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  1. Could not help but notice that my week 3 picks were not included in your rundown at the start of your week 4 thread?  Not like I did great but would like to see if I can get on a roll.  Here is link, 


    1. UpstatePanther
    2. PntherPryd


      thanks for taking this on.  did anyone step up to help?

      I can't help right now but may be in position to in a couple of weeks.




    3. UpstatePanther


      Yeah @Liminy is helping out. A third set of eyes would be welcome too if you want to help. :)

      Basically just need someone to verify all the picks each Monday night. 

      There's an off chance I'll need someone to write the topic once in a while because of my job. If I anticipate that being necessary, I'll forward my Excel spreadsheet to one of y'all to fill in. It will do most of the work for you and is clearly labeled. But we'll cross that bridge if we come to it.

  2. I'm just a dick to Jeremy and Saca.  Because I legit don't care for the poo they post.  

    1. UpstatePanther


      Fair enough lol

  3. I'm pursuing my MBA from State, so probably State.  Once I graduate from there, I'll be a full Statey.  So, I'll be done with UNC.  Because I would sound like a complete moron rooting for UNC, but Graduating from State.  

  4. What happened to the PM button?

  5. Oh yeah. I'm gonna get to Spartanburg as often as possible this year. Gonna be hard with work going on, so I'll be depending on you Zod.
  6. Awesome work PhillyB! Pied before reading. I know SCP said he was done for the season, but I really wish he would pull one more out for us. :/
  7. @CarolinaSunday as promised my friend... :) now if only Clemson would get off their asses...
  8. What's funny about this is that the rival high school of my old hs has a Cardinal as it's mascot. The Landrum Cardinals...
  9. I think it's more along the lines of a lack of access to social media.... :/
  10. @CarolinaSunday hopefully my alma mater (North Greenville University) will be posting theirs soon:
  11. Still supremely disappointed in Clemson... Watson and Cam are tight. You'd think that would be a no-brainer...
  12. Sorry guys... time to shun NCSU. I am very disappoint: F*ck NCSU...
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