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  1. saw this on reddit ride_naked · 3 hr. ago Best Bridges in NY, ranked: 1. Miles 2. Brooklyn 3. Manhattan 4. Queensboro
  2. big hug for Miles and Kemba. Miles finished with a career high game of 38.
  3. now that was just stupid....38 for Miles...he's hot like Kelly the other night. and grinnin like a mule eatin' briars
  4. HOW DO YOU DO MILES BRIDGES! looking like Jordan hanging in the air there. Miles has 35 now
  5. Terry is now 4-7 from 3 and just moved into the 5th spot for all time Hornets threes made. Kemba is #1 and is on the bench today. Dell calling the game and he is #2, so 3 of our top 5 all time in the same building today
  6. Miles playing with his hair on fire. Lead has been around 17 or 18 all half, and doing this without Melo. No idea how this team lost to Orlando.
  7. now what Charlotte Hornets PR @HornetsPR · 53s INJURY UPDATE: @hornets @ NYK 1/17 LaMelo Ball (non-COVID illness) is QUESTIONABLE
  8. There are 11 teams with over 40 mill in cap space next year, and two more that will likely be there by the time of the draft through cuts and restructures. That's 13 teams that could pay for one of our guys under contract (like a Robby) and all those teams have even more the following years if they wanted to take a guy on a rookie contract that will be getting paid soon (DJ, Brian Burns, etc). The Jets have two top 10 picks and 50 mill in cap space....we could work a deal. Giants are currently over the cap, so they are less likely to trade for a player. Eagles have only 13 mill, but they could be interested in a player still on a rookie contract (Brian, DJ etc.) There are some interesting scenarios that will play out, especially after the combine.
  9. Oubre is out tomorrow...meanwhile, Charlotte Hornets @hornets · 42m OFFICIAL: We have recalled guard James Bouknight, center Kai Jones and forward JT Thor following last night’s @greensboroswarm game. Charlotte Hornets PR @HornetsPR · 35m In one game vs. CCG during their assignment w/ the @greensboroswarm , each player totaled the following: Bouknight: 24 pts (7-19 FG), 4 rebs, 3 stl in 34 mins Jones: 17 pts (6-13 FG, 3-6 3pt), 5 rebs, 4 blk in 29 mins Thor: 19 pts (9-11 FG), 12 rebs, 2 blk in 33 mins PLAY JAMES BOUKNIGHT!!!!!
  10. Best case scenario is we trade back to get at least a second, and take OL in the first (and maybe 2nd as well). We also spend a lot on a new FA OL, and let the rookies take their lumps next year. With the line gelling, Darnold and Rhule should lead us to a top 3 pick in the 23 draft and our new coach has a much better class of QBs to choose from. Gonna suck for us next year. There are multiple teams that have two first rounders this year that have terrible OLs. I would be surprised to the Giants take Linderbaum with one of their picks. The vast majority of the big boards I've seen have Linderbaum as a first round grade and then don't have another center in their top 100. And we don't want a 4th round rookie starting anywhere on the line. I'd love the NC State guy, most are saying he is indeed a LT, but a stud guard if not.
  11. 18 points in 4th quarter. Missing Oubre hurt last night, we needed an outside shooter. I agree, our first round pick should be getting more minutes, especially when we are missing people. It's really puzzling. Heads up, we play Knicks Monday at 1 pm. (MLK Day)
  12. At The Hive @At_The_Hive · 34s Hornets unsurprisingly looking very disinterested to start this game
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