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  1. Giants will go max protect on offense, and cover-1 on defense a lot. Should be an ugly game, but I think Gilmore or Jackson will get an interception, actually I think both will have pick each. This also opens the door for our WRs to have a big day if Sam plays decent.
  2. If Sam continues to poop the bed he'll be handing it of to DJ, Chubba, Smith, and whoever else wants to give RB a try. Rhule will put us in Wildcat before he let's Sam toss a bunch of picks again. If Sam shows any hint of putting on his interception man cape Rhule is going to pull the plug. Rhule can't handle watching interceptions and turnovers, he'll drop dead on the field from stress.
  3. It's funny because the Giants fans don't really understand how terrible our offense can be without CMC. And I think Panthers fans are not fully aware of just how terrible the Giants are overall. I think we could start PJ and have a decent chance of winning. This is a team with a bad offense squaring off against a team that is just bad overall. It's another dreaded "You take it!".... "No YOU take it!" game. Chubba will be battered to within an inch of his life to limit Sam's interception arm, and the Giants will make idiotic plays throughout the game. This is a classic "neither team deserved to win, but someone had to" type of game in the making. I hope it turns out to be a great game, but man this could be a turkey well before Thanksgiving. Sam is giving this team a "Bad News Bears" vibe, and you REALLY don't want that to be our identity.
  4. We've all had our fun debating over if we're going to trade for Watson, and I of course have thrown in hyperbole fueled comments as well. To be totally serious and sober about it now, I really don't think any team is going to trade for Watson before the deadline. There is just too high a possibility that Watson will be going to jail. I don't think Miami is going to touch him and risk all of those draft picks on a potential jail bird. My prediction now is that Watson stays in Houston until March when trading resumes.... and he's traded to the CAROLINA PANTHERS!
  5. We know Fitt has been calling about the asking price for Darnold, or he isn't doing his job. He's been calling, but like the other poster mentioned the price must be too high. It appears Sam decides our fate this season.
  6. Even assuming he doesn't want to play for the Texan, he may want to play after he is traded. I think that the instant he is traded he will be forced onto the exempt list. I think that's wrong assuming that happens, but it's of course within the rules.
  7. No reasonable player would want to be subject to punishment based on possible false allegations. The NFLPA suit failed, but that doesn't mean they were wrong. They were morally correct imo, and it's a shame the rules favor profitability over moral correctness.
  8. Watson wants to play. Being forced not to play would be a punishment, and it would further harm his reputation.
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