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  1. Having no fear of the deep ball won't exactly work in their favor when XL is yanking deep balls out of the air.
  2. Russ did not have some immaculate deep ball on the Seahawks. In fact most of his deep passes were wobblers that his receivers made adjustments for in a way that Mingo could not even dream about. Bryce threw some beautiful deep balls to Jameson Williams at Alabama. Now that he has a couple NFL quality receivers (hopefully), he should be fine running that scheme. People said all this exact same poo about Tua after year 1. He can't throw deep, he has a weak arm, etc. Then they signed Tyreek Hill and suddenly he had a great deep ball. Amazing how that works.
  3. If he posted clips it would reveal that a majority of the uncatchable balls were due to Mingo running the wrong route.
  4. Fans blamed the playcalling on Bryce being limited, even though Bryce had more success when he lined up under center and ran bootlegs. The coaches coached like he was limited, and every time they would break out of the limits they put on the offense, he got better.
  5. I care more about my own eye test than about stats, so just look decent to good to me and I'll be happy about the progress.
  6. Franchise Guy says he has the best hands in college, including WRs. Had 0 dropped passes in 2023.
  7. Biggest remaining question mark is left tackle play.
  8. I don't watch college football but that was the highlight package that NFL Network played for him after the pick. Highlighted his pass catching.
  9. If he's the guy that we wanted at pick 39, then we came out ahead by trading down and getting the same guy but picking up a 2nd round pick next year in the process.
  10. If he's the guy we wanted at 39 we basically just swapped 2 fifths for a second next year and got our guy anyway.
  11. An RB with hands. Hell yes.
  12. We need an actual pass catching RB but other than that yes, the offense should be miles better.
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