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  1. 3 -5 has some pretty terrible prospects. This draft the talent falls off a cliff after the second round imo. Here are some 3rd rounders I like: Amon-Ra St. Brown Dyami Brown Andre Cisco Tyson Campbell It's slim pickings by the third round.
  2. We don't have a clear picture on which positions will be premium, which middle of the road, and which scrubs. We don't know Rhule's/Fittere's blueprint, so we can't anticipate what we'll will do in the draft and FA. I do know some thing about Fitterer and Rhule. They both love fast roster churning at the bottom. So our scrubs will likely be pushed hard to overachieve, and when they don't they be sent packing quickly for the next scrub. Churning the hell out of the bottom of the roster is way of trying to find overachieving gems asap. The drawback is that the burden is placed on the coache
  3. In order of somewhat realistic: Lance Sewell Pitts All gone then trade down.
  4. Oh no I just think if he fails with Darnold the odds go up that he won't receive a new contract at the end of his current contract.
  5. We would have to do better than what our roster should do. I would say that after adding our high draft picks our roster should be good enough to go 8-8ish. If Darnold leads us to an 8-8ish record, then we know he doesn't elevate the roster. If he doesn't elevate the roster, then that means we'd have to build a mega-roster for one magic season to try for a one shot at the SB. One chance after years of building, and then a slow decent and an eventual cutting of Darnold. The one magic season plan is for losers. If we try that then Rhule will not receive a new contract imo. If Darnold c
  6. The CB talent extends into the 2nd round, and then dries up with a bunch of guys who are undersized. It think we might take a CB in the 2nd, but I'd rather go o-line with the first two picks if the value is there.
  7. We're in a terrific position to build up our o-line with this draft. Our first pick could reasonably be the best LT in the draft, and our second pick could be the best OG prospect in Alijah Vera-Tucker. Building a great o-line will help us to properly evaluate Darnold, and he won't have the excuse of the o-line not protecting him. Protect Darnold and if dump him if he poops the bed this coming season.
  8. Sewell would be a huge win for us. Might take the sting of not really having a top quality QB on the roster.
  9. If Penei is gone then I'd like to trade down. Even after trading down a few spots there will still be several very good OT prospects. I think Slater will fall out of the top 10. It's just too tempting to get that extra pick with the amount of talent in this draft and our laundry list of needs.
  10. Well he would have to progress to being a good QB first, but yes in their narrative our system and superior coaching will transform him into a SB winning franchise QB. Otherwise there is no good reason to bring him here and lose a 2nd, 4th, and 6th. For what? A backup? A one season and dump wing and a prayer? No. They're thinking Super Bowl winning QB in our system with our coaching. And what happens when Brady leaves? They think they'll find another talented OC with a superior system. This is generally not how the NFL works. A QB who is bad for three seasons, has a weird hitch in his thr
  11. The thing about Teddy was I think he partly wasn't willing to take as many hits trying to go deep. The other factor was he wasn't that great at going deep. Then take away CMC, and you've got a mess.
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