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  1. Well, this is certainly not a good look for Kamara. Given his battery allegation is defined as having caused "substantial bodily harm," well, at minimum it's a felony.
  2. Tonight's game proves having a franchise QB matters if you want to win in today's NFL. The Bills #1 ranked defense was absolutely shredded in the last two minutes and allowed the Chiefs to make their comeback. Interestingly enough, Patrick Mahomes' last two minute performance in the 4th quarter eclipses in yardage over EIGHT games of the Panthers. The Panthers, in nearly half their games this year, didn't even get past 177+ yards. Something Mahomes was able to do against the #1 defense in the NFL in the last TWO minutes. Clearly, the Panthers need a QB that's able to perform at the high level we saw from Josh Allen and Mahomes. They're the future of the AFC and their duels will be legendary. The Panthers need to make their mark in the NFC and come up with a franchise-level QB too. And coaching too, obviously. Reid and Mahomes make the perfect combo for their success. If the Panthers have hopes of competing in today's NFL they need to upgrade coaching too. Either way, a wake-up call that the Panthers better hurry up and get their QB rather than keep throwing away at mercenaries and hope for mediocrity.
  3. Oh I'm not here agreeing with the process. In fact I'm on the same boat as you. Rather, this is an attempt at rationalizing the irrationality of keeping Rhule and finding the slightest silver lining. Blowing it up right now is the best option period. But, this post may be the mindset Tepper has. Whether that's a good or bad remains to be seen, and arguably put it's risky in general. If it were me heading this team Rhule would've been gone since the Giants blow-out and then I'd hand over all control to Fitterer and let him man the show.
  4. It is clear Matt Rhule has another year. With his media appearances and future talk, the odds that he finds himself on the street grow lower every passing day. It's a sad reality for Panther fans - myself included. After all, as the season progressed, the Panthers only seemed to be falling flat on their face furthermore. It makes no sense, based on the teams awful performance, why he still finds himself heading this professional football team. One particular fan seemed to try and rationalize why Rhule is still here, and honestly it makes sense in the worst way: _____ My answer, and what I'm pretty sure is going through Tepper's head, is this: right now, our QBs are fuging terrible. We have neither the cap space (only $26 million) or draft picks to trade for a veteran. We're inalterably stuck with Darnold for another season, the QB draft class is weak, and frankly, the OL is so bad that nobody's going to succeed behind it anyway. Next year, we'll have $100 million in cap space, a lot more draft capital to trade with, and a QB class in which taking someone in the 1st might actually be an option. Plus we'll have had a year to focus fire on rebuilding the OL. Basically, if we were to dump Rhule now, we're an extremely unattractive landing spot for a potential head coach. We'd probably have a hard time wooing a top tier candidate. Next year? Entirely different story. Wait out Rhule for one more year, fire him if it's awful, start fresh when we have more resources to rebuild with. _____ It does make sense. In no way shape or form is this a situation any new or good head coach will want to dive into. Waiting it out until 2023 to make it a more attractive job is potentially the game Tepper is playing. Of course, that means sacrificing 2022 to another dead season. Sadly, pretty much all of this is a result of Rhule ineptitude and his bringing, as these issues are caused by him. In a way, Rhule's fug up secured himself another season. The damning reality. Given that, it seems Tepper's plan is get past this next awful season and blow it all up. However, that gamble also is contingent with Rhule not fugging up furthermore and wasting away 2023's potential with more bad contracts and throwing out picks. I wouldn't put that below Rhule either. So, in light of this, it seems 2022 is a sure lame duck season at this pace. The hope is Rhule's power is taken away from him at managing player personnel, contracts and draft to minimize the risk of further handcuffing the Panthers to him, or that he does not fug up any further on that front. 2023 is the hope for a true good future as a more attractive coaching destination. Nevertheless, the damage is done and the Panthers are handcuffed to it. The bad guy wins another year and his ineptitude happened to protect him. The worst kind of situation.
  5. Ian Rapoport just reported this. Rhule really wants to get back to the "first three games" where the Panthers played a terrible NY Jets team, a covid-ridden Saints, and a Mills lead Texans team and this is his first step. Fun times...
  6. For the start of the season and ongoing, Matt Rhule's been banging the table on establishing his brand and identity for the team. Of course, as the losses kept piling up with no direction in sight, that brand and identity is certainly unknown to many. Nevertheless, meandering through twitter, I came across a tweet that perfectly encapsulates exactly the brand and identity the Panthers carry this season. The Panthers are mere practice squad fodder. Simply put, a bumbling group whose sole purpose is to be the chopping block of the NFL. Matt Rhule's brand for this team has proven it in no way can compete with the likes of the NFL and is in fact the equivalent of practice squad dummies. That's the identity this team has established. A traveling practice squad with no purpose of their own to be any more than that. Nothing has been shown that this team is otherwise nor will be anything more than such. In order to escape this hellhole of a brand, David Tepper must nip the Rhule turd before it sinks this franchise even further down. Hopefully it happens sooner than later. Until then, the Panthers will continue being practice squad fodder for the league to pad their stats and wins against, and that is not a good outlook.
  7. Cam Newton accounted for 227 of the 275 total yards of offense generated today by this team. Rhule is very much to blame for how he built the offense and the team as is today, as well as throwing Cam to the wolves.
  8. It is becoming a clear and obvious trend that if a player isn't Rhule's guy, he'll throw them under the bus. That 4th and 1 comment he had was hilarious, because that run play Cam "should've" done was, well, not gonna work either: RB would've been stuffed plenty before if Cam stuck by Rhule's script. And no, 24 was not blocked. And heck by Rhule's words because 24 wasn't blocked Cam made the CORRECT call for this play. Rhule just assumed 24 was blocked, which very much is NOT the case. Get this pathetic head coach off my team and let him rot some D3 college program instead.
  9. DJ Moore's route was horrible oh my god. Cam Newton still shouldn't have thrown in that horrible spot. DJax getting beat again smh.
  10. ouch that INT idk wtf happened but Cam should've been more prudent
  11. Michael Jordan literally did what he should by the textbook and they cane up with a BS call
  12. It's pretty clear it was a miscommunication issue, Robby thought deep and Cam thought comeback. Cam's fine with the juice when need be and has plenty of velocity.
  13. Looks like Cam thought Robby was gonna comeback to the ball and Robby thought he'd go deep. Miscommunication INT. Expected growing pains as Cam gets acclimated to his players again.
  14. All fairness Stephon Gilmore likely would've won the battle against Hopkins and this defense would've done enough against Murray like they did last year. One thing's for sure, Phil Snow seems to be Arizona's kryptonite.
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