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  1. i mean i'm not saying that it's 100% a fake charge, not at all, but it's shady as fug. imagine getting a letter from a lawyer saying 'pay my client 6 figures, i have text messages' then you google his name and see he's famous for faking text messages lol. i think watson did something. i'm not sure exactly what it is or the level of badness that it is. but there's def some shady poo around the prosecuting attorney
  2. really feel like it's not being talked about enough that this lawyer faked text messages from the mayor of houston when he was running against him https://www.fox26houston.com/news/mayor-turner-calls-for-criminal-investigation-of-tony-buzbees-attack-ad
  3. the lawyer has been busted falsifying texts before. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Sylvester-Turner-calls-for-investigation-into-14545665.php
  4. soliciting your services absolutely does not mean that you are a willing sex worker.
  5. he's old. i'd be cool with it if it's for a 4th rounder, maybe a third, but nothing more.
  6. human trafficking victims are not willing participants. the police were called on the massage parlor that Kraft was in because it fit the tell tale signs of human trafficking. edit: i see you've already had this explained to you but are ignoring it, so i'll chalk you down as a bad-faith arguer
  7. will be interesting to see if Watson is punished for the same thing Robert Kraft received no repercussions for
  8. getting a 25 year old franchise qb is literally team building. thats building the future, that's not mortgaging the future.
  9. forget Watson we need to keep those picks to grab 5 more Corn Elders
  10. watch the Saints trade for Watson to replace him lol
  11. i mentioned last year that i was thinking about switching teams to liverpool. now they're on a 6 game losing streak and just lost to fulham lol. i'm cursed.
  12. if the Saints get him i might literally weep. his unfair wobble-duck passes being miraculously caught for no reason will sting a lot more when its the Saints
  13. i wish i remembered more but my brain is mush. the uniform poll rigging was definitely a highlight, that guy was so mad we ruined his article. we got all the way through the semi-finals on the strength of our spam, but a huddler (sadly forget who) stepped in with a bot to win us the finals. a personal highlight that nobody else would remember/care is when i kept repeatedly asking @PandaPancake to fight me in real life in like 2015 and everyone got so mad about it and i got my only ever warnings. that was the hardest i've laughed to this day it just hit me right in the funny bone.
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