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  1. Kinda annoyed with how the ESPN coverage seems to be leaking and hinting to a lot of the licks right before they are announced. Same deal on NFL Network?
  2. All the way north here but just put a 7lb pork butt on the Traeger and should be smoking for 10 hours or so. Doing a Carolina BBQ themed spread for some buddies that are coming over to celebrate with the only Panther fan they know. I strategically took the following day off from work so will be staying up and watching picks 1-32.
  3. Hard to say without out being behind closed doors - but feels like our medical staff has been dropping the ball for years with surgeries well into the off-season. I think players and agents like to wait to see if the body is able to heal itself without an operation, but missing a fracture that occurred prior to the final game of the season and operating in April is frustrating for all parties involved. He should be several months into a recovery right now had they operated once the swelling etc. from the initial injury happened.
  4. Sheesh! Those are both unreal. Wish I had kept collecting throughout my child. I collected from probably ages 6-9 but then stopped cold turkey until about 30 or so.
  5. The Steve Smith cards make my want to sell/trade the Burns PC and upgrade. I actually got many of the Burns rookie autos graded at PSA. Happiest most with a gold Select auto that received a 10. The 1 of 1 from Obsidian graded a 9.
  6. The shield on card auto SS is incredible. Great collection, thank you for sharing!
  7. Awesome collection Tuk. Wish I could afford to start a Smitty collection right now haha.
  8. Can’t recall ownership attending Pro Days very often in the past… Dave and Nicole are within their right to attend as team owners but please leave football decisions to football people.
  9. Bet we see Chinn put on 10-15lbs in this defense and be a game wrecker along the line of scrimmage moving forward. Needs to be involved in the run game and rushing the passer on blitz packages.
  10. Get it done. He’s going to blow up in this 3-4 scheme. If we can find another potential 10-sack guy for this defense, Burns will be racking up 15+ a season.
  11. All in on Stroud here. Clearly the most naturally gifted thrower in the draft. Deadly accurate, quick release, and enough arm strength to make every throw with prototypical size to boot. I’m running that card to the podium on draft night.
  12. Uniforms definitelyneed an updated refresh. They’ve been largely the same for the most part since the mid-90s. We are due.
  13. Met Adrian year’s back at UCLA’s pro day and spent a few minutes chatting him up. Came off much more personable and real than his buddy Keim at the time… love the hire!
  14. This year’s RB class has an elite back and is very deep behind him in rounds 2-4/5. No chance we are investing in another high-priced back after having just traded CMC. Taylor is a hell of a player but this ain’t it for me. I’m wanting Charbonnet out of UCLA personally.
  15. Kamara won’t play a full season this year.
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