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  1. I want to know what everyone thinks about the trade up for him and if everyone agrees that it was worth it
  2. Not to mention taking Pitts at #4 overall. Maybe he gets better with better QB play, but they could have had Jamarr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, or Devonta Smith.
  3. Oh cool, one thread about this topic previously that undoubtably turned into another Bryce is short, he sucks, we can’t talk about anything else discussion. As if there aren’t hundreds of other threads that dedicated to the same topic that you have the ability to post in.
  4. It's almost as if, get this crazy thought, that other teams in the league can also make bad/questionable decisions from time to time. But for some reason, we can't discuss those without every thread turning into the same "Dude did you know that Bryce young is short" pile on from the usual suspects.
  5. Lots of Gamecock fans from that era hated the Panthers because of Cam. The one year they made the SEC championship in most of their fans lifetime, Auburn put up 56 points on them in a laugher and their coping mechanism was labeling Cam as a cheater because of the pay for play allegations (which of course wouldn’t matter in this day and age). Then having to see him play locally and succeed just rubbed salt in the wound.
  6. Here, let me google that for you https://www.espn.com/nfl/draft/positions/_/position/rb
  7. No I just think it’s fun to call out the emotional ones
  8. We will see. Just can’t understand people who jump from one extreme side of the coin to the other without rhyme or reason every other month
  9. You’ve gotta be the biggest flip flopper I’ve ever seen. You were renouncing your fandom and calling him Dave and Nicole’s yes man within minutes after he got hired.
  10. “Confronting the owner” gtfo Barstool
  11. Let's put it this way - if the Falcons are planning ahead to get out of a contract that they just signed a month and a half ago, it probably wasn't a good plan. Especially if they did this thinking he was the missing piece to win a championship
  12. Those situations are kind of different to me - Brissett was only a one year deal and a desperation play for Ron if the Howell experiment didn't go well to try to save his job which was on the hottest of hot seats. Tyrod only got 5.5 mil per year and Devito only played initially because Tyrod got injured (and after Daniel Jones was done for the year). Their season was basically over by the time Tyrod was healthy enough to play and they had nothing to lose by seeing what Devito had
  13. Minshew is what he is, a guy that you feel good if he's your #2 for a few games, or a bridge QB. But it seems like the Raiders didn't view him that way with the contract they gave him, nor did they have any faith in O'Connell if they paid Minshew that much and made overtures to draft one too.
  14. Then why did Atl give Cousins 100 million guaranteed if they only think he would start for 1-2 years? Isn't that really stupid or am I missing something?
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