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  1. In looking at the schedule with a friend of mine we agreed 6 wins seemed likely.
  2. CMC will get the lions share of carries as usual. Even short yardage will be mostly CMC imo. Our power back will go mostly unused unless CMC is injured imo. Chuba is a limited back in that he is really only effective as a north and south runner who has time to build up his speed. He's not as effective east and west, and I got into an arguement with someone about that and when I showed him getting run down the huddler responded "you see what you want to see" which was odd. We actually could use another back who is fast and with great hands.
  3. He's not worth the money if we limit his snaps. He'll get injured if we don't limit his snaps. This is part of why where a lower tier team.
  4. Yeah Rhule has until the end of his contract imo.
  5. Tepper has recently made statements about how long the rebuild will take, and that means to me that he is sticking with Rhule until at least the end of his contract. The Panthers are probably on track for 7 wins this season imo.
  6. Depends on CMC. If Sam has his security blanket then we might just win 7 games. No CMC for most of the season then this could get very ugly.
  7. Oh and btw that run play we just looked at was 3 and 1, and the Viking RB got a 30 yard gain. 30 yards. It's not a talent problem, it's mental mistakes.
  8. Chinn reads gaps and has run stopping responsibilities. Now typically you'll see him way back or at the middle of the field. The problems would show up when has to come down and that's when I saw mistakes from both him and our LBs. We have two bad LBs, and one good one (Shaq). When it came down to Shaq and Chinn is was usually Chinn who made the mistake. When it was Chinn and one of our poop LBs it was the LB who usually made the mistake. I don't remember off hand which games Chinn had the errors, but the tv crew replayed one of them in slow motion. I thin I'll look at the Vikings game highlights and see if that shows anything. I'm picking that game at random and I only have the highlights. The saddest part about this play is seeing Brown taking on a double team for nothing haha. Where are his teammates??
  9. Well my plan is to draft a 2023 QB so you know where I'm at.
  10. https://www.panthers.com/video/jeremy-chinn-says-panthers-will-work-hard-to-fix-mistakes In this video Chinn talks about being out of gaps and communication being an issue as well. Shaq looked really pissed at Chinn a few times when he did not fill his gap and floated backwards, or hardly moved when he needed to be coming downhill into his gap.
  11. Another complaint is that Chinn fills the wrong gaps and takes false steps. That has to stop this season. Everyone has to be in the right gap or we're going to get gashed again. And Brown has to play with passion and not take plays off. There is plenty of talent already out there but they need to play a lot better. We spent a fortune in draft capital on that defense.
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