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  1. I don't do PFF's grades for players but this is a pretty informative article on what some guys we might want to target could get from their new team. Ioannidus is the only Panther on the list. Bozeman isn't (?!?) unless I missed him. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-2023-free-agent-rankings-free-agency
  2. 3 teams in our division don't have a QB, and the Falcons have Ridder....don't know if they feel he's the guy or not. Looks like everyone is thinking "first team to get a QB" is in the drivers seat for the near future.
  3. read a little while ago he may get cut today...if he gets an injury this weekend at the pro bowl, even an ankle sprain, it would trigger his big pay day...Raiders know it's too late now to trade him, so makes sense to let him go unless they plan to pay and play him next year. Saints feel with Carr they could win the division next year....but the Panthers would seem to be a more desired spot to Derek. The best deal for us is to sign him to a 3 year deal, see if someone falls to 9, take him and let him learn for a year under Carr...maybe if we take a project like A. Richardson, could be a good scenario.
  4. Five Senior Bowl takeaways from Tuesday 1) SMU's Rashee Rice gave up a nap to stand out on Tuesday. Rice knows how to get open, and that trait was on the line at the end of Tuesday's practice. The American team coaches pitted a series of five one-on-one battles -- O-linemen versus D-linemen, linebackers versus running backs, receivers versus corners -- to close out the session. It was tied at two wins for the defense, two for the offense. That left Rice to battle with South Carolina CB Darius Rush for the tiebreaker. Rice won off the snap and quickly gained separation on the dig route, but Shepherd QB Tyson Bagent's throw was off-target. That was technically a win for the defense -- and that meant Rice and his teammates owed 15 push-ups. "It's fine, we'll get that one tomorrow," Rice said with a smile, "if they give us another shot at it." Rice was a Day 1 standout and appears to be among the more gifted receivers at this year's event. He also hoped he was among the most prepared. "I was studying all night and all morning," he said. "I didn't put the playbook down. I was like, I can't take a nap. I had to get these plays down. I didn't want to come out here and be like the guy who didn't know what (he was) doing. Everyone out here is competing for jobs, and I didn't want to be unprepared and look foolish." Rice, who measured 6-foot, 200 pounds at the Senior Bowl, caught 96 passes for 1,355 yards and 10 TDs in 12 games last season. Tuesday was his most competitive action in a couple months, as he last played in a game on Nov. 26. "I had to regain my quickness a bit," he said, "and it took me a few reps. These corners are fast." https://www.nfl.com/news/2023-senior-bowl-day-1-standouts-byu-wr-puka-nacua-impresses-center-rising-into-?campaign=Twitter_nfl_cfb
  5. we're in a bad position to get to #1...easier for other QB needy teams ahead of us to outbid us, for example Indy and Seattle could give up a bunch and Bears would get 4th or 5th and still get a stud. Moving up to 3rd with the Cardinals would be easier but we'd likely have the 3rd best QB available, if there is a general consensus. Still would be cheap, because we'd be'd bidding against other teams like the Raiders, Jets and who knows who else....gonna be costly for whoever moves up, and teams trading down know they can get much more than the trade chart says is fair.
  6. Joe Person @josephperson ยท 1m Panthers announce they have hired Frank Reich, who took the first snap in team history. The former Colts coach becomes the first head coach in Panthers' history with a strictly offensive background.
  7. somebody had to hack the account. Either that or whoever handles their social media bet his house on the Cowboys
  8. I'm coming around to a CB in the first if a QB or DE aren't available. Donte and JC have had multiple injuries, Henderson appears to be a bust (the poor guy has had 3 HC and 3 DC in his short career, with Rhule and Urban giving his intro to the NFL just about as bad a start as possible). If we pick at 9, we have to get an impact player, and CB is one of those positions that impacts games.
  9. trouble is we don't know what scheme we'll be running next year, because we don't have our coaching staff next. In my mocks I've been taking 4-3 guys, and we have a good chance of one of the top guys falling to 9. seems to be more choices for the 3-4 guys, as usual. The big rushers are hard to find. You take them first if you have a QB....if we don't spend our first on a QB, I'd take SDE if available, otherwise, WR.
  10. Christian chose the 49ers, and we gave him what he wanted.
  11. sorry if already posted, but if the 49ers lose today, where in the rankings will their draft picks be?
  12. I want Boze back. We have a lot of guys on this team who are taking leader roles and mentoring other guys, and he's back. Would be good for Cade to keep learning, getting stronger in our system, and providing solid depth next year. Our OL showed great growth and chemistry this year, and the left side is so young...keep as much consistency as possible, and draft another OL this year to keep a strength strong.
  13. man we look like poo today. oh well, Saints enjoy that mid level second rounder to fix your team.
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