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  1. But you can live in a constant state of being over critical, undermining, and corrective of others.
  2. Who cares. It's a 6th round compensatory pick
  3. Pretty much how I feel. But I had gotten so excited about deshaun before all the allegations, I knew a letdown was coming
  4. Whatever. At least we didn't give up much
  5. Daugherty was saying he'd want to come back and coach again... Hell no
  6. He probably did some dumb poo but that's still not for me to say. I'm speaking strictly on them choosing this clown to represent them. He makes it so much harder to believe any of it cuz he's such an asshole
  7. The fact that he keeps posting this case stuff on Instagram is embarrassing as well. Borderline trump antics
  8. And his statement basically called out the police department and said they wouldn't treat his clients fairly cuz of him. Even florio said that statement should send these women running for new representation
  9. These women really need a different lawyer.. Buzbee is making it extremely hard to believe any of this
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