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  1. Remember, Sam was an UDFA who beat out our 5th round pick (Kenny Robinson, who had a season of XFL experience. Might just have found us a steal here. Maybe not Norwell big, but pretty good if he develops.
  2. 8 of our first 11 games back on the road, and so many right back out west??? Why does the league hate us?
  3. This an Athletic article, so it's behind a paywall, but it's a good offseason read in a desert of non-trade news. None on this list are full time starters, and none make over a million a year right now. All of these guys are still on rookie contracts or first contracts as well. The 10 are WR Omar Bayless, QB Tommy Stevens, K Lirim Hajrullahu, DT Bravvion Roy, S Sam Franklin, LB/DE Christian Miller, QB P.J. Walker, RB Reggie Bonnafon, G Dennis Daley, DB Myles Hartsfield, Here's what the article says about Roy. "Roy started nine games as a rookie after Kawann Short
  4. hate these west coast games that start this late...Draymond almost went Draymond early but didn't get ejected...yet. He wants to make up him being the reason we beat these guys a few week ago. Hornets don't look too hot early...had a lead, now trying to stop Warriors run
  5. which is why I posted this...when's the last time national publications were writing articles about the Hornets during the season? We're not championship contenders, but at last we have a foundation to aspire from.
  6. Welcome to Charlotte, the Island of Misfit Toys—home of a team finding itself and, from the looks of it, having a hell of a lot of fun in the process. Put them all together and a Charlotte club that many projected to rank among the league’s worst before this pandemic-warped season has notched wins over the pre-Harden-trade Nets, the full-strength Bucks, the Heat with Jimmy Butler back, and the Warriors (thanks in part to Draymond Green momentarily taking leave of his senses). On Wednesday, they added Phoenix to the list, scoring a 124-121 road win against the fourth-seeded, two-All-Star S
  7. I hope we get it, because I need every freaking minor interest to get through the freaking off season.
  8. We know teams have called about him, and everyone knows we don't view him as the future. That doesn't mean we're going to take a 7th. If the best QB situation we end up with is Trey Lance, who is very inexperienced, then it would be in our best interest to keep Teddy for a year to help mentor the new guy. Teddy's contract was set up for this situation. I don't think we'll see Teddy traded until we know what our situation is.
  9. We gotta find some defense somewhere tonight. These guys blew us out not long ago and have the best record in the league for a reason. Will we rise to the challenge?
  10. I'd give him a shot for 2 mill guaranteed and a games played bonus up to 4 mill, but if he gets injured again or has lost his game, then we move on without much of a hit. KK lining up next to DB could be interesting. When teams had to deal with Star, KK was a beast.
  11. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2021/02/deshaun-watson-wasnt-promised-gm-search-input At last check, Watson has yet to communicate with Culley or Caserio. Meanwhile, his personal coach Quincy Avery is passing along notes via social media. “What’s the criteria for a quarterback asking to get traded, then actually getting traded?,” Avery tweeted recently. “Asking for a friend.” Avery’s friend has been heavily linked to the Panthers, who have recently carved out significant cap space. The Dolphins continue to circle around him, too, which means that a blockbuster trade inv
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