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  1. Absolutely agree, surprised personally we didn’t go with someone like Benson.
  2. I knew Hurley would stay at UConn. He is a different kinda person in a good way. Life isn’t about money if you already have plenty of it. Smart move.
  3. Anyone getting emails about Cheech and Chong Space Gummies? Are they legit?
  4. Both would be nice to get but Zach will be long gone and Castle doesn’t want to be here. Personally I have moved to Buzelis. Once he bulks up and polishes his game he has great upside. He shot bad in the G League last year but that wasn’t reflective of how he shot in high school. He is 19 and extremely skilled. Very good athlete as well. Do want. I think Ron Holland is another guy with crazy upside. His defensive game is awesome. Would like him too
  5. I mean you have a point. I don’t see us talking him anyway honestly and there is some talk he goes two to Washington. I just hope we get someone impactful…we need it
  6. I think he could help us but he probably won’t be a top 5 center or anything like that. This is a weak draft as well as most these guys have questions
  7. Not with this dude around…yeah this is real
  8. Hornets were dead last in rebounding last season. Our defense was really terrible. I so understand we were also the worst shooting team overall but damn we need to get something solid on defense. There is actually an argument for moving up for Clingan.
  9. He is the real question mark on this OL. He needs to get stronger and more fundamentally sound very soon.
  10. He fits a need so he should be in the mix. He really improved last season and is still only 20 yrs old. No question he would have the biggest defensive impact of these players. High floor cuz he will definitely contribute. Good call. I don’t agree with people that think Mark Williams solves things in the middle. He is a good piece with potential…thats it
  11. Amazing work…so cool. That Wonderfest looks fun. I need to check it out with the kids. Thanks for posting
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