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  1. Ah sorry original reply didn't mean to implicate Mav who I replied to, but the quotes of those who think Sam Darnold is just checkdown charlie, so agreeing with his point.
  2. It's pretty easy to see who doesn't actually watch the game based on the people who post this.
  3. This. Whether it continues remains to be seen. But he has proven to handle the pressure under adversity, and I hope it continues.
  4. Very true. Hoping this long week brings about a ton of lessons and training with ball security for Sam Darnold. He's shown he can be tough as seen with his evasion of Cam Jordan's near sack against him last week, but he needs to grip on the ball better with both hands.
  5. Yep. Loved Royce Freeman's college tape when I evaluated him and compared him similarly to Jonathan Stewart. He has a lot of potential and I hope this team finds that and brings it out.
  6. Not a blessing, but it is a potential bright spot. Losing the best safety valve of this offense is never ideal. 100 times out of 10 you'd rather have CMC healthy and Sam Darnold slowly getting acclimated to stepping up. Nevertheless, it does jump the schedule for Darnold to start making plays for himself. His work tonight showed he does have what it takes. However, being able to build upon it and do it consistently is the question. Ideally, he gets a few more weeks to get his groove in, but circumstances have brought him to the frontlines. Hopefully he shows he has what it takes.
  7. The shipwreck of injuries that came due to the onslaught of the injury bug was not kind at all to the Panthers. Losing Christian McCaffrey while only up by one point at the half was a soulcrusher that almost killed off all hope. Nevertheless, Sam Darnold stayed firm. Coming into this game, the Panthers were lucky to face two depleted teams - one bottom of the league's barrel, and the other riddled with their own covid and injury woes. Carolina took them by storm as they should. However, the question remained: could the Panthers comeback when faced with adversity of their own, and more importantly is Sam Darnold right for the job? Well, this crippled ship took sail once more the next half and Sam Darnold was more than impressive. With the Texans manhandling our soft o-line, Darnold stood firm and poised. Throwing for 300+ yards and accounting for two touchdowns, he did not let the wreckage around him bring him down. Rather, he took charge and was effective in the most perilous of conditions, from the stormy rains of tight coverage and big time throws, to facing off against the crashing waves of that defensive front. He looked like a true leader and franchise QB. Despite the odds pointing against the Panthers, he did not falter and took up the challenge. He managed the offense efficiently and made big plays to will the Panthers to a win. This game right here is proof that Sam Darnold may be the greatest QB the Panthers have had since 2018, and answered whether they could handle adversity. He took charge and was effective. For the price of a second round pick, this captain of this cripped team is well worth it. Hoping to see further improvement and more the same in weeks to follow, when the waves get more rough against much tougher teams and more tests are to be overcome. Give it up for Darnold; he has shown he has what it takes.
  8. Got a little more leeway in my schedule to keep up with the Panthers a bit more this year. Maybe not enough time for the posts I used to make, but hopefully I get a bit more active in here.
  9. Sheesh didn't even notice. Been one hell of a night.
  10. 100% for it. Without Horn the secondary's a liability again. The question is whether he'd even want to go to Carolina.
  11. The injury bug tonight was not kind to the Panthers. Claiming the hamstring of McCaffrey and the foot of Horn, they have lost some significant pieces to the team. Going forward, without the threat of McCaffrey, it is likely Hubbard who'll face the bulk of the snaps with a few spells by Royce Freeman. With Hubbard's first half being thrown in the dirt and a revitalized second, it will be interesting to see which tale of two halves is Hubbard's true form. Additionally, will be interesting to see how Joe Brady adjusts. Now, defensively, with Jaycee Horn looking to miss some significant time, it appears our secondary has opened up to some nasty holes. AJ Bouye rested, most likely to ensure he gets back to conditioning speed and open up better chemistry with the team. Will he be the stopholder this team needs to help man the CB spot with Horn out? Perhaps Richard Sherman see the Panthers secondary as a boat in SOS and helps plug it up? Hoping to see good answers going forward. It's a long week until our next test against the Cowboys. What's y'alls thoughts on our next guys up? Think they'll be able to carry this crippled ship forward, or will the Panthers shipwreck and fall to the bottom of the ocean?
  12. Lol y'all Sam's no Cam Newton. He wouldn't have been able to - nor should be expected to - block that.
  13. Erickson with the big play and Tremble with the TD. Not what I expected to turn the momentum.
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