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  1. No better way to see what you have in a LT than to put him up against a great pass rusher. If he can't handle a rookie who can he handle?
  2. Hopefully he signed his contract before this happened.
  3. All this and Dez still drops that catch.
  4. So, they might not have ever made it to the Super Bowl if it was'nt for the deflated balls.
  5. Is this not considered tampering? They are still part of the Dolphins orginazation. Trey only contacted him on Twitter not went to him in person.
  6. Won't open. Why not? Nevermind it opened. So can we bring him here then?
  7. Could you imagine if the Taints had both Collins and Peat?
  8. Regardless of the pick most of us feel that the pick should have been on a starting LT or WR where we need help. Not on a LB. Not that hard to figure out.
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