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Community Answers

  1. Forgot all about that--this is a done deal, if you ask me.
  2. I think that makes sense. The Saints do not have a first rounder. I think the NFC S is appealing to Carr--where he can be the man. The Saints, however, are last in the NFL in Cap Room, so they will have to package a player or two--this could get very interesting
  3. First Pick: Based on the draft order, team needs, etc. I think it is possible that the Colts trade up to #1 with the Bears. They will offer C Ryan Kelly (Bears need OL help now) or DL Deforest Buckner and their 2023 first, 2023 second and next year's 2024 second to the Bears, imo. I do not think the ponies will trade up unless they want Young or Stroud, probably Young, the most "ready to start" QB in the draft. Second Pick: Houston is also going after a QB. I think the Texans take Young if there is no movement, but the Bears will be making a deal. With that in mind, I expect Stroud will be a Texan. Third Pick: Duh. Arizona should take the best player in the draft--Will Anderson. Edge Bama Fourth Pick: Chicago knows they can trade back to #4 and get the second-best non-QB on the board--a DL from Georgia seems logical. Jalen Carter, DT Dawgs. If they trade back again, they could target an OT--fourth is high for a DT, but this one is worth it. Fifth Pick: Seattle probably stays put, unless a team thinks Detroit wants a QB. They could use and Edge, and Myles Murphy (Clemson) and Tyree Wilson (TxTech) are a toss up. Either one. I will go with Murphy, DE to the Hawks. However, the Raiders or the Falcons could move up, sensing the Panthers will be going after Levis--and then they take Levis. Drama. Sixth Pick: Why would the Lions not like QB Goff? CB is their biggest need, and I would not be surprised to see them trade out of #6 and still get the best CB in the draft. If a team loves Levis, this is what happens--a team moves up for Will Levis. That team is the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers send the #9 pick, the #60 pick in round 2 (from SF) to Detroit. Not a bad trade for either team. If the Colts stay at #4, it means they are targeting Levis.
  4. Depending on what free agency does to the top 8, It could happen-- Houston and Indy are locks to grab a QB. Vegas and Atlanta as well. I think Atlanta, unless they liked Ridder (I have no idea), will not pass on a QB in the top 10 again this year. I think the PANTHERS will be very aggressive
  5. That is funny- Several years ago--maybe 10 or more--my source for minor scoop was Brandon Beane. I used to share stuff that he told me (for some reason, we'd get our car inspected at the same place at the same time-he is from Stanly County)--and my best friend was close to him (Taught him in high School and coached him). It was SO funny when people on the Huddle would call me out, asking me for my source and then mocking me when I would not give him up (at the time, he was not a big name, but he carried Marty for a while and knew the draft). I don't blame them--I would call me out too. Beane would only give perspectives on players, not tell us who the Panthers were targeting, etc. I remember that he said (thru my friend) that 2x All American G Duke Robinson was not on his board, but MH loved him. Later, he said that he talked Marty out of drafting him 2 rounds before Marty did. (at the time, he was not the asst. GM--he was director of football operations, and he was fairly new--so he was proud of getting that right). Robinson was never good. He told us that he was trying to talk Marty out of taking him outright. He would tell us dark horses that were not on the major mock draft radar and tell us players who were projected in early rounds (in our mocks) who would not be drafted by anyone. He did tell us that they like Josh Norman once--but I do not think he would have told us that if Norman was a real serious target.
  6. Wasn't Jim Bob Cooter on the Dukes of Hazzard? Jim Bob Cooter Personal life Cooter is from Fayetteville.[10] He was arrested for driving under the influence in June 2006, and was suspended from the Volunteers as a result.[5] In 2009, he was charged with aggravated burglary after climbing into a window and getting into a woman's bed.[10] The charges were later dropped.[11]
  7. In case you are wondering, this article from December might have it right: https://catcrave.com/2022/12/04/carolina-panthers-david-tepper-will-levis/ It says, "A league source told the Observer's Ellis Williams that he heard Tepper has his sights set on Levis." Doesn't get more solid than third-hand, anonymous hearsay.
  8. I think we can find a good TE here, and I saw a lot of Safeties (going from memory) so the shopping could be good for those two needs.
  9. That Robbiey Anderson Contract was stupid--I said it at the time.
  10. I think Aussie was saying, "if we don't like any of the picks in our range in the draft...(deciding to pick one later or not at all). Yes, Carr will have a team before the new NFL year begins in March, in my opinion. He will entertain a bidding war.
  11. If he gets to free agency (I think that happens on Feb 15) I am all in on that. However, we would have to engage in a bidding war---and we could make that work, but it would cost us Shaq in my guesstimate.
  12. Cam? Why not make Reich a player/coach? We'd never get a delay of game penalty.
  13. I am still toying with the idea of re-signing Darnold and letting Corral compete with him for 2023. Not ideal, I get it. Draft Hooker in round 3 (hopefully)--let him rehab for most of 2023. I still wonder if Reich can get something out of Darnold--folks, you all act like you know NFL QB play--but you really don't. Darnold is 25 and was showing some degree of improvement. Give him a TE and he is better. Let Hooker and Corral compete for the QB job in 2024 if Darnold does not work out. You save your draft pick (first rounder) this way. I am just not sold on Levis and AR. I would like to be--but if Hooker was younger and healthy, would he not be ahead of both?
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