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  1. With Beckham's past history with the Rams in 2014 and the Bills in October this season, the suspension should have been 2-6 games. Josh is right. Odell is Two-face. Wrote a blog about this
  2. Not worried about our run game. Their LBs don't have the speed to match up with Thor. They won't have the speed to get to the edge on read option or pulls and sweeps after our interior 3 manhandle the middle of that Band-Aid and bubblegum makeshift DT position. Their LBs will have to stay home to try to stop the bleeding inside, leaving the edges vulnerable in the second half, after they've gotten gassed. Or we'll shock them out of the gate since there's little tape of 2015 Fozzy for them to study.
  3. Congrats and welcome back! Hope you didn't take any of Pele's volcanic rocks. That's epic level bad juju. Think of the children undefeated streak and mail it back if you did
  4. I'd save the Star Wars analogies for the playoffs. Facing the Giants, Falcons, and Bucs is more like SpaceBalls.
  5. Lack of depth on Miami's D-line had a lot to do with Good Eli showing up. Suh, Vernon, and Philips were gassed. Eli had all day to throw in the second half. Our D-line has depth and can keep the pressure on the whole game.
  6. To me, it looks like they try to play a 4-3 defense with 3-4 personnel. It's as confusing as their front office flow chart. The command structure between Blank, GM Dimitroff, Scott Pioli, and HC Quinn makes as much sense as Hitler's command structure of the German Armed Forces. Quinn has some of Dimitroff's power and reports to Blank independently of Dimitroff and Pioli. Meanwhile Dimitroff reports to Pioli about some things while Pioli reports to Dimitroff in others, and both having to defer to Quinn on some things while still having to report to Blank. Hope they keep it up and they probably will. PSLs aren't selling for Arthur's new stadium, so I imagine Blank will want to sign some big money players to bring some excitement, and rev up PSL sales instead of tearing down the front office and doing a real re-build, which would lead to a ghost-town on opening day of the 2017 season.
  7. QB's gone 3-0 when he's played. I can see them taking the division pretty easily since the other 3 teams can't decide if they want to poo or get off the can. Pretty hard to argue he doesn't deserve some MVP consideration, too. He's single-handedly saving their season, especially with his favorite WR back and healed up from that lower limb injury. SOMEbody needs to crown that man!!!! MATT HASSLEBECK FOR MVP!!!!
  8. Nice work capturing Colin Jones' sweet '70s porno mustache
  9. Yes it does look tough, but your rookie QB needs to see that the organization will continue to try to win despite the odds. Who saw Luck's injury happening and opening the door for you? Raiders are an injury away also, since they're not deep. Jets have a QB? Are they time-sharing that QB with the Texans? And so on and so on. Hell, DeAngelo Williams might be calling up Mularkey and spilling his guts about us since he's mad about us not coming to his Mom's funeral in the off-season last year then cutting him this past off-season. Just never know.
  10. Kinda figured since a rookie QB's best friend is the TE and Mularkey was coaching your TEs before his battlefield promotion. Look at it this way. We were left for dead at 3-8-1 last year in a weak division. Anything can happen if the team doesn't quit. Over on the Bucs board, their fans are debating about trying to keep winning or tanking the season for a higher draft pick. Personally I hope they tank because nothing's guaranteed in the draft. Keep trying to win sends the right message to the locker room and good things can happen, like coming outta nowhere to take the division title.
  11. Yeah that's why a lot of us are so optimistic about our D-line vs. your O-line. We know all too well what Byron fuggin' Bell, as he's known on this board, can do and what he sucks at. Throw in that Poutasi at LG and Gallik at C are rookies and we're licking our chops. Curious to see what effect having the Captain tag removed will have on your LT Lewan's mindset.
  12. It was the game where Hochuli told Cam he wasn't old enough to get calls yet. Saints got a punt return TD after our gunner was flagged for not returning inbounds quickly enough and we had to re-kick. Luke was still in the concussion protocol and didn't play, but neither did Brees after the Bucs hurt his shoulder in the previous game. McCown took advantage of Luke's absence and dinked and dunked all day 5-7 yards from the LOS. And our only real pass-rush threat at the time, Charles Johnson, aggravated his hamstring and left the game in the 3rd quarter. We made the trade for Jared Allen 2 days after.
  13. Bell was playing LG for them until last week. New HC shuffled the line. Their rookie Poutasi was getting pwned at RT, so him and Bell got switched. Titans think it worked well, but that was against the Taints and Kikaha was inactive.
  14. You sound just like my family up there. Ahh, the upper Midwest. The last great bastion of naivety in the world. Packers are good for business and higher ad rates with the fan base they have built over, what, 75ish years. Us being the new kids we get the red-headed stepchild treatment.
