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  1. it makes absolutely no sense how someone would think that children are not a spreader of COVID. do you think the virus bounces off of them, or lands on them and says "oh this is a child, i will kill myself now" even if they're healthy enough to not be badly infected and show symptoms (which is no guarantee), they absolutely can spread it. that's just common sense. you don't need a research paper to tell you the sky is blue.
  2. someone else has indeed posted from the same ip address that you posted that comment from. but it looks like you both use VPNs cause your ip bounces around with every post, so it could be a case of you using the same VPN server as them cause it doesn't look like you have anything in common with that account
  3. no and no. stay off facebook
  4. i can see both sides on the issue. he deserves to be banned, but it's also bad precedent because these things always end up coming back to hurt normal people in the long run.
  5. i don't think there's been a post that 5 people have reported since i became a mod, so this will rely on people actually reporting the bad stuff. it's a great idea for spam and/or butthole pics
  6. i had to clear my entire weekend schedule to delete all those
  7. i just got here cause i spent the entire day thinking the site was down cause i had carolinahuddle.com/boards as my bookmark lol
  8. it's been taken off google play and apple has given them a 24 hour ultimatum to moderate their content. remember when we got condescended to back in your parler thread for describing the pattern of unmoderated right wing spaces online always getting shut down after spawning mass shootings or other violence?
  9. a trained military veteran should have known better too. if she was at war and an iraqi insurgent was climbing through their barricade, what was she gonna do?
  10. i don't think she regretted anything. you ever seen that video of the old lady in a stadium with a cop asking her to stop smoking? this is just like that imo, there's no moment of reflection or regret, there's just indignation that she would face consequences for her actions. these types of people are 100% entitled and it never crosses their mind that they might be the ones in the wrong. in Ashli Bobbit's mind she had a total right to break through the barricade and storm past the secret service.
  11. ok this is actually cool though
  12. nice https://mobile.twitter.com/IlhanMN/status/1346934098384793606
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