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  1. If we're not going to draft a QB in 2023, then the only other logical option is to bring in yet another veteran QB. I don't know at what point we're going to stop the QB carousel, but maybe not in my lifetime.
  2. With Pat blocking weakly in the middle, and the o-line still learning how to run block together, RBs other than CMC are going to have a lot of trouble. CMC is making the o-lines run blocking look better than it is in reality. Double team blocks are getting spilt, Pat has no power, the lanes are not coming open, or slamming shut quickly. Then you have CMC doing something terrific that not many RBs in the NFL can do. A lesser back is going to get stuffed for loss. Our coaches want to keep their jobs for another season. Just like the last coaching staff, they're going to ride CMC. Now we're trying to pass more, so CMC is not taking as much of a beating, but still he's fantastic when the line fails and when does well. CMC has this fast decision making combined with quick twitch muscles that allows him to turn nothing into the max we could have possibly gotten out of it. I wouldn't send in the other RB either if my job were on the line.
  3. If we can't draft one of the top QB prospects, and Baker was a flop, then that raises the chances that we bring in another veteran QB. So 2023 would be another cast off QB. In 2024 Corral would have his chance to start. Once Corral flops, we might be in position for a top rookie QB prospect in the draft. Trust me you don't want that. We have to hope we can end QB limbo in the 2023 draft, and that means this team needs to completely collapse. Winning 5 or 6 games is highly likely for this team, and that is just too many wins to end QB limbo. If CMC goes down again, then we might have better odds of winning less than 5 games. Or if Baker does one of his idiotic scrambles and gets injured that would bring out PJ for a while. The floor for this team is 5 wins imo unless the injury bug bites hard. The scary thing is that our division rivals the Saints and Falcons might be snapping up the QBs in 2023 right ahead of us. Imagine the horror: 2023 draft Saints - QB Falcons - QB Panthers - DE
  4. If Baker doesn't improve then we could see Sam as soon as he's healthy. Or we could do a weirdo Rhule thing where we start Baker for the first half, and if that doesn't go well, then in comes Sam, or vice verse.
  5. Baker has good weapons, good pass protection, and plenty of experience in the NFL. He's a bust just like the Browns thought. No more excuses. The 2023 draft is right around the corner. We're taking a QB.
  6. One problem we're facing is that Baker, in this offense, doesn't have a superstar throw the ball to as a bailout. The reason Baker needs a superstar receiving threat is because Baker is not a good QB. Teddy Bridgewater made DJ look terrific because he threw DJ open with leading passes, and then DJ in full stride is hard for any DB to bring down. Baker is not confident is throwing DJ open because he's not a good QB. That's why teams don't mind playing us with a single high safety, and man to man. If a team went to man to man against us with Teddy, then Teddy would throw so many completions to DJ and Robby that he would throw them out of man to man and they would switch to zone to stop the bleeding. And Teddy did that with a worse o-line than what Baker has now. Teddy is a better QB than Baker, and Teddy is backup QB. So yes we're drafting a QB in the 2023 draft. Bet your ass on it. You can see what Baker wants. He wants a stationary target in the middle of the field to hit. Mcadoo knows this and so he sends GIOVANI RICCI to run out there and be the stationary target in the middle of the field for Baker. Why Mcadoo? You know he wants easy passes in the middle of the field. Why give him Ricci, our WORST offensive player on the team, in the middle of the field? Why don't our receivers know when Baker wants to throw a fade? Why aren't we running slant routes like crazy? When we go trips when the Saints are in cover 1, and CMC goes out on the opposite side, then pass has to go to CMC because he is unstoppable in that situation, and he could get a ton of yac. Baker doesn't want to do that and I don't know why. Even Sam would throw to him. Baker's happy feet dancing has got to stop. He is the worst scrambling QB we've ever had since Vinny and Jake. Stop. Stay in the pocket and THROW. Watching Baker stop looking down field and start staring at the d-line even when he's not in danger hurts my soul. Baker is such a coward. He is so scared of any little tiny hint of pressure, yet if he KEPT HIS EYES down field and threw he'd have way more time to throw than Tom Brady. I'm already so sick of Baker. Can't wait to get a better QB. Draft can't come soon enough.
  7. Remember when teams couldn't play man to man on us because Teddy Bridgewater would eat them up? Baker could only dream of doing that.
  8. The kind where the QB poops the bed and the routes make no sense.
  9. I think most of the forum thought we'd win against the Saints. I didn't receive any push back from my posts about predicting us winning. This is a QB driven league, so moving us up a lot in the power rankings with Baker at QB would be crazy. I think people who don't follow the Panthers or Saints just saw the game as Baker versus Winston, battle of the bottom tier QBs.
  10. Well I guess I'm trying to illustrate that a better center would give less ground and not spook Baker who sees more ghosts than Darnold.
  11. I watched all his snaps on all-22 when I was looking at the o-line and he has done just fine in pass blocking, sort of bend don't break. He's weak with run blocking still though.
  12. Baker is terrible. Sam is terrible. Even with Sam at QB and CMC and Horn injured we won 5 games. It's very unlikely that the Panthers will win less than 5 games this season. The Panthers can beat the Saints again, and sweep the Falcons. Then comes a few fluke wins, or wins where the other team had key injuries. The floor for this team is 5 wins imo. Here is your answer as to if we can turn this around, and it's in the form of a question. Do you think that McAdoo is an offensive genius?
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