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  1. Your sickeningly sick. Like the sickest. Idk how someone could be so sick to not understand that CMC is one of those guys that scores TDs in championships. To win ball games. Sometimes he does it beyond 3 yards from the LOS and sometimes he does it behind. He's a WR, a RB, and a threat to any part of the field. Every team needs that player on their team. It's just sick to underestimate the value of that. Almost makes me wanna throw up.
  2. Trevathan and Marshall I believe. Both are pretty decent LBS but they don't match up well agains our style of play. They are fast and can cover fairly well but are far and away anywhere near the level of our LBS, but who is? Their defense is very stout but I do think they will have to bring a safety down in run support.
  3. They had a good run game. Devonta Freeman started of hot but has fizzled out in the last few weeks. I honestly think that is alot of the reason the falcons have fallen off because of the lack of a productive run game.
  4. They can be worse, but they are a tad better IMO at throwing it around. I just think Eli is better than Ryan, this season anyway. And his weapons are better.
  5. IMO this is Normans biggest test yet, the Giants offense is playing at a much higher level than the Falcons or should I say Eli, but he puts up his fair share of turds. I would like to see norman shadow Odell the whole game, although Randle and Harris are both capable receivers. We will find out how dire our CBs(not named norman) situation is after this ball game. Hopefully our pass rush shows out and they should. The cluster fug of backfield in NY doesn't scare anyone.
  6. Don't mean to be that guy but I remember after our last loss to the Vikings many people on this board were wanting us to tank for draft picks. So let's enjoy this ride just not on our high horse. A lot of football left to play and the best is yet to come.
  7. I read on the board that he had been moved to guard. I'm not sure which side but that spells even more trouble with star or kk in front.
  8. Most of those fans over their are out in left field for their hatred mostly of cam newton. I guess that is expected outside of the carolinas but damn they were even saying Mariota is already better than Cam lmao. Some were sensible though.
  9. There is no such thing as a trap game, any team can win on any given Sunday. Trap games are made up by fans, and Jeremy is buying in. Don't take to much into Jeremy and his highly regarded opinion, the best team will win Sunday. And that will be the Panthers, due to Cam Newton, and a turnover or two from Jameis.
  10. Mick mixon is a fuggin idiot dude jus called us the chargers.
  11. One thing i did notice is Michael Ohers feet are significantly quicker than Bells ever was.
  12. Surely we will bring another tackle in to fill that spot.
  13. Cam wasnt without fault, he threw the game clinching INT to chancellor. He doesnt throw that and we get points out of the drive could be a different game. But he played well for the most part. Kelvin played well while the rest of the team seemed to struggle. The defense costed us the game IMO. Bad tackling, bad coverage, no containment on russell just wasnt the D that played good up and to that point.
  14. I thought todman had return experience. Or is that kick return?
  15. Punishment fits the crime. We have to protect the integrity of the sport, and that is my opinion.
  16. As much as everyone will hate for me to say it cam cant expect to get paid the same as russell. Russell has a ring and another super bowl appearance. Cam hasnt made it past the divisional round. Lucks pay will be what cam deserves.
  17. I have a good feeling that this is harpers replacement. Perfect size for a strong, good instincts, above average coverage for a lb which translates to a ss and has a high football IQ. I like the pick, could be the guy that takes our defense to an even higher level. Hopefully we can snag a wr for cam somewhere in our next 8 picks. Maybe hardy?
  18. I have a feeling this is roman harpers replacement. Hopefully he can catch on quickly.
  19. This app for the huddle is annoying AF those advertisements pop up every time i scroll and end up with like 10 links open on the web. Anyways 25th pick seems forever away.
  20. Ehhh idk how to feel about it. Need speed in the dbs. Although his instincts and ability are prob better than casons even at the age he is.
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