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  1. Kup has built amazing depth…damn I love our GM And our rookies have great potential
  2. Would not trade him for anything…he is the best PG in this league
  3. Naw man…he is already top tier. He is amazing
  4. Lamelo is the best PG in the league? I mean…probably. If this dude shoots like this consistently he is definitely the best. Superstar
  5. So much depth building by Kup. So impressive
  6. Lamelo barely played…wow this team is so good
  7. This team is nasty…our rooks don’t even play. LOL. Just keep these dudes together
  8. Guys…Cody Martin can play Glue guy do doubt
  9. Looking good tonight although Lamelo barely played
  10. We need to be doing things much better. Maximize possessions on offense and stop the turnovers. Rebounding is not great. Not sure I love the line ups either, although the depth on this team is nuts. Kup has put talent all over the place. Oubre is a pleasant surprise. Ish Smith looks really effective. Would definitely like to see more of Kai and Bouk but probably not ready on defense yet. I wish I liked Borrego at the controls more
  11. Obvious to me that the depth on this team is worth a lot more wins this season. Borrego needs to give the young guys mins as well Big thanks to @Eazy-E
  12. Anyone looking for more meat on the allegations can read here… https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/md9av6/deshaun_watson_allegations_a_detailed/
  13. I think a pole on this would be interesting to see the percentage of people that think this would be a good idea. Apparently some team offered them 3 firsts and 3 thirds before the draft and they declined. Regardless of compensation I would not make this move but feels like plenty of people would be totally fine with it. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/12/report-texans-rejected-offer-of-three-first-round-picks-and-three-first-round-picks-before-draft/
  14. These types of posts always make me think of Greg Catman Good. RIP
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