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  1. Adding on to that - I know I read from some reporter that Dak Prescott's mentality is extremely fragile. Get in his head, and he loses focus and confidence. Per that reporter, anytime a big game comes up, he starts to have the jitters and hasn't seem to overcome that slump. Dak would be an upgrade over Bryce as things currently stand. But Dak has not proven he can play in games that matters without choking. Bryce hasn't had the chance to show anything in the NFL, so nothing much to say there. But based on his history, he's done well in college in the national championship. Theoretically he should be more confident in big games if he gets to that point. For that alone, I'd rather keep rolling the dice on Bryce or set our sights higher. I wouldn't touch Dak with a 10 ft pole given his choking habits.
  2. 7th rounder. Probability dictates he'll be a camp body fighting for a spot on special teams.
  3. ESPN mentioned he's a good space eater. Could have upside as a good rotational piece. Presume he's here to help with the run defense and opening up lanes for our LBers.
  4. Zach Sanchez is a retrospect 5th rounder to consider as the baseline. If we get better value than that out of Smith-Wade I'm happy.
  5. Troy Franklin as the 4th rd pick and Theo in the fifth would be a dream. Focus on offense this year, worry about defense next year after this O is retooled.
  6. Yep. We wanted a better offense. We got two shiny new guards. Get a better run game than two punch of Chubbard and fugging Sanders and let the run game start evolving better.
  7. Good pick. Best RB available. We've been needing a stronger run game for a while now. Love the focus on tooling up the offense for Bryce.
  8. only plausible explanation is for a 5th year option.
  9. Diggs wanted out of the Bills for a while now. They got value for him for a time when they're assuredly going for a mini-rebuild. Bills get rid of a WR who underperformed last year and wanted out. Texans take a gamble on getting value out of Diggs in a fresh new environment. With that being said, jealous of how competent Texan management is at acquiring and getting talent around their stud incumbent second year QB. Absolutely incredible moves by them these past few years that the Panthers could only dream of making.
  10. On paper, they are good moves. But every offseason, every team has made great moves on paper during hopium season. What matters is the product on field. Will these guys mesh well with Canales' philosophy? Fitterer "revamped" the receiving corps last offseason and had a great rated draft. All these players completely flopped when it mattered. We shall see if there's any fruitful results. It's great on paper, and I surely hope this isn't a paper tiger offseason. I don't blame anyone for being optimistic, and I don't blame any skepticism either.
  11. Two TE set is obviously the answer. Get Jordan Leggett. #sanjayisms
  12. His main strength is his run defense. Perfect to pair with Derrick Brown to hopefully start adding beef and stop this front from being a leaky sieve.
  13. The absolute cognitive dissonance the sports media has with Cam infuriates me to no end. Absolutely embarassing to even mention Kaep when Cam Newton's on the field success has shown so much more than he ever had. The same sports media that claims Cam Newton isn't a pocket passer - despite a large majority of his snaps being in the pocket! - and then saying bullpoo like this. Cam created a new paradigm on defense that accounted for running QBs, and was an absolute beast in every way. Shame on the media for bringing down one of the most polarizing and talented QBs of this generation.
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