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  1. The Lions I guess are a Super Bowl contender now because they just traded for a Super Bowl QB?
  2. He won Tampa’s man of the year award four times in a row, worked with military families. Sad to hear this.
  3. That's pretty cool that Bobby Phills' wife is the listing agent. Glad she's doing well for herself.
  4. You mean J Leman? I remember him playing middle linebacker and making about 5-6 tackles during a preseason game. I distinctly was thinking, I can't wait to read the huddle and see how people are overreacting. Because he has long blond hair, I bet there will be someone putting out brilliance and saying he reminds them of Kevin Greene even though they play completely different positions and have completedly different jobs. Sure enough, AKPantherfan came through and said "This guy reminds me of Kevin Greene!!"
  5. Luke’s pick 6 in NFC championship got it crazy loud too. That one dude fell out of the stands, then Luke went to check on him, lol
  6. Is it sad that the most unrealistic part of the trade is that the Texans would actually take teddy?
  7. You’re wrong about the giants, they win the NFC Easy East with a win and a Washington loss (they swept WFT this season) Baltimore would need help to make the playoffs if they lose to Cincy. However anything can happen in a division game and Cincy pulled off an improbable upset of the Steelers. I could see Houston pulling off an upset. Both teams have shitty defenses. But it’s also a division game and after watts speech and how much these two teams hate each other I don’t think Houston will lie down.
  8. I've heard that Rivera and most of the staff wanted Fournette at all costs, but the guy pounding the table for CMC was actually Mike Shula
  9. No - but your post was to say that you wanted to stay away from guys that other teams are letting fall. Just because our incompetent former owner who only wanted choir boys and our 2 time ex GM that falls in love with project players didn't make those picks doesn't mean someone else can't.
  10. Worked out OK for Dan Marino, Thurman Thomas, Aaron Rodgers, Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, Desean Jackson, Lesean McCoy, Lamarr Woodley, Dez Bryant, Justin Houston, Laramy Tunsil, DK Metcalf, etc
  11. He blocked a FG in the game, but the extra point at the end of the game was Jenkins. Check the video posted.
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