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  1. Sure Watson is good. But we are still rebuilding. The cost to bring him in, irregardless of his personal issues, is too great for us at this time.
  2. Pretty much how I see it. We don't need to anything about Sam, until the end of the year. If even then.
  3. Does the rest of the real world kowtow to your every whim? Don't like the topic? There is a solution, or 2 that'll fix that.
  4. So, your only objection is the compensation? Sounds about right.
  5. For the folks voting Yes. Would you be willing to walk up to your Wife/SO, Mother, Sister, Aunt, or Grandmother and say. "Sure, Watson is a serial abuser. But I want to win"? For the record. The wife was pleased I voted no.
  6. 3WR set with Terrace in one slot and Arnold in the other. Or lined up next to the tackle. Or in motion. BAM the middle of the field is covered. Edit to add; Sam really is being set up for success.
  7. OP did say this at the end. " He may not be close to his prime, but Rivers would still be a serviceable emergency option for a team that sustains a quarterback injury late in the year." So, I'm not really sure he meant for us specifically. Or even if Rivers would accept a backup role. But I will admit it sounds intriguing though.
  8. And that is one heck of a safety valve for sure. Here's my thinking. Sam loves the middle of the field. Rhule has said he likes Terrace in the slot for the matchups. So it's a natural progression to think Terrace can be Sams safety valve. Or, I could be wrong. And it winds up being CMC Anywho.
  9. Not to seem to be picking on you, but lighten up there would ya? It is the Team website. You have to know going in, they are going to be positive. They are going to be kind, and gentle. They are going to show you the rosie underbelly of sports. You just gotta take it for what it's worth. Fluff. If you want hard hitting news? You go to D Newton, or Person. lol
  10. You are correct. There are multiple players ahead of Terrace. So his targets won't be as plentiful. However, Sam needs a safety net. And right now, we don't know who that is. THAT WR is going to get his. Everybody else is fighting for table scraps. The two players with the biggest catch radius? Arnold, and Terrace. If I had to guess, it won't be Arnold. So...ipso facto. Marshall is the man.
  11. Or Scenario 3. Sammy plays well, we make the Playoffs, and the Huddle servers still go down.
  12. And he is shining again this year. The kid has a real shot this year. None of that makes one bit of difference in regards to Marshall Jr. That kid is special. He may not beat all those dinky azz QBs. BUT the kid is going to be good, real good.
  13. Well, okay then. Case closed, the end, buh bye.
  14. You know, you're not the only Huddler that does this. Lump the whole Huddle together to make a point. Then get snarky, like you know some otherworldly secret. I mean, it's fine that you are not impressed. But please don't push your misguided perceptions on the rest of us. Mkay? Believe it or not. There are some smart people on teh Huddlez. They tend to make their own judgements. So laughing, and being snarky, may not be the best way to win them over. Just an FYI.
  15. Did you read the OP? He won't be available until Dec. It is a pipe dream anywho. But he did have a pretty good year last year. Not sure why that is so hard to swallow. Are you mad at him or something? By Dec. we will know what we have in Sam. Maybe Rivers can mentor him for a while? Who knows, maybe he can help?
  16. What billycheat did was exactly what Rhule did. Make a mental mistake, take a lap. This is Pro football nancy. You want to get paid, you do the work.
  17. 4,000+ yards, 24 TDs, 11 ints. Better than what we had last year. If he is willing to be a backup/mentor. Then yeah. Test those tires
  18. Why is that so hard for you to believe? He had a pretty good year last year.
  19. This is one of those, if the stars align kinda things. lf you need him, when he's available, that's cool. If you need him, and he is not yet available, well dang. But, if you need him, and he is ready. Well then, no for me. I mean sure, he could probably help Sam and all. But by Dec. we should know whether Sam is it or not. So...I lost mt train of tho....
  20. As fans, we know very little of this situation. After all is said and done. We just have to hope Rhule knows what he is doing. Ibe won't be the last sacrificial lamb I tell ya what.
  21. Well then. Give it to me straight. I can take it.
  22. Don't want to run, you may need to cut out the mental mistakes. We are trying to instill a culture where mistakes are not tolerated. We drafted/brought in smart football players. This reminds them to be smart. Rhule is not going to stand for unnecessary penalties during the football game. This instills that behavior.
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