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  1. Excitement! Yay! Please be sure to understand that, very soon, the proprieter of this establishment wiill be THE BIGGEST BAKER MAYFIELD FAN EVAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! And then use you own brain (if you can, which you probably can't since you're stupid) to try to figure out.... Why?
  2. Good luck! (I think you will eventually agree with me... evidentiary proof will be easy to see.)
  3. I've been following "Walterfootball" for years. He's bad. Very bad. One of the worst (among others).
  4. Organizations are ALWAYS saved by mid-to-lower-round draft choices. Yeah, place your Vegas money on that, brother!
  5. The poo-stain known as Dan Snyder became the owner of the Washington "(Insert Favorite P*$$y Team Name)"s in 1999. That was 21/22 years ago. Welcome to your LONG-term future.
  6. Being a millionaire in this world solves lots of inconvenient problems.
  7. Fug Fatt Fhule and fug MoRon Rivera. Don’t worry, HC’ing sucksters and hj’ers, Fatt and MoRon will be fine post-career beta-boy millionaires, so dry your tears!
  8. Yeah, I’m sure Cam is as eager as a beaver to be disrespected and thrown under the bus by Fatt Fhule again.
  9. Additionally, another Huddle “hot take” favorite, Carson Strong, didn’t even get drafted. If I remember correctly, some wanted to trade down in the 1st and take him with that lower 1st round pick.
  10. Why not? Seems like an interesting discussion point to me.
  11. So basically the thought process was “What would Marty Hurney do?” Then do the opposite. Solid thinking.
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