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  1. Go for value. I would love OL, CB, LB in that specific order but maybe someone will drop into our laps by chance
  2. This year’s 1st, 2nd, 4th, Teddy, CMC. No future picks bullshit. If that’s not enough just trade up for a brand new QB in the draft
  3. Right and the schedule next year looks easier on paper and CMC could play full season, Brees retires. So many factors say we will not get a good draft position
  4. OL is an area of need, second to elite free agent QB or a top 4 rookie QB via draft. It is obvious to be competitive year after year you need a top 5 QB or close to that.
  5. TB is no longer relevant, I feel Rhule will see him as a placeholder going forward.
  6. We already can’t get rid of Teddy, imagine how much worse it would be with Ben on the books.
  7. From point he was drafted I declared Grier a wasted pick because we had Cam and Allen at the time, being the current QB and new prospect.
  8. One of top 4 QB or trade down, I see no other option at 8. Mac Jones only if he falls far
  9. Why? We have two of the best receivers in the league and CMC is another great receiver. Just get QB and OLine maybe pass rush and secondary, more urgent needs
  10. I think trading to third for Fields is the correct answer. Hopefully new GM can figure it out too.
  11. So what does that mean for status of K. Allen?
  12. New start. Everyone from old regime is gone and so are most of the players.
  13. Props to Brady, he did it again and this time without Coach B.
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