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  1. Negative. UCLA fans love it. Dude is/was a legend at UCLA and has been on the football staff for a while now, most recently as the RB coach. The players have loved him for years there and he is highly respected inside and outside of the football building. I am pumped for him.
  2. Did I miss his introductory press conference? Any reason as to why he has not done one yet?
  3. Still think Bill and his ego wants the all-time wins record and the only way I’d get on board with the hire is by first hiring a team President to oversee all football operations and a GM that will lead a new personnel department. Bill is welcome in Charlotte but solely as a head ball coach, he should not and cannot have full and complete roster control as he has currently in New England.
  4. Harbaugh really is the best solution. He’s built winning programs everywhere he has been and his teams play a tough, physical brand of football. He’s won in college and the NFL and is a proven commodity. Unfortunately, Tepper would have to make him an offer he simply cannot refuse and I just do not see that happening because I think Harbaugh is smart enough to know that Dave cannot keep his ego away from meddling in the football operations. Even a “promise” from Dave is likely to fall on deaf ears at this point. Dark days today, dark days ahead.
  5. Unfortunately I think Fields is going to be in Atlanta cooking this team with Bijan, Drake London, and Kyle Pitts for a decade.
  6. Stroud supporters being shown the door and/or seeing themselves out of this sinking ship.
  7. My gut feeling tells me Ben Johnson to Carolina is nothing more than a pipe dream. I suspect he will be the top candidate for both the Chargers and Chicago that have a hell of a lot more upside and draft capital than we do right now. He either gets his pick of Herbert and that supporting cast of weapons, or the #1 overall pick and his choice of QB in Chicago. That sounds better to me than Bryce Young and an offense devoid of talent with David Tepper looming overhead.
  8. Absolutely needs to be next in line and shown the door. Tepper hasn’t done a proper rebuild yet… always keeping the HC but firing the GM or keeping the GM while firing the HC. This roster is horrendous and Scott is the primary reason for that.
  9. I think Scott knew he was on a short leash given his shortcomings and Burns was one of the only proven commodities on the team that may have been a piece towards building a winner culture and keeping Scott around a little longer. Unfortunately, we aren’t winning with or without him, and Scott would not be here to make those draft picks from the Rams anyways. I don’t think he was traded for Scott’s own selfish reasons.
  10. In agreement - as much as it pains me to say. I have stopped buying any merch/gear from our team store and will no longer being spending my money to travel and watch this product. Used to be a die-hard myself but it’s just not worth it anymore. Wife at home, baby on the way… Panthers football just no longer on my priority list.
  11. Unfortunately I see both of them coming back for 2024 as an increasingly more likely scenario. Both need to be gone together, or both retained. We have yet to clean house appropriately. Dave has kept a GM, let go the Head Coach, kept the Head Coach, fired the GM. The half-ass approach is part of the reason we are where we are currently. I tend to agree with the poster above… Scott and Frank have already made their bed in 2024. The purge will be next offseason most likely when results are much of the same. Let and new GM and Head Coach come in with a clean slate and their 1st round pick. Even then, going to be hard to attract top candidates with Dave at the helm. He likely has one of, if not the worst, reputations across the coaching ranks and front office/personnel folks.
  12. Doubt it. We still have next week, and the week after that…
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