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  1. No new contracts for unvaccinated players imo, including CMC although he won't answer questions about his vaccination status now. I'd rather have a vaccinated Cam with a towel on his head than an unvaccinated Darnold with no brain in his head. The NFL needs to take the steps needed to insure all players get vaccinated no matter how stupid, self-centered, paranoid, and stubborn they are.
  2. If he won't get vaccinated then we need to move on from him. Too dumb and reckless to be our QB.
  3. Last season I predicted that Teddy turkey pass would be injured. Let me look in the ol' crystal ball here... I don't see an injury coming... but many interceptions.
  4. 1.) Darnold is total poop and the pressure will be off and we'll focus on the draft. 2.) Darnold is mediocre and we don't know we're done with his crap until most of the season is over. 3. Darnold is good and we hope the future is bright. 4.) Darnold is great and a SB run is clearly only a matter of time. 1 and 4 are the least likely imo. Should be a fun season either way.
  5. Can the Carolina Panthers rely on Joey Slye? No. What are the Carolina Panthers going to do with Brady Christensen? RT, Moton to LT How can the Carolina Panthers maximize Jeremy Chinn’s impact? Play him at his best suited position. How can the Carolina Panthers keep Christian McCaffrey healthy? Use the other RB some. How can the Carolina Panthers build Sam Darnold’s confidence? Convince him that the vaccine will improve his play if he gets it. He seems to be easily manipulated by nonsense.
  6. Darnold will just move on to preparing for the next team, so business as usual. The Panthers fan base will freak out because we have a more talented roster than the Jets, so we essentially under performed. Many fans will take it as sign that we're not as good as they were hoping. Bottom line, if we lose to the Jets then Darnold likely pooped the bed. Not really a big deal as his fate will be decided by this season, not one game.
  7. I'd like to list a lot of players, but it doesn't really matter if Darold looks like poop. Basically I want to know every little thing about Darnold, and never mind the rest. How do his passes look? How is the deep ball looking? Is he coughing and putting everyone in danger? I want to know anything and everything. He decides what happens this season. If he's poop, then we're poop.
  8. As long as he doesn't turn out like Whitehead. The Kalil deal was Gettleman's biggest mistake, and that saying something because he made a ton of them. It's one thing to bust on 1st round picks, but it's another to sign a worthless player to a mega millions multi-year deal as if he was the best at his position. I think we all know that if Darnold isn't the sleeper, then it won't matter at all whatsoever what Perryman (a JAG LB) does for our defense. Perryman will get eaten alive if Darnold turns out to be an interception machine. Darnold has to be a star for this team or 2021 is down the
  9. Yeah I knew we were sunk when the Bucs got Brady and we got Teddy. It was a wrap at that point.
  10. Darnold decides our fate. We go where he takes us. The defense will be irrelevant if Darnold plays like he did with the Jets.
  11. My blueprint for the team would be young fast LBs with nothing to lose. Rhule likes grandpa LBs so we're polar opposites on how to build a team. I never would have brought in TB or Darnold either, but if this works I'll be thrilled. I only want the team to win.
  12. A cold shiver went down my spine when you guys mentioned Whitehead. I'd never in my life seen a LB get so far out of postilion that he ended up shoving other players out of position.
  13. QB-wise Marty Hurney was wrong about washed up Jake, Matt Moore, Pickles, and TB. He's part of the reason we haven't accomplished much as a franchise.
  14. Rhule was thrilled with bringing in Teddy and Rhule thought that TB's agent would have negotiated for more in the contract.
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