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  1. Hmm..not sure Hayward is better than Miles whatsoever. Miles is on the court. He should take a backseat to no one atp.
  2. You pass on Lance...he isn’t an NFL QB
  3. Fields is going 3rd, I am sure of it...and QB is going 4th too
  4. Bump...my guy is Justin Fields. I hate doing that to Sam but that is my guy. Has been throughout. No way he is there but if he is its a no brainer.
  5. If Fields is available after pick 4 people better get ready for him in a Panthers uni.
  6. Agree...just putting realistic expectations out here
  7. Surtain is our security blanket here. Starts right away and will have growing pains but dude is solid as they come. I like Horns upside and a major competitor but could be a PI machine. Surtain’s football IQ at the position makes him the pick.
  8. This is way too rich for Chicago to move up. Jeez Like 8 for 20 and they send us a second and third and something next year. Maybe a 2. At most.
  9. NE moving to 8 probably cost them their second rounder only.
  10. People taking notice this man has arrived. He has been so much better this season and no one talks about him. I consider him core atp.
  11. Moss and Pitts cannot even be compared IMO. Like comparing a pick up truck with a Lamborghini
  12. Devonta had more catches this season than Waddle had in his career at Bama. Devonta is a tad taller and like 10 pounds lighter than Waddle. Virtually no difference size wise. Waddle is also coming off injury. Devonta is light years better than Waddle.
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