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  1. Could the panthers have their eyes on a SR bowl T? Smith, Ball? Brown (Not sure he was there--but I like him)
  2. Pitts may help make Darnold better as much as a stud OT---and I think the Panthers may think they have depth at OT right now
  3. Top three reactions: The only mock that requires ankle grabbing. Taking one for the team just hit a new level. And that's OK.
  4. The Raiders do not have any love in Northern California or Nevada.
  5. In a related study, researchers were initially shocked to learn that Atlanta actually finished at the bottom of the league in total number of alcohol and narcotic-related brain cell damage. After several minutes of deliberation, they concluded that these findings in now way dispute the previous study. One researcher, said, "Let's not forget, we are talking about Georgia here."
  6. I see it. Opens up the offense. I think they think the LT spot is serviceable for now--I do not think we go after LT come hell or high water.
  7. Sewell Slater Pitts Chase Darrisaw We could combine the second and third OTs and draft Christian Slater.
  8. You see, the problem with this Huddle thing is we read stuff that was influenced by other stuff and we, collectively, usually dwindle a complex process down to 2 or 3 options when there are dozens. We focus on what we THINK we need and what we want to hear...If you agree with someone, they are right--if you disagree, they are stupid. So we lose focus and fail to think divergently--we are trained to solve problems convergently. So instead of considering all of the possible scenarios and strategies, we try to use logic and a process of elimination based on subjective rationale to narrow
  9. OK, let's play along. Conspiracy theory #1: Denver sends Carolina their first rounder in exchange for Carolina's second and third rounders and Teddy. THAT is why Fitterer wanted all three picks this year. Conspiracy theory #2: Denver sends Carolina a day 3 pick this year (sixth-they have 9 picks) and a day 2 pick next year (second round) for Teddy. That means Carolina saves money vs the cap and Darnold's net cost is a 2022 fourth rounder. Conspiracy theory #3 (A DOOZY): Denver has a huge need at RT. Moton wants big money, and there are no signs that talks are serio
  10. No one in particular---but when he talks about needs, he goes OL, CB, DT...I have to think a 3T is the last missing piece--we did not have one last year---just Obada and at times YGM stepping inside. Not enough.
  11. The better question might be if you replaced Sewell with Slater. I still go Slater over Pitts--but I would hate life about it later. Here is how I see it: 1. A good LT protects the blind side about 30 times each game. A good LT keeps bad things from happening, so he is less admired by fans. 2. A good pass-catching TE is targeted 10-12 times per game. A good TE causes good things to happen, so fans cheer for him. A LT is more valuable than a TE in general. A lot more valuable.
  12. Like last year, we need 3 walk off home runs in this draft. I am guessing we draft a LT in round 1, a CB in round 2, and that DT Fitterer keeps ranting about in round 3. Day 3 is all Rhule at the farmer's market.
  13. There was a bit of drama in his past, I can't recall what it was about, but I think he is a Mich transfer and did very well as a Bearcat. Where he might be drafted (3-4) I am not sure the risk would outweigh the potential reward. I am also intrigued by him. He could go higher than I project, however.
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