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  1. So I honestly don't know the answer to this question, but you seem very confident. My question is: How do you know Corral was not prepared vs he just wasn't very good? Like the game was too fast for him, he got nervous and just did not play well. And whether he played well or was not prepared - i am sure he will do better the next game. This is just preseason.
  2. It’s nice to actually have a real NFL kicker on this team. It’s been a struggle to get one for several years.
  3. we have to trust that Campen knows what he is doing....or at least Rhule will listen to him.
  4. Last year when the Panthers gave away a very high 2nd round pick for Sam (that still hurts), Rhule said that Sam reminded him of Matthew Stafford. LOL. It would be interesting if he ended up being a backup to Stafford.
  5. Why would Rhule care if he gets fired? He gets paid regardless and then goes back to coach college ball. Win-win for him.
  6. There were many mistakes made last year but not having any competition for Sam ranks as one of the biggest. He should have to earn the starting job.
  7. If the Panthers go into the season with Sam, Matt, and PJ as the only QBs on their roster then they are making the same mistake they made last year. I’m not saying Mayfield is the guy that should brought in but they definitely need another veteran. Handing the reins over to Sam again is a terrible idea. If he has competition and earns the staring role then so be it. But I don’t think PJ and a rookie is the competition he needs.
  8. Yes Dan Morgan posted here and unfortunately there were a few that made disparaging remarks. Really embarrassing and unfortunate. When David Carr played for the Panthers for one season there also some unkind, personal remarks posted. His young teenaged brother, Derek Carr, posted on here trying to defend his brother. also the Panthers had a field goal kicker named Shane Graham. his sister used to post on here with a username a Panther’s Sis.
  9. Agree…interesting that Star is available. Guessing he is “done” at 32 and/or his best days are behind him.
  10. Several years ago it was “addition by subtraction. The past 2-years, it is Subtraction by addition.
  11. Past history Panthers have said they want to build via the draft. Think of this year as different…this year they build the team via free agency instead the draft.
  12. Next years first could be a top 5 pick. Do not think this would be a good move to trade it for another pick this year.
  13. I think if Campen was the oline coach last year the Panthers oline would be in a significantly better place this year. Hopefully they let this guy pick his guys. With that said, I have zero doubt they will be better than the past two years.
  14. Tepper’s brand should be “keep losing” instead of “keep pounding”.
  15. With todays NFL, is there really a shutdown corner? a strong front seven neutralizes a QB better than a “shutdown” corner. The Panthers defense would absolutely been better last year with Parsons…
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