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  1. The problem with one man earning so much money doing one thing: We tend to equate wealth with importance or even intelligence in this country. Those people get praised, and they feel they are smarter than everyone else in every thing else. He is learning that success in hedge funds does not equate to success between the hedges.
  2. It is hard enough worrying about 53 employees and the coaching staff. I wish the folks behind the curtain well.
  3. I have been saying this all along--he was "breaking out" since Chosen Robbyie left. I expect him to have between 600 and 700 yards this season while Chark and Thelein combine for about 2000. Shenault is going to be the interesting player because they are going DEBO with him to some degree--the most misused player on the roster last year. Throw in Mingo, and our WR corps has never been potentially this good at the top 5 positions. WRs can get tired--they run a lot of sprints in a game--having 5 over 3 is huge.
  4. I mean, look at what we gave up compared to what D. Watson was going to cost us. We get a perverted QB with Salary Cap Issues out the arse and they get multiple first rounders. This is how you do it.
  5. If you do not have a QB, you are a team contenders scrimmage against. Season ticket holders deserve more. Consider that about half of the first rounders in the NFL never pan out, and second and third rounders don't usually become difference makers, if Bryce is good, we were great. We have already made the WR room better, and we could not make the QB room better unless we did what we did. This was a no brainer. The Bears, like most teams, benefited from sucking many years in a row, so we shall see. Time could reveal that they were stupid for holding onto Fields when Young becomes a pro bowler and they have the dilemma of giving a mediocre QB a $240m contract.
  6. Oh, and if you do not drink Bud Light because you think you are a political savant, you are not. You are an empty headed, gas-lighted, manipulated, bigoted pawn who has been easily influenced by religious radicals who use fear and hate to make you think what you are and have is being threatened by others. Please stand for more than that, and change the channel once in a while. Go Panthers (to make this Panther related). I agree with Lady Panther--props for the support.
  7. It's BEER. The word SNOB has no place in any sentence with BEER in it. It is called, "The drink of the common man." So if snob means that you are the most common, then congrats.
  8. Batted passes has more to do with telegraphing throws than height. Discuss.
  9. Q: What do Bryce and this lump of clay have in common? A:
  10. Imagine the Panthers are losing 43-0 and they are down to their second string QB. That means, under no circumstance, could you pull him and insert the emergency QB to save him for the next game unless he was injured. While not probable, you make rules if the situation is possible. If they do not define "injured" you are going to see a lot fake injuries.
  11. Now they will need to define "injured." Slippery slope.
  12. Young's helmet was made by HUTCH . Just kidding--wanted Young. But I am committed to my high levels of comedy.
  13. POTENTIALLY---I think the WR room has never been better. I saw signs from Marshall last year that told me he was ready to turn the corner--and Shenault should have broken out last year but the coaches thought he was to be the designated screen WR...So, if all factions step up as I realistically expect, we can say we have never been as deep or as good--even when we had Smith, Moose, and Proehl---I think this group could be very special. A QB who gets you the ball on time and in stride makes you better--Cam rarely threw after planting his drop foot--when the pass is supposed to be thrown--maybe the WRs were not open, maybe he was not reading the defense quickly--or maybe both were at play. Secondly, Cam's accuracy was not elite by any means. He used his arm strength to atone for his late delivery, and the increased velocity created a ball that was tougher to catch and not on target. That leads to more dropped passes, fewer Yards after the catch--Cam as a passer was not top 10 ever--as an overall force at QB--he was. So now we have that passer who reads quickly, throws an easier ball to catch, and gets the ball out on time. Some will be angry at this, but watch the tape and look at the number of completions and drops. Watch film where he does not throw after planting the back foot. Another point--Cam was not a good screen passer for some reason. That is a play that protects the QB because it keeps the pass rush honest. Young is good at that--so I expect to see improved WR play based on QB alone. In fairness to Cam, Bryce is not going to bulldoze LBs and scamper for 50 yards on third and 32.
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