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  1. squatting on the username Corral Reefer, willing to listen to $ offers
  2. that combined with a much improved line sounds like a good combo
  3. nobody has ever accomplished less with more than Aaron Rodgers. nobody has ever accomplished more with less than Cam Newton. we could have them both on 1 roster and it might balance out
  4. you have to think a vaccinated Rodgers would have won that
  5. i thought the process was going great and we're closer than people think, why do we need to fire a bunch of people
  6. i checked out during 2019-2020 season and just watched this year very casually. i'm closer to finding another team than checking back in
  7. how is that not PI? ball was in the air and the WR was tackled
  8. that hit on Ryan was almost simultaneous with throwing, that was not roughing.
  9. people have been saying crap like this for 10 years now
  10. lmfao i love that you said this as they were showing a highlight of brady throwing a pick 6 last week. good qbs throw plenty of interceptions
  11. that was just a really good defensive call. prime tom brady would have gotten picked off there.
  12. Cam obviously doesn't care about making his receivers tired by forcing them to run all the way down the field. character issues imo
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