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  1. Rhule has until the end of his contract to produce a good team imo. I've always thought that.
  2. We need to follow a basic rule, when a team is dying to get rid of a QB they've had for multiple seasons and drafted high STAY AWAY. The Jets knew Darnold better than Rhule and Fitt and they wanted his ass gone.
  3. My expectation is that we win around 6 games. We're a bad QB team, but we'll beat some other bad QB teams because we've been drafting high for some time now. We'll run into to teams that have less talent and are rebuilding. That being said, I fully expect an awful season. Unless Sam has somehow learned how to play QB we're toast.
  4. Physically he has all the tools to be a #1 CB. I think it's the mental side of the game that is holding him back. If he catches on to our defense he can be dominant. If he doesn't then he won't be offered a second contract.
  5. It's like Fitt has been saying lately about these cast off QBs, you have to ask why teams want to get rid of them. We know why.
  6. Yeah I think we need to see Sam early, and if he flops then we can send out Corral. There is no need to add Baker into this mix.
  7. Sam looked perfectly mediocre to me when we had CMC out on the field. Take CMC away, and add defenders going though our o-line like it wasn't even there and you get the worst version of Sam. Sam the terrible.
  8. So what adjective would you use for Sam?
  9. We already have plenty of mediocre QBs on the roster. There is no reason whatsoever to add another one.
  10. Baker is absolutely terrible. A walking interception machine.
  11. We already have a nice plan in place. Start Sam and if he hasn't improved then put in Corral. If Corral doesn't show any signs of being that guy, then draft a possible franchise QB in the 2023 draft. That's actually a good plan for once by the Panthers. Now if we trade away our 1st round 2023 pick, or we don't take a QB in 2023 then I am done with the Panthers until Rhule is fired.
  12. I never wanted Baker coming here anyway, so this is good news. We'll get our franchise QB in the 2023 draft imo. 2022 is pretty much a lost season.
  13. We made the correct choices in the last draft, and we didn't make any free agency blunders. That's all we can do for now. Our roster looks good overall, but we are still looking for a franchise QB. That places us firmly in the bottom tier of teams, and we'll stay right there until we draft a QB in the 2023 draft. Stay patient for the moment, but we're going to get destroyed in 2022. It's a QB league.
  14. That might cost upwards of $100.
  15. I already know the good news. We've moved up from 32nd to 31st in the power rankings.
  16. In looking at the schedule with a friend of mine we agreed 6 wins seemed likely.
  17. What do the 49ers want? That is what matters. A 2023 4th round pick? Sure.
  18. CMC will get the lions share of carries as usual. Even short yardage will be mostly CMC imo. Our power back will go mostly unused unless CMC is injured imo. Chuba is a limited back in that he is really only effective as a north and south runner who has time to build up his speed. He's not as effective east and west, and I got into an arguement with someone about that and when I showed him getting run down the huddler responded "you see what you want to see" which was odd. We actually could use another back who is fast and with great hands.
  19. He's not worth the money if we limit his snaps. He'll get injured if we don't limit his snaps. This is part of why where a lower tier team.
  20. Yeah Rhule has until the end of his contract imo.
  21. Tepper has recently made statements about how long the rebuild will take, and that means to me that he is sticking with Rhule until at least the end of his contract. The Panthers are probably on track for 7 wins this season imo.
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