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  1. Looking towards the 2024 draft, there is a pretty nifty holder who plays D-III ball in Arkansas. Go get him Fittererest.
  2. I do not see a quick fix. When I see the Teppers now, I think of cancer.
  3. We are all about stupid mistakes. Tuttle jumping offsides. Ian Thomas not rule blocking (he did not block anyone) on the punt/fumble/touchdown. How many of you felt, "Oh crap!" when Sanders was marked out at the one? We are fundamentally dysfunctional, mentally stupid, underwhelmingly talented, and strategically idiotic. They expect fans to pay to see that.
  4. Lotta y'all are saying "Moton." Reality? Moton's cap figure is set to jump from $13.5m to almost $30m per year for 24 and 25. Derrick Brown is your best overall player. He is entering year 5, and his salary will increase by $10m. He needs to be locked down. Burns cap jumps from his 5th year deal at about $16m to around $35m. In my opinion, the way his situation has been handled is criminal and if Fitterer is responsible, he needs to be fired. If he is not responsible, then he needs to be fired for not being responsible. We are obviously going to be aggressive in free agency. The OL? I see no progress with Ickey, and he is a talent. New coach, keep LT on a rookie contract. BC? I say move him to RT and see what you can get for Moton. BC is very athletic, and unfortunately, Moton's contract at $30m at age 30 for a RT is too much considering our other needs. Zavala showed promise. Make him the LG. Corbett and Bozeman are OK, but we have to run an offense that supports their skill set. SO while some of you are saying, we need an OL most of all-I disagree. We need a new OC and system--we need WRs more than anything else because they are not getting open. Full stop. Theilen would be OK in a Ricky Prohel role, and Mingo might be better in year 2. Aside from that, we need 2 or 3 starting caliber WRs. We need a legitimate TE--not a bunch of blockers who catch the ball once in a while. We need a weapon to minimize the amount of blitzing we see if nothing else. Our OL looked bad because they were not is a good system that played to their talents, Bryce was holding the ball too long looking for an Open WR, and the TE was not a threat. I would rush 7 too.
  5. I actually had that after a concussion from football. In my case, I could not remember what just happened. I knew people and places, but had no concept of time and I could not process information in my short term memory. Of course, I turned out just fine and you would all know that if it weren't for being distracted by the recent Kongamato invasion.
  6. He was--the coach drafts a long snapper and his wife drafts a RB because he had a good game against Baylor--the GM has to oversee that--so it is either Fitterer's fault or he is a rudderless boat. He should have stepped up, instead, he let Rhule go--maybe that was due to his support from Tepper, but either way, the situation is dysfunctional.
  7. It seems as if Tepper can't even get the practice facilities right. While spending millions for coaches to sit on couches and draw double paychecks and abandoning the Rock Hill complex, the man is a colossal screw up. He has ego and money where brains should be. Dangerous
  8. Fitterer's best acquisition may have been his first--Sullivan. His free agent acquisitions? Busts. His draft picks? Busts. The guy is consistent. Someone here on the huddle said it best--the franchise player is Derek Brown, not Burns.
  9. I agree. As with most dysfunctional organizations with bad leadership, everyone else is blamed until there is nobody left.
  10. I don't think he will, but St. Louis comes to mind--I have not heard anything or researched it, but that market is bigger
  11. I give you simple facts,TNO5, and your response is a poo emoji. Sounds like you have debated before!
  12. You do know that any QB in this situation on a bad team would struggle, don't you? In his rookie season, John Elway completed 47.5% of his passes, 7 TDs in 10 games vs. 14 interceptions. In his rookie season, Terry Bradshaw completed 38% of his passes 6 TDs in 8 games vs 24 interceptions--that is three picks per game. In his first 19 games in the NFL--after a stint in the USFL, Steve Young completed 53% of his passes with 11 TDs and 21 Interceptions. In his rookie season as a starter in Indy, Peyton Manning completed 56% of his passes and threw 28 interceptions. What do these men have in common besides yellow jackets? They were all drafted by bad teams. Their fans called them busts. When Bryce has time, he can make plays. Our personnel around him is terrible. Period. They make stupid mistakes, unforced errors, that puts them in bad situations. Fitterer is the problem. Taking Corral over Howell--STOOOPID. Taking Horn over Surtain--STOOPID. Letting Foreman walk and paying out the arse for Sanders? Sanders was good in Philly, behind the best OL and offense in football--hell, I would have run for 500 yards there. STOOPID. We have not had Young long enough--on the team or in a clean pocket--to decide to discard him.
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