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  1. Dude - you're just being a fool if you think Tepper doesn't meddle. Did Jerry Richardson go on pro days in 2011? He met Cam once and signed off on the pick but he let his people do their job
  2. And I thought up until the last statement, it was telling that he talked about conviction around Bryce in "past tense". He probably then saw the faces in the room and realized he needed to say something positive about Bryce. CJ Stroud was clearly the best pick in the draft, and Bryce not likely to even be the second best when it's all said and done.
  3. It may be "technically" true but if he really wanted to defer to his staff he could have just stayed out of the process all together. Going to pro days and visibly gushing over Bryce Young influences people, and yes it's meddling.
  4. That may be the worst owner press conference I've ever seen
  5. The fact that we're debating about Greg even being the possibility tells you that nobody with actual qualifications will want this job.
  6. Bryce has regressed. He's no longer even throwing with anticipation or trusting the open windows.
  7. The league won't let him move it, they're more likely to force him to sell due to poisoning his relationship with the community.
  8. McCown wanted Stroud guess they are firinf anyone who didn’t drink the kool aid
  9. I said worth their salt, of course you’ll have garbage candidates
  10. Nobody worth their salt will touch this franchise as long as Teppers are the owners.
  11. I also cancelled my Charlotte FC season ticket renewal. I'm sick of Tepper
  12. It's kind of like the government. There's not really a conspiracy, they're just really bad at what they do
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