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  1. They should go on strike over it. If there was some specific thing injuring people at any other workplace it would get resolved.
  2. I was incredulous about it when they first started stripping back kickoffs, but yeah, studies do show there's a wildly disproportionate amount of injuries on kickoffs.
  3. It was his own 40 to be fair, so 45 yard ball but you're right that arm strength is really no concern
  4. nobody will ever be as bad as Ronde Barber was imo, and he was assigned to our games every time.
  5. He spake to them at a presser on Friday, maybe just wants to focus after that
  6. Last night I went back and watched Rhule's minicamp pressers just to compare with Reich and man, he could not have seemed less interested in Corral. Joe Person asked about how he looked on day 1 and Rhule was basically like "Too early to say, next question"
  7. That seems like more bye weeks than usual
  8. Austin Proehl looks like an NBA Jam big head mode character
  9. He's lying because the league would probably take away draft picks if he said "We got Mayfield so we can get the first overall pick next year."
  10. i'm going to be murdered aren't i
  11. they also trash Burns frequently. Saints and Falcons fans only wish they could hate the Panthers as much as Panthers fans
  12. Former Panther Greg Little signs with the Texans. Rest in Peace CJ Stroud https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/05/04/greg-little-signs-with-texans/
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