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  1. Really…The other two I’ve absolutely heard awful things about, but Michael Bidwill? Not saying you’re wrong, but the Bidwills seem to have a great reputation in and outside the league. Care to elaborate?
  2. Still a stretch that he wins MVP with 13 completions. I think Lynch 100 Yards + a TD gets it. You'd think they would be more concerned about getting Wilson that first career win in a game where the Seattle D gave up more than 24 pts. As it stands now, he's 0-7 when they do. But yea, go ahead and pay him 25 million a year.
  3. I'll second those who said Picasso's and Midtown Sundries. Technically not Charlotte, but Killington's in Huntersville and East Coast Wings in Mooresville are both very good for anyone that's up north of the city.
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