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  1. Yeah, I don’t get this totally counter-rational (even naive) thought that another season under Rhule will somehow be played in a vacuum. That somehow Rhule will just stand back and do nothing and won’t bother making “improvements” (as he sees them) to the team using present and future draft/financial capital. That somehow good ol’ Chubby Tepper is going to step in and NOT allow the failed coach and fry-cook he’s chosen to support make these moves. That somehow the power given by Tepper to Rhule to run the team was just a hand-shake agreement between two fry-cook buddies and not contractual. (Spoiler alert: Its very very likely its contractual.) And that, after another year of Rhule Rack and Ruin with accompanying depletion of team resources, the Carolina job will somehow be easier and MORE attractive after next year. That’s some Grade A, pie-in-the-sky self-delusion there.
  2. What’s gonna shield a new coach from the even worse poo Rhule leaves him in 2023?
  3. Nope, in 2012 Rhule was at NYG and McAdoo at GB.
  4. Serious answer? Yes. No serious candidate in his right mind would willingly be a part of this Carolina train-wreck.
  5. Correction, I meant to say every starter ON OFFENSE, not the entire team.
  6. That’s EXACTLY what he thinks and EXACTLY what he’s always thought if you’ve been paying attention to him.
  7. Every starter on that LSU team that won the championship is on an active NFL roster.
  8. And I wouldn’t even put Allen on any list of “great” QBs. He’s simply good AND his coaches know how to use what he’s good at.
  9. Guarantee you that Derrick Brown wouldn’t be a “bust” if he played for McD.
  10. BTW, everyone wants to talk about the Bills defense, but their offense had a “perfect game” yesterday. No punts. No field goals. No turnovers.
  11. Yeah, its always funny when fans think they can trade their over-valued salary cap burdens to other teams... as if other teams are lining up to assume the burdens that idiot Carolina management has weighed themselves down with, lol.
  12. Trade current players or trade down? OK. Trade future draft capital? HORRIBLE idea. My only fear is that the current coach/GM likely believes the 2nd option is their best bet.
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