if more people talk about it in the media, it will help it come to fruition. I don't mind losing some draft picks, but I really don't want to let any of our best players go. I am now at the point where I am increasingly for either staying put at #8 or trading up to #5 to draft Lance.
  13. Cam has achieved a fulfilling career and a great role model for kids, meanwhile that kid will never be a professional, he may not even play football after high school. I would be embarrassed if I was his dad.
  14. Yes - another Watson thread “From what we have been told, the Dolphins generally have been discreet in their comments with outsiders about Deshaun Watson, usually shrugging it off when asked about their interest in the disgruntled Houston Texans quarterback. But according to a source with direct knowledge, a high-ranking team official has told at least one outsider that the Dolphins expect to be in the mix to acquire Watson if the Texans make him available (which they have not, to this point).” Read more here: https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/barry-jackson
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