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Community Answers

  1. Message to team: Panther front office leaders are dumbasses.
  2. He totally dodges the first question--and he picked the questions (assuming he did not write them).
  3. I personally think they should have moved Pride to Safety. Plays well in soft zone coverage (facing the QB, in other words) and he has some speed and size. Oh well.
  4. Because a rush linebacker and a QB is pretty much the same thing.
  5. Thank you--the skills are there, the leadership is there---all he needs is some protection and a running game, and this guy will turn heads.
  6. I still say he should not play much in 2022. But I think he has just as much upside as any QB in this draft--I would rather have Corral over GI Joe Hands Pickett.
  7. when was the last time we did not play Pittsburgh in the preseason?
  8. He is inconsistent and wears out his welcome quickly. I think he is motivated by money and not the love of the game. Hard Pass.
  9. According to the roster, we have 3 #15. Trickery! I like it.
  10. I think that this class could be as good as last year's group. Here is why: Last year's QBs all came from optimal situations for QBs--Bama, Ohio State, NDSU, Clemson, and BYU (if you consider their schedule). This year? Liberty, Pitt, Ole Miss, UNC---not ideal situations. This year's group will play for better teams than last year's group: Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Carolina (gulp), and Washington--as a group, better.
  11. Starting RT for the Raiders' and NC A&T alum Brandon Parker is someone I have known since he was 4 ft tall. This is a cool opportunity for area kids. Pass along if you know someone who might be interested: Sorry if not Panther related-
  12. Tom just loves the spotlight. It will be a nice novelty for a while, but it will fade fast.
  13. I think we are thin at DT--lotta unproven players.
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