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  1. we should beat the Bulls tonight even without Miles, but they beat us last time. Vucevic will probably play. He bullied us for 18 points and 16 rebounds in that game. We had no answer for him. We'll have to find a way to contain him. NAME POS DATE STATUS COMMENT Troy Brown Jr. F May 5 Out Brown (ankle) has been ruled out for Thursday's game against the Hornets. Nikola Vucevic C May 5
  2. Alaina Getzenberg @agetzenberg · 24m Carolina Panthers offseason schedule: Rookie Minicamp: May 14-16 OTA Offseason Workouts: May 24-25, May 27, June 1-3, June 7-10 Mandatory Minicamp: June 15-17
  3. Saints board wasn't happy with this pick....and not many of the others. Been fun watching reality set in with those guys. Their bravado about Winston and Taysom has tamped down to nervous whistling in the dark.
  4. Could be worse. They could be the Texans.
  5. not playing a good game, but still have the lead. Melo not included in that statement. His passing is unreal, just a joy to watch. Too many people missing this. We're going to get better in the post after the season. Next year will be fun.
  6. and now Cody goes to the locker room after taking a charge and getting an elbow to the face. Blood came fast. Hopefully he can come back. We are really thin in the post right now, and we're just starting the 2nd quarter.
  7. We should still win this game tonight. Charlotte Hornets PR @HornetsPR · 32m INJURY UPDATE: @hornets forward Gordon Hayward's recovery from the right foot sprain he suffered on 4/2 includes no longer using a walking boot and beginning
  8. John Ellis @OnePantherPlace · 15h Darin is right. It was absolutely a calculated risk. And I can confirm (through a league source) that there were some in that room unhappy about certain names being called. (One of those names called was a non-offensive tackle, I’m told.)
  9. we can't catch a break Adrian WojnarowskiSenior NBA Insider Hornets list Miles Bridges out with health and safety protocols tonight vs. Detroit. Bridges is in quarantine now, and there's a current expectation that he could miss multiple games, sources tell ESPN.
  10. Chapel Hill 80, this is your thread, I'll but out..
  11. E: all the media people said Carolina would take a QB if available, and you had Fields and Jones...why didn't you take them. Matt I love those guys and I think they'll be great. We got Sam, just turned 24, we felt Sam plus another player would be better for the team overall. I believe in Sam and he deserves to get the chance. I think the other guys will have great careers, but we got Sam and Horn.
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