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    I would tell you it gets easier but…if you are enjoying it I would say stick with it. Everyone is terrible at the beginning Also if you come up against a headless creature save them for end game…they can be really frustrating
  2. Shocker


    Anyone getting discouraged by this game it boils down to two incredibly hard bosses. Genichiro and Guardian Ape. Sure the final bosses are hard but get through those two and you have it. This is a short game but these bosses are so challenging it feels like an epic. Overall I would rank Soulsborne games as follows: 1 - Bloodborne- masterpiece - with dungeons this game is incredibly awesome. Every weapon begs to be used 2- Dark Souls - gaming world is so amazing 3 - Dark Souls 2 - incredibly underrated and it might be my favorite if you include PVP 4 - Sekiro - the mos
  3. Breaking news…Devonta Smith torched everyone last season. Nothing to be ashamed of IMO. Great job OP…awesome breakdown
  4. When I saw the USWNT starting off with Sweden I shook my head. Sweden always plays them better than anyone in the world. Not surprising at all to be honest.
  5. LOL…I have watched a lot of Darnold just for kicks and this guy was constantly running for his life to avoid the jailbreak of defenders and collapsing pocket.
  6. Glad there is someone talking Panthers. ESPN and NFL Network have spent all day covering the Dallas Cowboys. LOL. Ridiculous
  7. Prayers to you and your family. I am sure things will go perfectly fine. Amazing life moment for you. Congratulations!
  8. Well I think the 49ers totally screwed the pooch picking Lance there but thats just my opinion
  9. Keep posting Verge your content is very interesting and appreciated. Don't listen to the few couch potato idiots that don't like it.
  10. True…appreciate the clarification. There is one downside to all of these that aren’t ATT TV (for me anyway) and that is no Fox Sports Southeast which carries Hornets games. Pretty big deal for me but the package they carry that includes these channels is 85 bucks. Not paying that much but stinks not being able to see these games. Bally Sports is supposed to be coming out with an app to allow people to subscribe to get these but word is that will be 20+ bucks a month. SMH
  11. I find it hard to believe we go into the season without adding a safety.
  12. Youtube TV is the best streaming TV service but at around 70 bucks its costly, but really they are all now. Probably is closest comp is Hulu TV which is good just not as good. Youtube TV is pretty awesome service wise and if you DVR its a no brainer as that is unlimited and works flawlessly.
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