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  1. Huh? I thought we were talking about the tweet. Anyway #deshaun2021
  2. Maybe because his former team mate went to a team with another of his former team mate and he knows how he plays...maybe just sayin he isn't afraid to throw deep.
  3. Just because you speak positive about 1 person doesnt mean you're subliminally being negative about another..if I compliment grandma cooking dont mean moms is bad.
  4. So because he complimented one Qb that means hes taking a shot at another.....
  5. I can tell..why in the world would they only have 2 years left
  6. Olsen, Davis, Kalil only have 2 3 years left? You must be new to this football thing..
  7. If they keep blitzing they'll get easy completions, play coverage
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