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  1. Raym is like bozeman, based on what I read--lacks the lateral quickness he needs--however, he is supposed to be a beast / bully when he engages. I was watching Popo a bit, and he is a perfect PS developmental 3-4 DE. Coker should make the roster because if we put him on the PS, another team will take him.
  2. If i am looking at the 2023 offense for possible areas for growth, TE jumps out at you. Hard to say if they have been misused or they suck==I get the feeling that Tremble is a decent TE on another team. Thomas is credited with being a good blocker, but I have yet to see elite blocking. I think he could be cut, but going to a run-first offense helps his chances. Regardless, Thomas as a #3 TE is not that bad (just overpaid, but he did recently agree to a salary reduction). Tremble has flashed enough for me to have hope. I am not sure why Tremble can't make his niche as a balanced TE who can block with Sanders as the pass catching TE. Do we need Thomas? Sullivan is 27 and had 125 yards last year on 12 catches in 11 games in limited duty. I think Sanders and Tremble are locks, and I look to the kind of player we drafted and signed to indicate what we could be looking to develop. Sam Pinckney from Coastal Carolina is 6-4 225 WR with a 4.77 40 and moves like a pass-catching TE, in my view. If he makes the PS, it will be interesting to see if he bulks up. (I mention this only to try to read what they might be thinking--not to declare him a part of the roster or PS even). We will see how Sanders pans out. Look at the best teams and best QBs--they usually have an all-pro level TE. Kittle, Kelcie, Gronk, Hernandez, LaPorta, Kincaid--etc.
  3. Pretty sure the Charlotte media is more propaganda than news--unlike the Chicago market, to your point. Remember the Jerry "Pie Chart" presser? Darrin Gantt asked tough questions and the Observer quickly demoted him to covering Winthrop sports. I used to work for the Observer on weekends back in grad school, and I knew a few people who were still around--they confirmed that statement, although it was never stated that way. The reporters here are very kind and optimistic to the Panthers and Hornets for that matter.
  4. This has been long overdue. (Disclaimer: Did not read artlcle--been arguing for this for a while--here are my points). First, it is a free timeout or clock stoppage if a team gets close to a first down and that creates an unfair advantage. Second, a chip in the ball and an underground wire sensor up the sidelines and end zones would allow the ref to indicate whether a player broke the plane of the end zone or the ball was out of bounds before getting a first down. I wonder if chips could be used to determine whether a receiver caught the ball before it hit the ground. Just spitballin
  5. I'd rather watch MNF with the Manning Brothers--that is interesting to me--\
  6. I think he is very raw. When he gets it together, and he will sometime soon, watch out.
  7. No, but I was at an OTA and I heard Fox make a smart comment to another coach about Clausen, and then Armanti Edwards after he dropped a Jugs punt. He was bitter--it was his lame duck year and he was not involved in the draft--that is the draft Hurney went solo--tried to trade up from about 47 to 33 with the Rams to get Clausen--offering a future first, according to the Rams GM later. Then the Colts bragged that they bluffed MH into thinking they wanted Armanti Edwards, which caused him to trade up into the third for a seventh round graded player. Those were darker times than these. But I am sure the press was comparing Clausen to Montana and Edwards was going to be the best slot WR in 2 years.
  8. And I did not read your username as "Lame Duck."
  9. for half his career or more, my stats have equaled his. I need an agent.
  10. Some interesting things about his interview: First of all, what a great kid-you have to like him and should pull for him. However, Canales seems to be the only coach in Bryce's ear this year. Last year, it seems that he was getting coached on several levels at different times (Frank Reich, Dave Brown, etc), and that could lead to a lot of confusion. Canales said that when a player breaks the huddle and is slow approaching the LOS, he is thinking. The Panthers were slow all season--including the QB. I realize we are talking about day 1 of OTAs, but when players like Ian Thomas and Jordan Matthews are getting mentioned, it might indicate the TE room is finally feeling recognized and there is a competition going on--Sanders, Tremble, Thomas, Sullivan, and maybe even Matthews-it could be the most improved position on the offense after guard.
  11. I like Willie Drew (CB, Virginia State) as well. He is a lock for the PS with a shot at the roster.
  12. I like this kid--he will make the roster. However, he said that his sophomore year was the first playoff game in school history. Incorrect. Western Carolina beat them in the FCS playoffs many years ago.
  13. This is a huge point. I think last year, we were trying to shorten the game by snapping with 2 seconds or less on the play clock. However, Canales talks a lot about pre-snap reads, and you can't do that if you are checking on your formation (are they set?) and it reduces the use of motion. Bryce's first read needs to be pre-snap. And when the D can cover your TEs and WRs with 4 players, the blitzes and stunts are more aggressive when the play clock behind the QB is hitting Zero.
  14. Thanks Jackie for keeping this going.
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