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  1. LOL you don't understand math?? No fans = no money, no fame. They play in an atmosphere with tens of thousands cheering. They play for the stage.
  2. LOL without fans to fill the seats and to buy merchandise their would be no teams. The players play for the fans. We pay their pay check. So the players do "give a damn about the fans.
  3. Honestly, I have no doubt in the Panthers beating the Broncos with relative ease. I'm not sure how the Broncos even got to the SUPERBOWL. Their defense is good but the Panthers offence is better.
  4. Davis out is big but Klein is a good replacement. We need a TD
  5. Run play up the middle more than likely. Or pass to Olsen.
  6. They've allowed easy tds. Just commenting on what I see.
  7. Patriots D is weak. Patriots have no run game. Broncos are not that great. Panthers can beat either one.
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