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  1. I feel like we hang in there with any team including the Bucs so long as CMC is out there.
  2. Should be ready to go for the Eagles game (imo). Great news!
  3. If we start Corn that will be hard for me to digest.
  4. We need a back who can get around the edge, pick up the blitz, and be a safety valve for Sam. How tall is Duke by the way, 5'7"?
  5. It's time to draft another highly talented RB. Two headed monster.
  6. We need to draft another great RB and have a two headed monster.
  7. When you have a high ankle sprain you are way more likely to have a hammy injury to that same leg the following season. CMC did not react to the sprain like he did so much damage that he would be out all season. I'm hoping he's back in 2 weeks.
  8. Our o-line was gassed from the Sunday game. To make matters worse the Texans were jumping our snap count badly and it wasn't fixed for several possessions. Once we fixed the snap count problem the Texans d-line got gassed and became ineffective.
  9. I had a feeling Chubba was going to drop that TD pass because Darnold let it go a little early. That meant that the ball was on him just as he turned. It's harder to catch when you only see it for a second, but he still should have caught it.
  10. Rhule doesn't allow extending at the goal line unless it is 4th down.
  11. Great news just a broken foot. Could play again this season.
  12. Mix up the snap count! They are jumping the snap!
  13. GREAT pass blocking!. Rhule must have threatened their jobs.
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