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  1. Good point. Nothing worse than a QB who can barely get it done but win enough games to be decent and get stuck in draft purgatory...
  2. Darnold's write up sure looks good for that draft... https://www.nfl.com/prospects/sam-darnold/32004441-5246-6141-9e5c-6e7d32a03e33
  3. How about PFF? https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2021-nfl-free-agency-live-deal-grader-grading-tracking-every-free-agent-signing CAROLINA PANTHERS G Pat Elflein: Three years, $13.5 million ($6 million guaranteed) Grade: Poor Things started out well enough for Elflein as a rookie with the Minnesota Vikings back in 2017, but it’s been downhill since then. The former Ohio State Buckeye has been a revolving door in pass protection, failing to clear a 50.0 pass-blocking grade in any of the past three seasons. He is one of just three guards in the league allowing a pressure rate ab
  4. I know but it's just another perspective...kinda fun to see what others are saying...
  5. We got the rare OBrien grade on Walter Football. Not a good start for Fitt....
  6. Panthers sign OT Cameron Erving (2 years, $10 million; $6 million guaranteed): O'BRIEN Grade When grading the Pat Elflein signing, I wrote that the Vikings were laughing at the move because they waived Elflein in 2020. Now that the Panthers have signed Cameron Erving, I can say that numerous teams are laughing, namely every single franchise that has rostered Erving over the years. Frankly, Erving is a bad player. He's a replacement-level talent. He has experience, but that doesn't matter because it's nothing but bad experience. He's not even a good backup because there's no upside.
  7. Any thoughts about these comments about D Henry? 4/2/16: At the combine, Henry declined to run the 40-yard dash, plus had a poor showing in the field drills. Teams also weren't blown away in his interviews. Still, this is a weak tight end class and Henry remains the favorite to be the first selected. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2016TE.php#qeri2LWP8bJ574Dl.99
  8. I love this signing. Bring 'em on in and let them compete. To call Martin a wuss when Incognito was a complete psychopath and had the entire O line against him is BS. Knock it off....
  9. I was thinking about this game is here's how we can win - turn Cam loose. Eff it let Cam run. Forget about him being a pocket passer - we know that he can't go through his progressions and throw with his feet set. So let's go back to what he was good at - running around and making plays. You guys agree?
  10. I'm pulling for the Panthers however my expectations (as is everyone else's) is very low. I fully expect to lose and perhaps lose in a big way. What will most likely happen is well make it close and then blow it somehow towards the end thus sealing Rivera's fate...
  11. This is such a statement game for Rivera. His team is playing hard. We have them on the ropes. Let's knock them out!!
  12. Seahawks starting to move the ball. Our O has to do better and keep our D off the field!
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