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  1. Headed to Charlotte Thursday afternoon and leaving Monday evening. Haven’t been down in a few years and looking for some things to do aside from just the game on Sunday. Wouldn’t mind checking out some local breweries, distilleries/whiskey bars, and some great restaurants with a view (if possible). Visiting an old high school buddy of mine who has been in the Charlotte area a while now. I believe he has work all day on Friday so I’ll be exploring the city with another friend. If anyone wants to link up potentially for tailgating or grab a beer, let me know! Thanks all.
  2. I know I’ll be at BOA Stadium for the first time in a long time. Flying into Charlotte Thursday afternoon! Looking forward to it!
  3. Selfishly just hope he’s back in time for the New England game on 11/7 since I’ll be making the trip to Charlotte for that one.
  4. Earning a pay day. With our cap space situation looking better than it has in quite some time moving forward, are you on board with doing what it takes to lock him up another 3-4 years? He turned 27 just yesterday and paired with Burns has been a massive piece to our success on defense thus far. Personally hoping we can lock up both Burns and Reddick together for the foreseeable future.
  5. This offensive line is complete dog poo. But we knew that. Front office has done nothing to fix it.
  6. Am I the only one wondering how this is done? You could see it live at the stadium? Can someone explain how this is projected? Awesome addition I think.
  7. And now Saints have a “handful of coaches” that have just tested positive for Covid. This game is shaping up nicely for Carolina.
  8. I know they are banged up. No Thomas. No Lattimore. No McCoy. No Davenport. All key players at key positions.
  9. Saints starting WR, CB, C, and DE out this week. We need to win.
  10. Think Derrick Brown knocked down at least two balls at the line of scrimmage. He has a knack for getting his arms/hand in the passing lanes it seems. Turning into a monster up front.
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