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  1. Those airport drives with vans full of players just cut were always the toughest during my days in the league.
  2. Just read that Kuechly resigned from his position as a pro scout a few weeks ago and we have requested to interview Dan Morgan for Assistant GM role.
  3. Going on record - I’m good with the pick. Do y’all remember how absolutely atrocious this defense was on third down last season? We could not get off the field. Corner one of the most important positions in the NFL today and we haven’t had a great one maybe ever. He’s got every physical trait and the dog in him to be a true #1 and a centerpiece on this defense with Burns, Brown and Chinn for a long time.
  4. Burns - Reed - Brown - Redick. Sheesh.
  5. Also worth noting that Butler has very long arms and giant hands as well. If he can develop great hand use and placement, interior offensive linemen are going to struggle to get their hands on and engage him in both pass protection and run blocking. Long arms and initial burst off the line of scrimmage, especially for a guy of his weight and power are great traits to have at the defensive tackle position. I suspect the work of Coach Washington and having guys like Star and Kawann to learn from will allow his transition to the NFL to be as smooth as possible. I'm liking this pick more and more. Really excited to see how creative we can get on passing downs and backed up against the goal line.
  6. My biggest worry about a potential match-up with Arizona is their speed at receiver and ability to get vertical in a hurry. Outside of Norman, we really have no excellent cover guys that can cover the deep third of the field in a hurry. Bene isn't particularly fast, and Tillman and Harper have no business trying to run with Floyd, Brown, and that rookie out of UAB. I suspect we will drop our safeties very deep and hope the front 7 can keep the running game contained.
  7. I'm honestly not sure this has ever happened after a win, but I never ever want to watch that game again. I feel like I just got off the craziest roller coaster ride of my life.
  8. Can someone explain to me where the heck CJ was on the final drive by Houston? We had Cole out there at one point, Love another with Ealy and Addison. Where was Big Money? I don't remember him getting hurt and he's by far our best pass rusher.
  9. Line or not he didn't run this hard in Carolina the last couple years. Announcers even mentioned he lost a bunch of weight this off-season and got his explosiveness back.
  10. DeAngelo was pretty clearly content just collecting his money the last couple years in Charlotte.
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