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  1. I can't wait to see this kid in action. Super pumped. Is it August yet?
  2. Deal.Go look up meaning of probability and outcomes
  3. Geez it’s like arguing with a toddler. So we should have drafted a QB in the sixth round haha. You don’t understand the concept of probability and you’re focused on outliers. Go study statistics and learn something.
  4. I think it's you who's acting like we say "we know". All this is about predictions and probabilities. Literally definition of probability is likelihood and you're saying that the probability ("equal chance") of them being good / bad is the same. You make no sense man. If the probability was equal then drafting the next available at #9 vs. #1 would have the same chance of success and that just isn't the case. We don't know if Bryce Young will be a franchise QB but he has a much higher probability of success than a Will Levis or Anthony Richardson, and a marginally better probability than CJ Stroud.
  5. You sound ridiculous. If this was true then why did we trade up?
  6. Wrong again, I never was high on Levis so you should name names or otherwise you’re just being a douche
  7. And your lazy answer is just cowardice. What’s the point of debate if you say that all four of those have an equal chance of being good. I have seen what I have seen from Levis. He has some ego and mental issues which will hinder his development. His tape at Kentucky doesn’t lie.
  8. I would have been OK with Richardson at #9. I think he has a better chance of developing than mental case Levis.
  9. In addition to Bryce being the franchise quarterback, it also depends if Fields actually develops into one. He showed some flashes last year but not consistently as a passer. While DJ is a good receiver he won’t necessarily bail out poor QB play. We saw it here last year.
  10. You mean like with Matt Corral behind a third string line and with third string wideouts? Lol
  11. I don’t see his game being similar, maybe Jay Cutler at best. I don’t think he has the mentality to be a good QB. He will fold under pressure and make bad decisions
  12. That is true, but being able to speculate is half the fun. I could be wrong, but I don't know that I've ever felt more confident about a QB being a bust like I am with Will Levis.
  13. ok, safe space guy I was never on the we're better without CMC bandwagon and I still want him to have a HOF career even in SF. I don't even mind his comments about culture and organization, it is what it is. To me it was more of him being in a better situation than saying anything negative about Carolina.
  14. I don’t. I want all the other teams to suck lol
  15. Lol you’re projecting your own insecurities. I am not defensive about anything just having fun with this. I don’t care if someone criticizes or makes fun of our players. It’s par for the course
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