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  1. Covidgate--get the other team sick by paying out bounties? I wonder...
  2. I wonder how many plays in our playbook we are not able to run based on the OL? All we see is the plays we think we can execute.
  3. He was in perfect position--the pass was perfect, including the timing. He gave up nothing.
  4. We lead the league in punts from the red zone downed inside the 20.
  5. I was most disappointed in the coaching staff as already stated. That was not a well-managed game. I am OK with Darnold, worried that Hartsfield may be injured, and concerned that we could not get Anderson and the TEs. That suggests we are not getting the ball to the outside WR--the longer pass plays--effectively. Erving, Paradis, Daley, and Elf would not have graded out well. I am not enthused with the win. I am relieved but did not see that 30-10 blowout I was expecting--and we had them on the ropes and could have done it. At the half, we could have been up 23-0 were it not for some questionable coaching decisions. As with RR--they adjusted at the half, we did not. Horn is the real deal. Even the TD he surrendered was picture perfect. DJax played well, but when he cramped up, I was like, "Damn son---maybe tennis is your game." The DL sure kept Carter clean. Still, he is better than what we have had. Shaq is a leader. Starting to like him with his salary. Chinn is not as noticeable at S as he was at LB, but I am still glad he is back there. Burris took some bad angles. Damn son, you are a veteran. Brown is so good you forget he is there--like Star, but better. I am not sure this FB thing is working out. Tremble might be our best all around TE. I don't like the male cheerleaders. Maybe other teams do it, but it aint right. I look to them for motherly comfort during a time of great duress. Do not need to know how a sausage is made during a crisis--I need warmth and fantasy. Hartsfield is good. We need him back asap.
  6. So if one poos the post of one who seems somewhat disgruntled about post integrity and is, as it were, not a troll but offering a counter opinion as one is prone to do once in a while, where does that leave one?
  7. Sacks are not the only thing he does. First, he moved the QB off his mark a lot. Second, he is the focus of the offense, so he allows others to get good matchups. Finally, one sack per game, if that is all he does, is a 17-sack season. I will take it. YGM is the DE we should be criticizing. He made a play, but the 2 point conversion was all him.
  8. Those of you wanting CMC to play wildcat QB and #2 WR: 17 game season. Do math.
  9. I am ready to see what Michael Jordan (LG or C), Royce Freeman (short yardage back), and Shi Smith (#4 WR) can do asap.
  10. Even though he had a touchdown, how many looks did Anderson get? Arnold? Take away the checkdown (CMC) and we might have lost the game. Play calling in the red zone is as bad as the execution.
  11. about the OL---when you are ahead and can mix up the offense, fine. But when we are behind and passing it down the field is our only option--we have not seen that yet. I reserve judgement. Not happy with Paradis, Elf, and Erving. Daley got beat a few times as well (gave up a sack) but he is not used to RG. Question: Why did they not move Daley to LG and Scott to RG when Elf got hurt? At least Daley is familiar with LG--instead, we had 2 OL out of position (Daley, Scott) if you think about it.
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