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  1. But the Steelers were better with their 3rd string rb and w/o Antonio Brown. Imagine how much worse the Pats would have been with all those starting O-linemen that was injured. Of course the Broncos had a tougher run in the play-offs
  2. Lol. That's some real in depth football talk rite der ain't it? I tell ya wut.
  3. This board is 1000X better than any Broncos board. Our members stack up favorably with in fanbase in the league when it comes to football knowledge. So run along nancy if you can't handle a little smack.
  4. I caught that too. Like he could catch that watching them walk down the stairs. He prolly still feeling a little salty after being dissed by J'NOs big fug you.
  5. OMG!!!!! The Broncos board is insufferable. "Our schedule was tougher than the Panthers, yay!! we win the Super Bowl!!!" or "The Panthers have not played a defense like ours, our defense is a historically great D!!!" I mean I could respect them if they would say that they think the Broncos are a better team than the Panthers and they believe they'll win because........ But they throw out every reason except for Xs and Os to justify confidence in a victory. Truly mind numbing.
  6. lol. This is going to be fun. Our defensive tds are not calculated in our #1 scoring offensive stat.
  7. When the facts don't fit his narrative, he changes facts. lol
  8. Yes it is. Same can be said of Denver beating the Pats with their depleted O-line. Exactly how was the Cardinals defense depleted? Mathieus absense was big for the Cards but they were not depleted.
  9. Dude who the hell do you think the "mighty" Broncos are going to be facing Sunday night, The North Carolina Pop Warner all-stars?Your team's playing another NFL team with 53 talented professional football players. A 17-1 NFL team that leads the league in scoring and has a hell of a defense too. If the Denver players should have the same expectations about what the Panthers are bringing Sunday night as you do it will be over by half time, but not how you hoped.
  10. You may be right, at least alice claimed a team sometimes two teams.
  11. No. Quite frankly I fully believe the Panthers is better than the Broncos and the Pats.
  12. Tell that to the Eagles. They beat Brady and got their asses handed to them by the Cards. I hope the Broncos players are using beating a statue like Brady behind a swiss cheese o line as "proof" they're are going to do the same to Cam and the Panthers. If BB would have kicked just one field goal instead of going for it the Broncos would be at home. They squeaked by 20-18. The Panthers throttled the Cards 49-15. But hey keep telling yourself what you need to, to convince yourself the Panthers are going to be easier than the Pats victory.
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