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  1. Bouye is already under contract next season. Donte is not. I'd be very surprised if Gilmore would sign to play safety. He can get big money to play corner, really big money. If Henderson plays up to his draft position, it will be an amazing collection of corners, something where years from now will look back and say they were all on the same team one year.
  2. Melo with 31, Gordon 27. Oubre with 35 minutes and 14 but shot poorly. PJ was 1 for 7. Rozier did not play, dealing with an ankle. Looked ragged about you'd expect a young team in their first game, but a win to start the season is great. And I agree with those that think Melo is a star like we've never seen in a Hornets uniform before.
  3. bout what we expected. We're getting dominated in the paint, we'll go as our guards go.
  4. after a preseason that was "not ideal," Wed. October 20 starts the season with the Indianna Pacers visiting. Game is at 7 pm. We are healthier now and the Pacers will be a good measuring stick. We were battling with them for the final playoff spots last year. Let's hope for a victory to start the season, and see some chemistry established. As much as we had last year, it never showed up in preseason. Really want to get back to watching Melo work his magic and the team playing fun basketball.
  5. call a QB run...it's our best option, hyst not up the middle
  6. Carolina Blitz @KeepBlitzin · 3m There are literally more Vikings fans than Panthers fans here.
  7. Darin Gantt @daringantt · 1m Michael Jordan still on the field. So it appears there’s a new LG around here.
  8. Joe Person @josephperson · 2m Brian Burns not on the field as 2H begins. Darin Gantt @daringantt · 2m Brian Burns was in the tent, but it looked like an equipment adjustment. He's back on the field now.
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