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  1. I am seriously undecided on these top 3 guys right now. For those that like Levis there are a few things that stand out initially. Keeps the ball high and has an quick compact release. Big arm. But the most impressive thing is how he sticks in the pocket and keeps his eyes down field with pressure. The other two leave the pocket quickly. That said Stroud is ridiculous passing on the move…he is incredibly accurate on the move as passer. Will be cool watching each guy against top comp which is coming soon I still at this point think Young is the best at playing QB. The IT factor is amazing with him. So good at being a leader and difference maker at the position
  2. One big thing I am noticing so far between these top 3 QBs is release point and arm. Levis has a compact release and big arm. Stroud is very accurate but man most of his targets are wide open. It will be interesting to see how things go. Young IMO is the best reader of defenses but seriously lacks size and his arm is average Stroud overall is best for me right now but things can change
  3. This is where I am as well. Stroud or Young for me with Levis gaining momentum but Stroud #1, Young then Levis
  4. My mother lives in the Villages about 45 mins away from Orlando and I am legit worried for her Prayers to you and your family
  5. I must be in a time warp…hasn’t he been here for a while?
  6. I really hate to be negative about this but give McAdoo a few games to make him totally invisible. The OC needs to step up
  7. Ok, I will be civil here. We need to give this OL time to get better. There isn’t any rookie OT that doesn’t struggle. Thinking one offseason was going to fix things is wishful. We are building a team and it takes time.
  8. What? Seriously questioning your intelligence now. Don’t let me derail your constant negativity now.
  9. We have to realize that TMJ will be released at some point…there isn’t anything pointing to a turnaround as much as I would like it
  10. LOL…no one knows what is available or happens next offseason. Live in the now man.
  11. The ultimate NFL equalizer…”holding on the offense, 10 yard penalty…fug you”
  12. Pillow talk with the girlfriend again huh…no need to share
  13. They are trolling and don’t add anything meaningful to this board. Disregard them
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