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  1. Lots of Bayou boys going home to Louisiana… Honey Badger and Jarvis.
  2. Tend to agree. I’d rather we get a potential All-Pro at a premium position like OT or DE than draft at 13 and throw darts at the dartboard with the additional picks we accumulate. Crapshoot if we go down that road.
  3. I bet I could guess who it is… was with the Dolphins myself in 2016 and it was still a problem for him then. Gase would break the team in the huddle after practices and in front of everyone tell said player to “take it easy this weekend” or “take a break from South Beach” etc. I kinda respected Gase’s approach… air the player out a bit in front of his whole team in hopes that would get him to get his act together.
  4. This just stinks of Rhule attempting to do anything he can to save his job. Quite frankly he made this bed and should be stuck with Darnold in it. Trot Sam out there all year, and send Rhule and Darnold packing the day the season ends. Then Tepper needs to hand over the reigns of the team to Fitterer so he and the new coach of his choice can select their new QB of choice which is shaping up to be an early pick in a good class. Rhule should have no ability to throw a Hail Mary by selecting a QB at 6 because he’s desperate to try and win now. Take the best offensive linemen available and build this team the right way without Rhule’s opinion.
  5. Walking into a situation with a couple top 10 picks as well, not bad.
  6. Joe Schoen… another former Panthers employee that came up through the ranks with Beane. Can’t help but think how much different this franchise may be today had we hired Beane to be Hurney’s replacement initially. Smh.
  7. Most folks assumed Joe Brady was a rockstar hire… he was the biggest name out there after his National Championship run and rightfully so. We saw how that worked out. Quite frankly I have 0 faith we get this hire right. Why would any coach worth a damn risk his name on the sinking ship captained by Matt Rhule?
  8. I doubt Miami fires Flores without a plan in place. Their owner Stephen Ross is a Michigan guy - I could see them hiring Harbaugh.
  9. Staley just went full Matt Rhule. Never go full Matt Rhule.
  10. That’s a fireable offense at this point. Greatest short yardage weapon in league history on the bench and you elect to run Sam Darnold hahaha.
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