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  1. I imagine it's definitely a mindfug after playing all year, and losing it in the finale. Kinda makes Tampa Bay scary. They win, and stayed the same.
  2. Yeah I think they are getting hit morally at this point. They were the team to beat til the superbowl happened
  3. I mean yikes in misfortune. The throw before that, and then that throw. That sucks.
  4. Behind this oline. I don't think it would have made a diff
  5. Lol I never see his name unless something bad happens. It's a strange way to enjoy sports.
  6. Can someone lock Miller and Daley in the bathroom until the game is over. How do you suck this bad at your job?
  7. The fug are you talking about. There's blame to pass around, but this line is non existence frequently
  8. I barely remember that. My memory is poo. Meh, it is what it is I guess.
  9. high jacking this thread to ask. Why did my account reset to noob?
  10. whats the deal with shitting on this dude? what did I miss? I vaguely remember thebigcat.
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