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  1. The real question should be. Which panthers would you screw, marry, and ki (release) ll?
  2. Go Giants! Love the Torture! Bryan Stow is smiling!
  3. He sent you Cam 1/1? I bet his wife got ahold of his forum account and just hit you up to get rid of them. I can't imagine any collector just giving that lot up. You sir hit the jackpot. You are one lucky asshole! Well done.
  4. I think it's only fair you spread the wealth! If not fug you! That's seriously badass! Grats on the gift, and serious kudos to that guy.
  5. I bought one for $50 right before we released the new logo. Of course it came in a box and not a fancy case like that. I'm jealous. Nice steal!
  6. I bet he's just lazy and irresponsible. And he's claiming to have a job, yeah right.
  7. um you stole that man, ill give you $35 for it dlvd. nice pickup!!!!! never seen a mem? or whatever that logo is before, but me likes!!!! that sig of j stew has to be one of his best as well!!!
  8. I had to copy someone on this post. The card is not as good as far as the Stewart auto.
  9. I am so happy!!! Happy happy joy joy! We drafted A Star! I am already scouting for Star autos! Couldn't have worked out better. He was the one I wanted before we went on our winning streak. Now our luck has also saved me money. So glad we didn't draft a wr, cause we all know offensive player autos are more expensive. Here's to a future STAR!
  10. Not really worried bout the kuechly gold, but working on the crystal kuechly. Mostly eBay, breaking boxes just depresses me. Thank you sir. You have some mighty fine ones yourself.
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