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  1. Bengals are 3-1, just like we are. It’s ok if you don’t know the NFL outside of the panthers, just stick with UNC sports. I give you credit at least for knowing about UNC football, most UNC fans like the basketball team and pick Alabama as their football team.
  2. Voted on by the players, so it sounds like they might have a bit of insight. The most notable current player in the NFL that went to UNC is the trivia answer to “What QB will forever be known as the guy the Bears massively reached on ahead of Future Hall of Famer Patrick Mahomes”?
  3. There are more current Wake players than UNC in the NFL top 100. There’s also more players on that list from football factories like Southern Methodist, Florida Atlantic, Minnesota State, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, Arkansas State, Samford than UNC. But great win against Duke last week!!
  4. There were lots of Jets fans doing the JETS jets jets jets chant around me when good things were happening. I waited until the crowd quieted down after the TD and then did the JETS chant. It also drew some more laughs when I did it after the Darnold run for a TD.
  5. Yes, he should be spied. Look at what he can do.
  6. 4 games a year which will be shootouts against mahomes and Herbert. Good luck w that!
  7. It also has the Eagles signing Colin Kaepernick as the starting QB, putting up over 4300 yards and 30+ TDS but having them go 7-10
  8. I’m pretty sure the result of that fight would be a little different than the 2015 one
  9. That’s almost 5 yards an attempt. And they scored not one but two field goals. Yeah the egg is really on our face right now.
  10. That’s awful news. I met her at a road game against the Saints many years ago, she was super nice. RIP
  11. I stayed there 3 years ago. Was eating breakfast and I heard this voice that sounded lumbergh from office space “Yeah, I’ll have a coffee”. I knew it wasn’t the real lumbergh but yet I know I’d heard it before. I turn around and it’s Joe by God Person. Check please.
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