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  1. Can’t imagine what he would cost compensation wise but would be nice
  2. LOL…I don’t and won’t. Bryce Young will be one of the best to do it. Keep being you.
  3. Heels are in perfect position now. RJ is the best player in the nation so depending on him is fine. Bacot was a little disconnected tonight but we have depth to help. Cudoz to Miami…they played amazing tonight
  4. Really like Seth Trimble. Guy needs a lot of mins, he is a difference maker This is their best 5 IMO…Cadeau, Trimble, Davis, Harrison and Bacot
  5. We need him to be good…he admitted was cold recently but picking it up. This team has all it needs but need to get back to that elite defense to be great
  6. Why isn’t anyone talking about Derrick Henry? Damn that dude would immediately improve this offense and I’d give him a 4-5 yr deal. Lotta gas in that tank.
  7. I like the idea of giving the opportunity to celebrate after the players from the opposition have left the court. After the hand shake for instance. Cool with that. I must say though Jon Scheyer’s reaction on the court right after was fuggin hilariously over the top. come on man
  8. Was Cam wearing a witches hat?
  9. This is so ridiculous…they should ban this immediately and people here are going after Flip? People these days
  10. That first pick has to be on offense…we can’t stand pat with this atrocious offense
  11. They have got to do something about this…can’t let this continue
  12. Doesn’t change anything but he went pick 45. His upside is interesting for sure. I would probably do this trade instead of paying him something astronomical
  13. I personally loved seeing Bridges showing some passion for the team and shoving that punk last night. Bravo
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