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  1. So what if they were not practicing the top end of the route tree that day?
  2. Lets face it folks: Kuechly, Morgan, Mills, Witherspoon, Davis, Beason--- Ya think we might be a bit spoiled?
  3. They used to call him Super Hot Ian Thomas. Now that have shortened that to an acronym.
  4. that is bad when you can't squeak through OTAs.
  5. Early in the draft mock season last year, he was Georgia's starting QB and on some first round lists. He is from Graham, NC. I have family there---they are so disappointed right now.
  6. You too bro, but it may be back. I am getting checked next week.
  7. I get it, but I can't get thje Super Bowl 38 shank out of my head.
  8. I have suggested putting Pride there. Not sure I like Jackson at FS and due to his tackling skills, not sure I like him at nickel either.
  9. When I had cancer and went to Duke for treatments, the first time I felt a bit sorry for myself. Walking in, you see the cars in the parking lot with pink overlapped ribbon magnets on the back--not one of them--all of them. Inside, the first kid you see is bald, smiling, holding a balloon, and acting happy to be alive. Then there is another one, and another. You leave feeling lucky, although your heart is heavy, not for yourself--never again did I feel any self-pity.
  10. If you have never been in the hospital thinking your child may not survive, trust me, it is the worst and most terrifying fear their is. It paralyzes you in a cloud of surreal vulnerability and helplessness. It can only made worse by the heartbreak and devastation that coincides with losing a child, and I hear that rips your heart out of your body forever. To any of you who have experienced either, I know a bit about that pain and it returns whenever you share the experience with someone else. Man I hope this is a happy ending. When he writes "Day 8," trust me, he means much longer
  11. Cargo shorts might have been one of the best inventions ever developed for men, right there with voice activated remote control and sexy optional and convenient adult diapers, and due to some women complaining that we look "stupid", now you all think these things are dumb. Well on game day, I do not care what I look like, and I can spend 20 hours in my recliner without ever leaving it, since I have a portable fridge beside me and the Papa Johns guy has permission to enter without knocking.
  12. About Darnold--I read recently (here, I think) that something like 43% of his passes were thrown under pressure. Cousins, Lamar Jackson, and Carson Wentz were the others in the top. All are good QBs that struggled behind suspect OLs. Darnold is going to be fine--just keep him clean.
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