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  1. That’s what lesser-coaches do… they abuse and burn-out elite talent to cover for their inadequacies. Instead of taking lesser talent and making it better.
  2. Gonna love seeing what is apparent when the *real* season starts. Gonna laugh and laugh and laugh.
  3. Bynes is a smart, instinctive inside LB who every coach and his brother always wants to cut when they look at his SPARQ score. He’s not just not-fast… he’s slow. He’s also not extremely agile. But, as I said above… smart? Instinctive? You betcha. He’s the kind of smart, instinctive player that often gets to the right place on a play before he has to run there. He’s never gonna run a RB/TE/WR down from behind. And he’s a liability in M2M coverage. But he can play middle-zone coverage as good as any MLB I ever saw come through AU. He’s also strong and instinctive at stopping the run.
  4. Its not a curse or bad luck. Yeah, that easy answer might make you feel better, but it’s not that. It’s ownership/management/coaching (in that order… though, to be fair, the first 2 years of the Rhule Regime he’s pretty much been the GM as well as HC).
  5. And yet, even with the Hurndawg holding the reins of ruin for another organization, THIS organization is doing whatever it can to save present day nickels because they fear paying future $$$ to their young talent and anchors. Except for a running back, of course. Because as we all know, having the best and top paid running back in the league is the key to present-day NFL success. But for sure, Carolina management, make sure you lock down your RUNNING BACKS to long-term, top dollar contracts and not your top young performers on OL!
  6. It’s all about the Benjamins, even to the players who purport to promote “social justice”. If you disagree, you are a native chikd.
  7. Well, from my experience, the trend is: * Stay at Carolina until the organization sucks you dry, uses you until you are a dry husk, and the fans throw you under their red-neck bus, or * Leave It’s a pretty dang easy choice as to which you would recommend to a player whose interest you are in favor of.
  8. Only "sneaky" to those who put their total reliance on effectiveness from each Sunday's box scores.
  9. I mean, he gets to stay in HIS perfectly climate-controlled super-premium billionaire box, right? So s’all good! ”No sir! We need that oppressing southern humidity and thunderstorms! That’s TRADITION! That’s FOOTBALL! [Aside to his harem: “Could you wave that feather fan a little harder, dear? And, oh, the pinot needs to be placed in some fresh ice!”]
  10. “steamrolled” lol Time and again that season after he got a lead, MoRon shut it all down and let teams right back in it and then the team had to hold on by the skin of their teeth to pull out the win. ”steamrolled thru the entire league all year” lol
  11. And yet, with two or three years as exceptions, his defenses in Carolina as a head coach were dead average or worse.
  12. The Jets have won a Super Bowl. With a QB they liked. And respected.
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