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  1. I wanted Paton at the time. I consider it almost a certainty we'd be in a lot better shape if we had gone that route. Now it's no exaggeration to say that we've hit rock bottom with no relief in sight. It doesn't get any worse than this other than the team moving and BOA being dynamited to the ground.
  2. From what I understand when he got that concussion the reason he was crying is because he temporarily went blind. I don't want him to ever do any contact sport again. Having said that, if Luke came back to the Panthers he'd instantly be the leader of the team. Certainly not the best player by any stretch, but our leader.
  3. I did my fair share of mick drafts at the time, and Horn never even occurred to me. I thought it was going to be Slater or Fields. I felt confident it wasn't going to be Parsons, but I didn't even consider Horn.
  4. If Fitt wants him, and I've never even heard of him, then he must be INCREDIBLE. Oh we've turned this whole season right around baby!
  5. I want Horn to get off of IR at some point this season. I feels like some of these guys have the slowest recovery times, but I'm not stating that as a fact. It just feels that way.
  6. What's the NFL record for most players sent to IR in a season?
  7. I hated Gettleman but I'm starting to think we need a Gettleman type GM who will scare these apathetic players into caring. Gettleman warned about this type of situation where you have journeyman players who half ass it to avoid injury, don't care about winning, and point the finger at the other guy for the team failing. I want the whip cracked and players scrambling to get a win no matter what, not WRs cruising around getting in their cardio for the day. Not o-linemen not even touching the pass rushers. We need a tyrant to come in here and lay down the law on these players. And even more so, we need players who are leaders.
  8. I'll never forget our o-line coach pumping his fist in the air screaming for joy like a Viking raider when we picked Zavala. Yeah these guys are guessing.
  9. Under Rhule I could see what we were trying to do but some of it wasn't working. Like Teddy was great outside of the red zone. Under Frank and Beans I could see what we were trying to do, and none of it was working, and there was no reason to think any of it would work. Just awful.
  10. A switch to gap run blocking would make a lot of sense. Icky and Moton are about 330 lbs each, and Bozeman is about 315 lbs, but both Bozeman and Moton actually look like they have put on more weight. Running the ball on first and second down is out of date, but that would reduce the number of times we put Young in 3rd and long situations. At the very least we need to gap run twice and then throw, and lightly mix in play action passing here and there on the early downs. But establish the run first even if we go down a score or two. Irrelevant. Establish the run. We're not headed to the playoffs, and we have to see what Young can do if we play action pass. Yes I know Young belongs in shotgun WCO, but we need to know if we have to blow up this o-line completely. Can Young get under center and play action pass once we get the run going? Yes or no. Now is the perfect time to find out. We have nothing to lose. If he can't do it, then the o-line has to be rebuilt, or Young has to go (trade) imo. Also I think we should look for a power back. We need a big shifty RB who can be our sledge hammer. Low center of gravity type of guy.
  11. Yeah sometimes these simulations have a weird thing happen. I saw him falling and made a move, but of course we'd never be so lucky.
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