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  1. The Dolphins are better off not making that deal. They have amazing draft capital and Tua is better than most people think. The Jets have an amazing package to offer but does Watson nix that? Anyway...seriously starting to think that Watson ends up starting for Houston next year.
  2. The Saints have the least amount of capital and picks to do this...In the league
  3. Would love to hear everyone’s opinion of Kups tenure so far. I would say A+ personally. This team in good hands IMO. Comments?
  4. My wife prints the crossword daily online. Otherwise no. Has not been interesting in a while. Oddly I do miss the Sunday sports page but they got so ridiculously expensive we dropped it.
  5. Also read Parson does have maturity’s issues and his character will need to be checked out.
  6. Bridgewater helps us make the deal. Not Houston. That is a reasonable deal IMO. TB has only 1 year guaranteed on that deal BTW.
  7. A serious offer IMO: CMC, Bridgewater, #8 and next years first rounder.
  8. The Jets are a complete fuggin mess. If Watson was going to block a move I would think that would be the team.
  9. I went to a Dolphins forum and what I am seeing is that there is very little expectation that they are making a Watson move. One writer covering them said they weren't even interested in Watson. https://finheaven.com/threads/armando-salguero-fins-not-interested-in-watson.364307/
  10. Feels fairly obvious to me that if Miami wants him they have more capital and will definitely outbid us.
  11. We could pick for the next 10-15 years and never find a QB near Watsons level. A top 5 QB that could be here for another 10 years is way more valuable than 3 first round picks. Watson is more valuable than Trevor Lawrence IMO because he is a known commodity. Losing CMC would suck but Watson has much more value.
  12. Trading 3 first rounders is in reality losing 2 players dog. Watson for 8 and we lose 2 mid to late first round players the next 2 drafts. Its not “a ton of talent”
  13. Tampa blew them out earlier this season. Will give them a lot of confidence. Still I see GB in a close one.
  14. Trading 3 firsts still leaves us our other picks. Its not like we are giving them all our picks folks. We need to make this happen if we can Fitterdawg
  15. Now Brady needs to follow him into retirement
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