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  1. at this point a hot ham sandwich and a chance at the main job if we lose next year
  2. You can’t coach! You can’t manage the game. You can’t call timeouts correctly. You can’t make halftime adjustments. You can’t inspire your players. You can’t put together a scheme. You can’t develop a quarterback. You can’t even evaluate a quarterback! Hell honey, you can’t coach! You know what… I can’t swim. So you know what I do? I keep my black ass out of the pool!
  3. That’s too generous. This team might lose to South Caldwell High
  4. The only hope for this team is to trade some high value players for picks. Use picks on Oline exclusively, suck up another year of Darnold at QB and then finish the rebuild in 2023 with new HC and big draft QB!
  5. Cam got a raw deal here. Looked great w two TD's in the Arizona game. Looked really good in the Washington game where the Defense looked like a wall of water. Looked bad in the game against Miami. Cam didn't look awful in the Falcons game and if he had been allowed to finish may have won the game. Cam also didn't look awful in the Bills game. Cam didn't get a chance to finish the Bucs game and didn't have enough to go on to say bad or not. He had one week to learn the play book. He didn't have the support of his coach. He barely had the support of this fan base. And yet he still looked way better than Darnold. Is he MVP caliber Cam? No. Is he leagues better than Darnold? Yes! Does he deserve to stay and at least be a back up QB here! Yes!
  6. this team is a joke, this coach is a joke, we deserve better
  7. and there's the pick... been waiting all day! Darnold gonna darnold!
  8. Alright... i've seen all I've needed to see! Sam Darnold is the future of this team! I wrote this little rap song about it... Darnold & Rhule man you know you in trouble! Cause it aint nothing but a short gain baby! Two yards at a time going crazy! Dave Tepper is the owner that pays thee. Unblockable, non-throwable, but don't try to trade me!
  9. Cam may be a liability now. I’m of the opinion that this is not the case but that we have a historically bad offensive line. Regardless, not letting him have the last series in garbage time? What the hell? He’s the best QB in franchise history. Could you see the Packers doing this to Favre or Rogers? This is atrocious. We need to do whatever it takes to show Rhule the door!
  10. What Rhule is doing by not playing Cam in his last possible home game at BOA is not gonna go well for him!
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