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  1. Yeah the reason this is floating around is because Tepper started running off at the mouth at a post draft press conference and basically made it clear that was our plan. I don't know if the Panthers organization wanted him to say all of that, but he's the owner so he can say what he wants. I don't know how accurate or up to date this is, but If you want to look at spending on offense atm: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/positional/offense/
  2. Also the blue print for this team is to save money on offense and be dink and dunk, and spend the saved money on defense. So expect an expensive well paid defense moving forward. We're going to cut costs on offense, and build up the defense.
  3. Fitt sees Burns as the cornerstone of our defense and turned down a mega deal for him, so Burns' agent is in the drivers seat. Burns is going to get what he wants, even with the miserable TB performance where he was stone walled one on one the entire game.
  4. I don't think Hopkins wants to come here. He'd want to go to the Bills imo, but if he showed any interest of coming here I'd be all over it. He'd instantly be our best WR by far. Keep in mind that this years problem area will probably be the passing game. Why not boost it up? Easy choice.
  5. This is just my opinion but I'm seeing trouble on the horizon with the WR corps. Jim may love Mingo, but college level DBs stuck to him like glue. Not good. That means NFL DBs will be all over him as well. I'm not saying Mongo won't be good, but he may need to be thrown open. I think waving off DHop because we have TMJ, Chark, and 32 year old slot receiver Thielen, would seem kind of silly to me. Just my opinion. Obviously go by what the experts are saying. Not trying to invalidate or dismiss what was said on the radio.
  6. Let me go look around the cesspool that is twitter to see what's up.
  7. What team would need him more than us? This is kind of a no brainer.
  8. Tepper already jumped the gun and said what the blueprint was moving forward. Young is going to be a game manager who spreads the ball around, and we won't need to spend a lot of money on offense. We'll use those savings to load up our defense and win that way.
  9. Corral pooped the bed last preseason, but he has come out strong here in the OTAs. Sometimes a painful rejection can light a fire under someone. Corral is here to fight and claw it appears from what little information we have at this point. Yes this is jumping to conclusions based on limited information, but that's kind of how sports forums work. Corral is showing me something here, and I think the coaches are taking notice.
  10. PNP liked Corral's passes better and I agree. Young was struggling. If you didn't know who was who, you would think the starter would be Corral.
  11. Sports media is about banging a pan with a spoon to draw attention, and being right about something is irrelevant. This leads to all or nothing statements to draw in viewers. For instance, Young and the Panthers offense are going to be unstoppable. Or, Young is going to be a disaster and the Panthers are going to be terrible, he's going to get injured immediately, ect.
  12. DJ Chark would be the #1 WR, TMJ #2, and Adam in the slot.
  13. There is nothing painful about trading DJ if Young pans out. It won't matter that we don't have DJ if Young is the man. If Young doesn't pan out, then everyone is getting fired and we're ruined.
  14. The guy behind him seems excited. Yeah i didn't even notice the date. Hopefully Corral doesn't start making "when one door closes, another one opens" type comments this season.
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