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  1. rodeo

    Cyberpunk 2077

    it was worth it to me from day 1 but at this point you could wait to see how the DLC looks in a couple months
  2. this is the best gimmick account to hit the huddle in years lol
  3. wonder if anybody wants our second rounder to trade back up for Fields
  4. cowboys wanted him, there really was no trade down available if he was the target
  5. guys when someone spoils a pick, report them instead of quote, so the spoil doesn't get repeated
  6. unless they pick both Fields and Sewell they can't really lol
  7. never would have guessed we'd have Fields and/or Sewell at #8
  8. who gives a poo, why are we harping on what 1 forum poster thinks is gonna happen and attacking her for pages? peter king confidently declared the the 9ers were a lock for mac jones. nobody knows poo, and we all speculate
  9. anyone who doesn't instantly say Cam Newton knows nothing about football and has no business discussing it. Vick was fast but that's not all that being physically gifted is about. Cam was physically gifted in so many ways and in so many senses of the word.
  10. i mean i'm not saying that it's 100% a fake charge, not at all, but it's shady as fug. imagine getting a letter from a lawyer saying 'pay my client 6 figures, i have text messages' then you google his name and see he's famous for faking text messages lol. i think watson did something. i'm not sure exactly what it is or the level of badness that it is. but there's def some shady poo around the prosecuting attorney
  11. really feel like it's not being talked about enough that this lawyer faked text messages from the mayor of houston when he was running against him https://www.fox26houston.com/news/mayor-turner-calls-for-criminal-investigation-of-tony-buzbees-attack-ad
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