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  1. Watson really doesn't want to be here. He sees how fuged up this organization is
  2. My name is SizzleBuzz and I love the owner and coach of this 5 win team. They can do no wrong
  3. We both know he'll be here all next season after every game making pointless threads
  4. There's a difference between liking other players and buying their jerseys and rooting for them. He hopped on the patriots bandwagon years ago and went crazy and was banned. It is what it is
  5. OP is a running joke on this place with all his "look at me!" threads trying to gain approval and validation
  6. Whatever dude. Nobody here cares that the Tom Brady fan is giving up on the panthers
  7. I think he's retired college coach because of the dumbass nicknames he gives everybody. Mr Scot says he's Sanjay without the broken English. Either way, both of them were idiots
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