  15. Never know. Cam's not old enough to get calls from the refs and Luke was wrongly ejected from the last Packer game when the ref grabbed him from behind and Luke swung blindly at him thinking it was a Packer trying to drag him back into a melee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ariv_ki5Aa0 Refs did everything they could to keep the Colts in the game Monday Night. So the Packers have that going for them.
  16. A brief look at what we went thru last year We were in the middle of a 7 game re-build last year when we played in Lambeau. Most people equate what we were from Oct.-Nov. '14 to what we are now. The Dec. '14 Panthers is who we are now. Our secondary got 80% turned over after the Packers got us at our worst at the start of that 1-8-1 skid. Our O-Line got 60% turned over in the same stretch and this off-season saw us let the worst LT in the league get hit in the azz by the door on his way out. RBs had a nasty injury bug going and we were down to our 4th string RB (Darrin Reaves anyone?) at one point in the 1-8-1 skid when the Pack played us. Last year, Cam was dealing with the off-season ankle surgery, getting cracked ribs in pre-season game #3, and the cracked bones in his back from his Dec. truck accident. The ankle surgery was the killer, since he couldn't throw normal to his 100% brand new WR corps in OTAs, training camp, and pre-season. None of them had ever played in Carolina before. Chemistry? When could it happen? Took until December when he was healthy and he had gotten enough reps with his receivers to start putting teeth in the offense. And let's not forget Greg Hardy being fine and dandy week 1 then the Ray Rice poo-storm costing us the player we had used our franchise tag on the next 17 games. $13 million of cap space it cost us when the NFL decided to change it's definition of due process policy in Sept. from what it was presented as in May. We did play to a tie the week before, but a lot of those players weren't on the roster when December rolled around. Our young guys were taking over and turning things around. Secondary you faced=CB Antoine Cason, CB Melvin White, Nickel corner Charles Godfrey, S Thomas Decoud, started getting cut after our Lambeau visit when the rookies were ready and when Josh Norman climbed out of the doghouse. O-Line you faced=LT Byron Bell, LG Amini Silatolu, RG Fernando Velasco, RT Nate Chandler all lost their starting jobs the same way the secondary did except LT Bell, who was a free agent and, ummm, encouraged, to test the free agency waters. To top it all off, our lucky charm of a Swiss Army knife playmaker Mike Tolbert is healthy. He cracked his fibula in week 4, went on IR-DTR, then came back Dec.7 vs. New Orleans and our regular season 11 game win streak started. We were 2-1 the first 3 games of 2014 that he played the full game for, 1-7-1 during his IR visit, then 4-0 to finish the regular season when he returned. TL;DR Different players and circumstances than last year's game. We're not re-building this time. And that ain't Lambeau on your TV screen this Sunday.
  17. Kids with dads in the military don't get to see their dads for longer stretches than football season lasts. Ice up, kid
  18. Smitty still has a year left on his contract after this season. If he does retire, Baltimore will still have his rights and it might be a few years before they relinquish that right to him, making it impossible to sign a 1-day contract to retire as a Panther.
  19. Hope they remember to rotate in Tre on more passing downs. Don't want to see Ertz go off like Graham did with Harper getting so many snaps.
  20. http://espn.go.com/blog/indianapolis-colts/post/_/id/14291/is-colts-qb-andrew-luck-finally-back-to-his-old-self Didn't create it, just some advance scouting. Last week is what they are considering his first good game of this season. They laid the groundwork for the focus to be put on what's wrong with Luck and the Clots if we win. Same way Seattle got the lion's share of the spotlight after we won.
  21. Philbillys don't let facts get in the way of insulting someone. It's their culture. Insult complete strangers before fighting them. Rob you if they win and then Philadelphia Parking Authority tows the victim's car while their recovering in the hospital. Completely different set of manners than Southern gentlemen and ladies have.
  22. Anything can be argued because his current performance arc drives the narrative. It's that way with Peyton, too. He's been great in the past, but he's not scary this season. There's been a ton of debate on here about Luck, especially comparing him to Cam. In the interest of keeping the talk focused on the Iggles, I used the qualifier undisputably in my original post. I have an opinion about Luck's past seasons, but that doesn't mean I need to share it with everyone and rehash an offseason debate yet again.
  23. Most of it, yeah. Harper was getting snaps, too. Also we had Byron Bell attempting to play LT, Andrew Norwell making his 4th career start, Trai Turner making his 3rd career start, Nate Chandler manning the RT and celebrating the 1 year and 2 days anniversary of switching from the defensive line to the offensive line, and Mike Remmers was still a San Diego Charger. We've come a long way
  24. Luck is losing his shine this season. The narrative we'll hear if we beat the Clots will be about Luck struggling this year after getting to the AFC championship game last season instead of how much better the Panthers are getting, just like the Seattle game.
  25. I'm not. Antoine Cason, Melvin White, Charles Godfrey, and Thomas DeCoud won't be within 100 miles of BoA on Sunday, unless they're working the concessions counter or bought a ticket.
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