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  1. I guess since Steve Smith retired we have not had an official tool.
  2. Why would they tell Jeremiah about it and why would he repeat it? Like CRA said, it could be the degree to which it was being done--or it would never have been mentioned to DJ and DJ would never have mentioned it on TV. So maybe he was overdoing it?
  3. Yes, they do--but if it was so obvious other teams commented about it? Maybe he was excessive. I found it to be interesting that DJ would mention it as a potential reason that Brady was terminated.
  4. Daniel Jeremiah on "Move the Sticks" said that he was told by teams that the Panthers would run plays that worked against them on their film. For Example, if a team struggled with screens during week 3, when the panthers played them week 5 they would see a lot of screens. Not a big thing, but it is a thing when we are not playing to our strengths just another team's observed weaknesses.
  5. Devil's advocate: We knew his background when he was hired. There was little bitching. We knew this was a long-term project, hence the long-term contract. Many said, "Three years, blah blah." About 24 games into his contract, the mob is lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks. For the concrete operational Huddler: This does not mean I am endorsing Rhule or want him here. This should not cause you to attack the poster. This is a reflection and it is interesting to see how quickly the milk spoiled.
  6. We never really made fun of Dom Caper's hair. or did we?
  7. It is more accurate. "Interim" is the word you could have used.
  8. the QB from WKy Bailey Zappe. Has something like 56 TDs vs. 11 Ints, nearly 70% completions.
  9. I think the Henderson trade might pan out. However, this list is one that can withstand any form of scrutiny.
  10. Those fireworks are left over from the "Touchdown" supply room.
  11. If they are close, play the rookie and let him develop. If Daley is better than BC, then BC was a stupid pick.
  12. this hurts his contract negotiation position...
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