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  1. honestly, those kind of numbers surprise me, but I know they are becoming the norm as the salary cap increases each year. Brian will be our highest paid player in franchise history at 24 mill a year. He's also only 24 years old, so his prime is ahead of him. Maybe he'll out-perform the contract.
  2. think he's from Charleston...he might want to come here.
  3. we'll probably be looking at LBs an DTs....no pass rushers worth anything will be let go because they're too valuable. Rhule said he wanted a LT, QB and pass rusher, and we got the first 2 in the draft.
  4. Charlotte Hornets PR @HornetsPR · 1h With the 2022 NBA Draft Lottery set to take place soon, below are the @hornets possible outcomes tonight and the likelihood of landing each selection: 1: 1.00% 2: 1.11% 3: 1.25% 4: 1.43% 13: 92.88% 14: 2.34% Charlotte has a 4.79% at a Top-4 draft pick.
  5. anything higher than our current pick. #1 would be nice. We have a 1% chance of that. Not that I know much about it, but found this... "Once the first four picks are established, the remainder of the teams are selected to figure out positions 5-14 in inverse order of their 2021-22 records." Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/charlotte-hornets/article261483747.html#storylink=cpy so unless we get incredibly, and I mean incredibly lucky, we'll be picking at our normal spot.
  6. could we improve our position like we did two years, getting LaMelo? Probably not, but possible.
  7. man that's like cutting a first round rookie after one year
  8. I hope he makes the team. He was one punt return td short of tying the NCAA record, and we could use him. But I also want him on the team because he is an incredible story. His friendship with a small kid with some challenges is inspiring. It's not long and well worth the read. https://www.espn.com/blog/acc/post/_/id/96412/ryan-switzers-act-of-kindness-creates-lifelong-bond-and-inspires-school "As Switzer grew into one of the best athletes to come out of West Virginia, Reid was alongside him as a member of the team. Switzer introduced Charleston to his friend, and the city gravitated toward Reid, known as “Pint” because of his small size. “All because one jock took the time and made an effort, everyone, from junior high to high school, accepted Cliff and the other kids [in his class],” said Ellars, who was Reid’s aide, too. Switzer said he doesn’t remember seeing someone with Down syndrome or on the autism spectrum before sixth grade, when he saw Reid eating lunch. Later that week, he encountered Reid alone in the gym, shooting baskets. “Something just clicked,” Switzer said."
  9. Joe Person @josephperson · 3m Panthers also announced their preseason games: At Washington (revenge game) At New England (preceded by joint practices) Vs Buffalo (another revenge game)
  10. confirmed https://www.profootballrumors.com/2022/05/giants-release-james-bradberry
  11. Starting to look like we're going to make a bad trade to get rid of Gordon, and I'm ok with that. "According to Michael Scotto of HoopsHype, “Gordon Hayward is a name to keep an eye on regarding the trade market.” " An executive who spoke with Scotto had this to say about Charlotte’s ability to trade the veteran forward: https://www.atthehive.com/2022/5/6/23060407/report-gordon-hayward-trade-rumors-charlotte-hornets-miles-bridges-la-clippers-marcus-morris?utm_campaign=atthehive&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter and HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto and Hornets beat writer Rod Boone of The Charlotte Observer discuss two of the biggest storylines this offseason, the free agency of Miles Bridges and the trade market for Gordon Hayward. The duo also discussed the latest on Charlotte’s coaching search and free agency for Montrezl Harrell, Cody Martin and Isaiah Thomas on the latest edition of the HoopsHype podcast. Scotto: Miles Bridges enters the offseason as one of the top free agents on the market. He’s currently sixth overall on our HoopsHype free-agent rankings. Four NBA executives told me he could earn $25 million annually or more in free agency. If there becomes a bidding war for Bridges, he could get a max contract. One executive told me, “Bridges will get close to, if not the max, at this point. He’s 23 years old and a big wing. Those guys are so rare. If Portland can’t trade for Jerami Grant, they’ll probably look in Bridges’ direction. These teams with cap space that are debating where to spend money would probably go for a young wing. They’re hard guys to get. I think he’s getting $25 million to the max annually.” I think he’ll come back because there’s unfinished business for the Hornets, LaMelo Ball and him. They’re like brothers, along with Terry Rozier. I don’t think he’ll leave barring a deal the Hornets can’t match with a poison pill. Scotto: Several NBA executives I spoke to don’t believe Montrezl Harrell will command the non-taxpayer mid-level exception range he previously commanded in free agency. Instead, they’re viewing him as closer to a taxpayer mid-level exception guy or less, which would be around $6 million annually or less. He’s been on four teams in four seasons and could be headed for his fifth team in as many years this offseason. He’s really good buddies with Terry Rozier, his college teammate. You also factor in the fact that he didn’t feel he was used the right way towards the end of the season. much more at the link https://hoopshype.com/lists/hornets-rumors-miles-bridges-gordon-hayward-lamelo-ball-montrezl-harrell-coach-search/
  12. I'm not a fan of his, but this is interesting. He's made over 90 mill, so maybe he'll be more affordable. I trust Fitt.
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