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  1. Our government health officials have just given and estimate that close to 150M Americans will get infected. The survival rate is 98%. You do the math
  2. Now it's a penis thread? Has Falcons Life moved here?
  3. Like J No said If you don't have haters then you're not popping
  4. I guess this isn't going the way he imagined it would
  5. Should have been kicked out for violating our stadium policy. Instead, they treated her with respect and she got to hang with the big cats before the game. So, who's the one with class here?
  6. She was taken to G's office and was told they were gonna give her $500 for it and some swag. If I was him I wouldn't give her s* after this
  7. That's different man. Her dad is a veteran or something.
  8. I don't even use the "vet card" for a free haircut and a free meal on Veterans day. I should. Some people would use it to get few extra clicks for attention.
  9. She's a Charlotte 3. Green Bay 10
  10. Hell no. Make it an old Dwayne Jarrett promotional photo
  11. Her dad just lost his local race for council. Double salty!
  12. Good luck fitting her on your canvas
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