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  1. Stroud is better but based on everything we've seen, you're nuts if you think bryce walked into a better situation
  2. Maybe ben Johnson just doesn't want to be a head coach
  3. Ben Johnson is about to be in the NFC championship. No way he comes to this lame franchise
  4. We are a cursed franchise.. Everyone that leaves here goes on to bigger things
  5. Wild seeing CJ Stroud struggle when his offensive line can't stop fuging up
  6. He's a step in that direction as long as tepper doesn't interfere
  7. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/jim-harbaugh-nfl-rumors-michigan-coach-talked-with-panthers-but-owner-david-tepper-didnt-initiate-call/ That was last year and they reported that he still is interested in being here
  8. It's been reported that harbaugh has asked twice about the Panthers. He clearly wants the job
  9. OK let me speak slow.. I don't want anything to rub in tepper's face. I want tepper to learn his lesson and let the football people make the football decisions. It's really not hard
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