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  1. Missed this in the shuffle… does anyone know if Frank will be calling plays in Carolina or will that be the duty of his OC hire?
  2. Great news. Let’s get some coordinators now.
  3. Probably been discussed already but not wanted to look back in this thread. I was watching the Herd this morning and Colin went out to dinner with Sean Payton last night in LA. He was ranting about Payton’s stories about Bill Parcells etc. and moved into how someone like Sean needs to assess owners and ownership groups just like he would a roster. Colin went into some owners being better than others and I couldn’t help but wonder what Payton said to Colin in that conversation about Tepper… can’t imagine Tepper’s reputation around the league is very good at the moment after the Rhule saga and pitfalls of the practice stadium.
  4. Like Ryans as a candidate though would prefer an offensive mind like the majority of others. Additionally, the personnel on the defensive side of the ball in San Francisco is quite superior to that side of the ball in Carolina though we do have some pieces. He probably has the best DE and LB in all of football playing together in SF.
  5. Well then he was certainly chipped for the majority of the game.
  6. Was I the only one noticing him being chipped and doubled on damn near every obvious passing down? Tampa game planned him out of the game - to their credit.
  7. Horn pretty clearly our most valuable defensive player. We may have taken him for granted all year long. With his history of injuries - is corner now the second biggest need on this roster? Absolutely pathetic showing from Henderson and Keith Taylor today. Makes me sick to my stomach but if QB is off the board when we are drafting and we do not move up - does corner become our primary need? We have invested so much in the secondary in recent years and have nothing to show for it outside of Jaycee Horn.
  8. Here for the holiday pie! Nice win on Christmas Eve indeed. Happy holidays Panther Nation!
  9. A true coverage safety has to be high on our list of draft needs. Outside of Horn there isn’t anyone in the secondary I am confident can cover.
  10. Just reminded me - I have a full-sized helmet signed by the following and it must be cursed as a result: Frank Alexander, Joe Adams, Amini, Greg Hardy, Byron Bell, Robert Lester, Swole Bones. Only bright spot is Ryan Kalil.
  11. Came here just to say that Keith Taylor is absolute rubbish. Beat like a drum all day long.
  12. Through 7 of 8 episodes currently and still feel quite confused. It’s definitely out there. My fiancé gave up on it and but I’m committed at this point.
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