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  1. Couple of things. We are picking 6th not 7th. A trade down is unlikely imo due to a lack of interest in the players at our pick. There is no chance we are taking a center high with Pat in the middle of his $13.5m contract. I think we're looking at QB or LT at the 6th pick. A later round center wouldn't break my heart as an insurance plan in case Pat goes down again with injury.
  2. Rhule just had a bad plan. Blowing our draft picks of defensive players and bringing in a proven loser QB who no one wanted put us where we are now. I don't see any reason why next season's team would be good unless we land an excellent QB. You don't win with defense and we went all in on defense. Time wise I don't see anything happening until we land a good rookie QB and get him acclimated to our system, so 2024 at the earliest. It's over.
  3. Good to see Panthers North kicking some ass.
  4. If we didn't want Fields then we won't these guys in the upcoming draft either. The NFL is a passing competition and we don't have a decent QB, so you know what's coming next season. Get the lube.
  5. From what I heard Watson invoked his no trade clause to avoid coming to this dumpster fire back in November. I would have done the same. Who wants to come here and play in a empty stadium running for your life when you can go elsewhere?
  6. We have a bad QB, a bad o-line, and terrible coordinators who get outsmarted on Sundays. Our defense underachieves and will easily surrender 30 something points against good teams, which might as well be 100 points with our offense. The upcoming draft will likely only yield one new starter on a team that needs multiple impact players just to move up to being competitive. We won't be able to do much in free agency, and the players we do need are known to be hard to find even with plenty of cap space. The way this team has been built is ass backwards. The outrageous amount of draft capital spent on our defense is a complete disaster considering our offense. The problem is compounded by the fact that our o-line coach was totally unable to teach our o-line much of anything, he's been fired but it took too long. The hardest things to find in the NFL are QBs and LTs. We need both. There isn't even a good QB prospect in the upcoming draft, so we're years away from even drafting a rookie. If we bring in another free agent QB then Rhule will be fired at the end of next season imo. 18,000,000 for Sam to be shown the door on the heels of Bridgewater would be curtains for Rhule. The Panthers have made so many mistakes that I don't know where to start. I guess take a LT with the 6th pick and go from there. Try and keep building toward a winner in 2024, and until then it's pretty much over.
  7. I never thought he was going to be fired to start with and now.... my song:
  8. The o-line was bad with stunts at the start of the season, middle of the season, and end of the season. The o-line coach has been fired because our o-line didn't learn anything all season. All those meetings and full time and overtime work, and they didn't learn to block stunts at all. Zero improvement. The o-line coach should be rehired and then fired again and tarred and feathered. The Huddle consensus was that we were going to draft Slater. Instead we took Horn and Sam got slaughtered instead of Slater. That was the one think that could NOT happen this season if we had any chance of being decent. A QB who was already traumatized and seeing ghosts was thrown to the wolves and all we got out of it was in injured DB. Now look at Sam. Look at his idiotic happy feet like he's stepping on hot coals before he throws. He was not even making reads he was just tossing it up or running for his life the instant there was trouble. He's ruined. Rhule ruined him, and he wasn't that good to start with. This season had me angry, then disengaged, and now and I'm angry again thinking back on our mistakes. What a disaster. It was all avoidable.
  9. Depends. Is CMC playing for most of next season? With CMC, the return of Horn, a more experienced defense, CJ improved, and a top 6 pick added to the o-line we are not the worst team. Bottom 5 worst team, yes, worst overall, no not imo.
  10. No more laughing at the Jets or Jags, we're every bit as bad and there is no hope in sight.
  11. I will admit that I enjoy watching PJ, but more in a comical way. When things break down he does things that just crack me up because he doesn't care. He also has a way of making weird funny looking plays happen. As far as him being on a serious Panthers team that might make the playoffs.... HELL NO!
  12. I’ve been saying that all along! Son of a bitch.
  13. Not Sam out there trying to throw more picks.
  14. Don't worry if you see the Steelers they are switching to the Panthers in about 1 min.
  15. Ok it's over now we're switching to the Panthers.
  16. I'm suck waiting for the Steelers game to end and it's in OT.
  17. This is our toilet bowl game so the young guys need to play for evaluation. No one cares if we win.
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