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  1. Sam won't be the quarterback week 1. I wish the coaches and media would stop acting like there is a competition
  2. Anybody who actually thought darnold had a chance has to be related to darnold
  3. Because the season is about to start so he's back to post pointless nonsense threads and casually show off his money
  4. Big Kat starting the season off in classic terrible thread form
  5. I thought devante Adams said this about going from Rodgers to carr.
  6. I assume that's his new name since he realized he's an idiot troll that nobody takes seriously?
  7. He quoted me in 5 threads. Maybe he'll give me as much attention as he gives his love fest for Tepper
  8. The real question is how tepper gets any work done with you glued to his hip all day
  9. Completely having a bwood style meltdown in here
  10. There is no qb competition. They may put on airs to make Sam feel better, but we know who is starting week one
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