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  1. Funny how people act as if suddenly becoming a millionaire celebrity at age 22 should have no impact on your maturity. These athletes are put on a pedestal--many from poor homes---and suddenly surrounded by fame and fortune. They have never failed in sports--always the best athlete on the field, and that is what they believe they are. So much depends on the athlete's support system. I expect this coaching staff to kick the tires on a lot a players that we would call "damaged goods".
  2. Did anyone say "Shaq?" One of our highest paid players. Chinn CMC
  3. This is a handout job. A hook up. He will be in charge of gravity.
  4. I prefer to draft a QB as well, but how many drafted QBs succeed? How many teams need a QB and how many quality QBs are in the draft? Due diligence-- for those who think we should explore all options and have more than 1 plan that could unravel in 4 picks.
  5. His playing style could mean he has a Brady/Rivers length career. So he could have 5 years left in him and he has been better late in his career than in the beginning. Protect him, and he stays healthy--that is true for all QBs. Let's say we get 5 years out of him--is it worth it? We only got 6 productive years out of Cam.
  6. So you are now making the rules of engagement? Report me--I am actually being nice right now. If you want this to be between you and the poster, then get off a public discussion board. Dude.
  7. And Stafford's playing style could mean 5 more years--he could go to age 38 or even longer if protected. Cam had about 6 good years, to put that in perspective.
  8. If you cannot attack points with facts, do not attack the poster. If you think any misfire on any pick is a reason to denounce all of their points after that, then you think all GMs are "dumb as hell." Yet you offer no insights of your own-
  9. I am doing math in my head--dangerous--but it seems that Watson to NYJ would help our chances of trading up later than #2---any word on Atlanta? Are they looking QB?
  10. When Rivers was at State, TA McLendon told me that he had to tell him where to line up and what hole to run through after calling the play. TA did not realize that he was confessing to being stupid--he was telling me how smart Rivers was. Said, "He knew where everyone on the field was supposed to be and what everyone on D was going to do."
  11. Rhule and Co. are focused on getting production from the bottom of the roster--overachievers, for lack of a better word. If you expect that, nothing kills motivation more than underachieving players at the top of the roster. When Carter stepped up and took Whitehead's job--and played (in my opinion) near the level Shaq was playing, I would look at paychecks. I had a college teammate friend who signed a second contract after a pro bowl season--for $2m per season (not sure how much at this time--this was 30 years ago), a lot of $$$ back then. I called to congratulate him a few weeks
  12. No, but if you sign the contract, you better play up to it. His cap number doubles from last year to this year. He has $16m guaranteed. A post June 1 cut saves the team $10m. Throw in KK, who has a post June 1 cut figure of $14.5m. Bridgewater is on the payroll either way through this season. The nearly $25 million you would save by cutting KK and Shaq is not available during this free agency period, obviously. Paradis could save us $8.5m in a post June 1 cut. I say cut KK post June 1, and if anyone in camp comes close to Paradis and Thompson, cut them as well. I
  13. I think we should run the Notre Dame box until our rookie is ready. That would trick em.
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