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  1. So funny to see the same “panther fan” who bends over backwards to defend Sam darnold do the exact opposite to poo on cam at every turn.
  2. Look at the colts offensive line play this year compared to ours. Also, if the offense got better when Rhule left and yet there was the same offensive coordinator before and after, why do we not have an outpouring of support for Ben Mcadoo having a 6-6 record post Rhule with 3 QBs? Why does that only apply to wilks even though that’s not his side of the ball and his side of the ball was arguably worse?
  3. Your criteria suggests that Matt Corral is a better QB than Brock Purdy because he was drafted higher, I guess it doesn’t matter that he’s never taken a regular season snap. Keeping with that line of thinking there’s no way we should have lost that last game against Tampa since we had #3 pick Sam Darnold facing off against some old guy who was picked in the 6th round. Guess we lost against the Steelers since they started a #2 pick and we only started a #3 pick….if only we had started our #1 pick we would have won.
  4. Baker was only inactive for wilks first 2 games….and was on the team for 4 more weeks after that (including getting to play the second half of the Cincy game). Being available for 1/3 of the games is different than being “pretty much gone”.
  5. By your logic we should have won more because Wilks had 2 top 3 picks at QB with 10 combined years of experience at his disposal and Reich will not.
  6. He could also be 5-7 if the Saints didn't miss 2 field goals/completely gag down the stretch of that meaningless game
  7. lol that you believe mcadoo is going to be the OC. Take this knowledge level to Facebook where you're in your element
  8. Play the first half of the Bengals game in court, that should be enough to be done less than 3 minutes later
  9. At least he changed it from top 5 when he posted that in another thread
  10. I’m sure there’s no way that Herbert or Allen could possibly have made the conference championship in SFs system in the NFC. They just don’t have the smarts and aren’t gamers like Purdy is.
  11. It’s gymnastics that you are pretending that trading Dan Arnold meant we were “forced” to resign Ian Thomas. Those are two moves that are not mutually exclusive. Tight ends who can catch two passes a game are not exactly hard to find. I’m not saying the Jags didn’t get the better of the trade, but it didn’t have anything to do with the inclusion of Arnold. Would you have rather that fitterer gave up a 2nd rounder straight up or throw in extra picks for Henderson so that we could keep “pass catching tight end” Dan Arnold? I know that when you guys have your mind made up that you are done with someone, you have to take things to the extreme, but the fact that you and a few guys even care to bring up Dan Arnold as an example of someone who got away and are trying to convince people that anyone should care about him is over the top. Another guy a few posts later is blaming fitterer for not keeping Arnold and Chris manhertz as an excuse to why Sam darnold sucks. There are plenty of reasonable arguments to be made about the brain trusts in charge but these aren’t it.
  12. lol just stop with the gymnastics. I've never seen so much love for a tight end that averaged around 2 catches a game and doesn't block.
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