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  1. The Panthers certainly would be an outlier if they did not have Young as QB1, given from a variety of sources most of the league has him at top. I'd say from a preliminary standpoint, the Panthers traded up likely with Young in mind, and unless somehow something changes their mind in the next month, I'd say they're pretty much zero'd in on him.
  2. Cam Newton posted this recently. An interesting thing to watch for, though it likely has no relevance to the current Panthers:
  3. Now I normally don't pay much heed to random "NFL update" accounts, but what's intriguing is seeing their history of getting stuff right.
  4. For a guy Vikings fans clamor is washed, it is interesting to note that his supposed zero separation is not as bad as they would claim it is. Sure, his best days are likely behind him, but he certainly does not appear to be done just yet. Could very well still have a bit of gas in the tank, and hopefully the Panthers use it to their advantage. At the least, his veteran presence and red zone production is a positive add to a young WR room, and a great swiss army knife for a rookie QB to utilize.
  5. Wonder how much of that $10 million is a signing bonus, which spreads the cap hit.
  6. Adam Thielen - the Ricky Proehl to Carolina's young WRs
  7. Apparently an Evero connection and a big dude per Broncos fans. Former Clemson player. I don't know anything else about this guy though.
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