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  1. Sure, there is some validity to that. However, not once during Rhule's tenure did I feel any optimism whatsoever during the offseason. All these moves don't necessarily translate to wins when it matters, but that being said, the fact they are doing a complete overhaul like this shows they aren't ok with the mediocrity (at best) that has been put on display the last few years which has been one of my biggest pain points. They see the issues we all see and are doing everything they can to address them in one year. ... and that puts us 6 years ahead of Jay Z's timeline.
  2. Man, the way Fitt has navigated this offseason is a masterclass in how to GM in the NFL. Dude literally has pulled this team out of the depths of Rhule hell in one offseason and put us in the drivers seat for the QB of our choice. I could not be happier with how this has all unfolded. Between a real NFL staff and Fitt, the comparison to Rhule and co is staggering. This should put the entire league on notice when it comes to bringing in any hyped up college coach.
  3. I don’t understand your arguments at all. What has ANY of those players done to take us to the playoffs? Nothing. Do you not understand how FA works? The other draft picks? For the millionth time - we go NOWHERE without a franchise QB. About time we were aggressive about it.
  4. This is a HUGE win for us. Let’s be honest - Fields hasn’t passed the eye test thus far as a franchise QB and Moore isn’t a true #1. Now we get a real franchise QB and offloaded our most underachieving WR in one move. Anyone who’s upset about this forgets that you go absolutely nowhere in this league without a legit franchise QB
  5. Ya know, looking at that makes me reaaaallllly wish we had those potential 3 extra first round picks for Burns and Moore.
  6. Which we 1000000% are idiots for not taking.
  7. Nah, not a chance. No way in hell is Reich rolling out there next year with Sam hanging around. Cleanse our souls of this, panthers
  9. No, you’re not. In any way, shape, or form.
  10. You’re right, we should probably just continue drafting DT and CB until the correct retread gets let go and we will, undoubtedly turn him into the next Tom Brady. Genius brain over there.
  11. Oh really? I've been here since before it was the carolina huddle.
  12. Congratulations, you’ve won the award for dumbest post of 2023 (thus far)
  13. We are in a never-ending circle jerk of thinking we are way better than we are and should never leverage a lot of picks for one player. I have a rude awakening for you - 3 or 4 probably means we miss both Young or Stroud and we are back in the same repetitive cycle of wondering why we're always hovering around .500 at best (yes, I know you can't get to exactly .500 anymore). We. Go. Nowhere. Without. Franchise. QB. I do not understand how half this board continues to become disillusioned to that. Do whatever we must in order to get that QB and everything will start trending in the right direction.
  14. Well, it could be bold and smart. Bold with Rhule had disaster written all over it as soon as he opened his mouth. I wouldn’t let that stop us from continuing to find a real solution for the QB.
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