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  1. To just automatically say nope that guy can’t succeed because he went to a school on the west coast as opposed to playing in the SEC is pretty lazy dude and you know it. Ask the dolphins if they want a redo in taking Tua over Herbert if that was really the deciding factor. Regarding your second paragraph, I’m expecting you to show your work because you there the take out there. Otherwise, off the top of my head I can name Herbert, Rodgers, Luck, and Derek Carr.
  2. So we shouldn’t have drafted Justin Herbert a few years ago?
  3. That's like saying that Bill Belichick couldn't be a good coach because he wasn't a good football player.
  4. Jimmy G and Baker are likely two of them, maybe the Golden Calf of BYU as the third.
  5. I think it's just top 40 coming into this season. Who would you take right now if it was based upon expectations for this season. If it was career to date, Brady would be #1 ever year, but was 10th on last year's list. He had Darnold as #19 on the list last year.
  6. He’s coming here with Payton isn’t he?
  7. Whitehurst was in Seattle, but he’s right that they gave Flynn a deal in free agency and he was the presumed starter before russell crushed it in training camp/preseason
  8. If you were there, you know how good the atmosphere can be
  9. Don’t worry he probably still believes that we are trading for Deshaun Watson
  10. Jimmy G was taken in the second and traded for a second rounder 4 years later. Brissett was a third rounder and traded straight up for Philip Dorsett who averaged like 20 yards a game. Not sure how those moves justify taking a backup qb in the second when there are other players who can help your team now.
  11. This is all fair. Just the idea that he wasn’t worth the pick because roughly 3/4 of the teams who had their plan set before the draft “passed on him twice or more” is what I take exception to.
  12. Name a time that this actually has worked (especially since this QB won’t play to show that he’s worth anything unless your starter is injured).
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