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Community Answers

  1. What is it about QBs in Carolina? They all come here and see ghosts and feel fire under their feet. If we could find a QB, the team would win games.
  2. A lot of our hatred for him was as a LG---he sucked there. When he played C, he was decent last year
  3. MCCall is going to get better as the year progresses. Think he is going to be a steal.
  4. I think the OL is gelling and will continue--remember, the left side is younsters who are starting for the first time. Secondary sucks because our pass rush sucks. Not sure about Baker. he sure is looking spastic. Remember, at Cleveland he had a strong OL, good Wrs, and good running game.
  5. It takes a year in most cases for a LT. Less time for a RT. Y'all know that.
  6. If you think about it, there are few great players who can become great coaches. My theory: the best coaches are the overachievers who had to outwork, out-prepare, out hustle, etc. more talented players to succeed. I look at the NFL head coaches, and I see more players like Dan Reeves, Herm Edwards, Mike Ditka, (old school) Mike Vrabel, Frank Reich, Kliff Kingsbury, and Ron Rivera---all were either not stars or they were known for their tenacious work ethic. My theory is the same with some teachers (I am in education). If things occur naturally to you, as they do with the great athletes, it is difficult to coach what you never had to develop or focus on. While Luke might be a great coach because he is so well-rounded as a person, he may not understand why you need to motivate a person to play football or how to make a player translate from the film room to the practice field to the stadium. I dunno, but the best NFL players just are not the best coaches for some reason.
  7. You may have missed the point. A panther board is not where you go to promote fair weather fandom. That was the point I was attempting to project.
  8. So let me get this straight. You go to a Panthers Board to create a thread that informs Panther fans that you will not be watching the game Sunday. Is there something I am missing here?
  9. Newton's child is not named Isaac. They went with Fig.
  10. We have a good holder for FGs and extra points. Always catches the snap.
  11. When I need sound advice, whether it be about football, finances, or romance---I somehow trust this guy.
  12. He nearly had 2 fumbles. I am guessing he had about 4 touches, and 2 of them ended up on the ground.
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