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  1. I remember the snub. I didn't remember he didn't get a single vote. That sucks. Prove it Frankie! With a full season with our coaching staff, you can have a season they can't ignore.
  2. he's made over 50 mill....I'm sure he has a good financial advisor....he's set for life, he knows that, and now he can enjoy the end of his career where he wants to be.
  3. NFL draft in Charlotte in 2026, perhaps
  4. Bears GM Ryan Poles also inquired about defensive linemen Brian Burns and Derrick Brown, but both being on rookie contracts impeded either being included in the trade. “In the very beginning I was laughed at because I had [one of] three guys that I wanted in the trade,” Poles said, via The Athletic’s Jim Trotter (subscription required). “I did know and felt like there was more of an opportunity to get D.J. because he had a bigger contract and there would be a bigger benefit in cap space to kick back to Carolina. But it was not easy because they absolutely loved that kid. It was painful to pull him out of their arms. I really think it would have been even harder if he had been on a rookie contract.” https://www.profootballrumors.com/2023/05/d-j-moores-contract-factored-into-bears-trade-effort sorry if it was posted in another thread
  5. thanks for making me feel better about Tremble.
  6. if you want to skip the bot talk, here it is https://static.clubs.nfl.com/image/upload/v1683845373/panthers/i3nwoj2bgvpt8kyfo4hq.pdf
  7. there was a video from last year where one of our tackles talked about Cam sat behind him in film sessions telling him where'd he'd need to go in certain situations ...it's like having a coach who can fill in. Been wanting him back.
  8. lol...but true Frank has said he's going to start out calling plays because everyone knows that's a strength with him. And now he finally has his quarterback that really fits what he wants to do. We're on our way.
  9. Cam Erving would be great depth at OT, and we all know how good he is at teaching young guys. Won't cost much either. I'd like to see him with as a coach when he retires. Class act
  10. Saints aren't picking up the fifth year on their OL Ruiz
  11. I was taking Redmon in some of my mocks...he has a chance
  12. one thing in our favor....we have the best coaching staff. By far. It means a lot.
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