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  1. Cadeau reclassifies! Nice https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/37760000/north-carolina-hoops-recruit-elliot-cadeau-enroll-early?platform=amp
  2. The idea of getting him was exciting but I personally like our WR group. Lots of talent
  3. Heavy Metal sounds better loud as possible. I don’t plan to change anytime soon. I do keep the windows up though
  4. Look…I seriously would take Scoot Henderson #1 in this draft. I wouldn’t even worry about it, this guy is special and will be great in the league
  5. If Kup settles on Miller I think this is one of the reasons. Maybe he is also confident they can resign Lamelo. I totally hear the fit being better with Miller on the current roster. I think Scoot is better and I take him but the argument is strong.
  6. Man he would be a massive get right now
  7. Ike Turner was an absolute monster and it’s pretty amazing she survived that relationship to be honest, in the end she was stronger than that that bum. Inspiring person
  8. Fury 325 ain’t no joke That first drop is below 90 degrees…sure of it. Such a rush
  9. This is true…more a social problem. I truly hope Miller keeps his priorities straight cuz he is an ultra talented person. We can’t make decisions for these folks but we can educate them.
  10. Agreed…but not ignoring off the court stuff. Sorry, that is short sighted especially considering the recent history here. That would be irresponsible
  11. @TheBigKatreminds me of this person…I really don’t know why
  12. Man, such a tough lady who went through more than most. Super talent. Sad news
  13. Hey man…we can have different opinions. Fine with that. Please don’t say hate Miller. Farthest from the truth. I mentioned I hope he is Kevin Durant. Far from hate. You have your guy, I have mine. I would consider Scoot at #1 personally so call me crazy. Love the fight in that dude. As for playing with Lamelo…dude. This could be the most dynamic backcourt in the NBA. They can absolutely play together. Would give me a real reason to watch this team. Perfect fit. Need to trade away Terry but like I said…should have traded him before, his contract is the problem
  14. LOL…ok. You don’t know me. At all. Miller has serious bust potential. His hot and cold game doesn’t translate man. I do in fact know basketball. But more over I see competitive nature in players. Scoot is an alpha dog player. Miller is not. Fall in love with the skill but Scoot will be a much better pro. By a long ways
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