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  1. The ACC sucks this season. UNC has a real chance of not making the NCAA tournament. Right now they won’t…and seriously shouldn’t Hubert Davis was a terrible hire and that is truth
  2. I am seriously wondering if the anyone cares anymore. The NBA is garbage, a team like Charlotte has not chance of ever being good. The draft is rigged and no FA is ever signing here
  3. UNC is getting great players recruiting wise but damn…can Hubert coach them? Fuggin so furious when this team is sucking so bad
  4. Look at this team this season, good or great talent and upperclassman at that. No coaching at all. None. Watch his post game and hear him say “at the end of the day” a million times. So ridiculous that UNC loses to a Duke team starting 4 freshmen
  5. Man…if the people in charge cannot see how terrible the Hubert hire was I can’t get excited about this team. Terrible
  6. Normally I would say we will see you at the Dean Dome but our coach is horrible. Problem is our AD is Cunningham who is the worst AD in sports.
  7. Losing this game tells me all I need to know about Hubert Davis. He is clueless. This UNC team is lost with him coaching the team
  8. Carolina is going to lose this game…happens tonight
  9. It is incredibly concerning that Hubert is doing absolutely nothing as a coach.
  10. A coaching idea…go to a zone and take that Duke big away. Who can score for them?
  11. Man…Hubert can’t see it. No strategy at all.
  12. I mean Carolina has a better team and are way more experienced. This should be a blowout. But here we are Again..#1 problem the entire season is Caleb Love shooting UNC out of the game
  13. The team basically getting hot hitting 3s all day last season seriously masks how bad Carolina was before the Duke game last season. They can be the best team in the nation but they have to play to their strengths and stop playing without any real offensive sets. They are so crazy streaky because they aren’t playing smart basketball. Frustrating to the point I considered not watching this game
  14. I hate how out of control UNC is right now. It’s coaching…sorry. UNC has plenty of talent and depth but are playing so dumb right now
  15. I have to be honest here…I sit Caleb Love. He could flat out win us this game or lose it. So sick of leaving it in his hands. Play the other guys that are interested in playing team basketball
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