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  1. Tepper appears to be a meddling owner which is not good.
  2. Congratulations to Joseph Charlton! he’s a local South Carolina boy, played for South Carolina, and is now the starting punter for the Carolina Panthers. I bet it is a dream come true for him. This was well deserved and he earned it.
  3. Good read. The story is pretty consistent with what has been already reported. The current coaching group wanted Teddy. As much is I would wish that it was true, this was not Hurney going rogue. Most of our coaches have very little NFL experience and hopefully they will quickly learn that this is not college ball. Signing Teddy set this franchise back...not necessarily because of his play...which was below average...but because of the contract.
  4. The Panthers must really not like Teddy to actually go for Wentz. IMHO: Teddy > Wentz yeah I know that is not saying much but Wentz has shown nothing since his rookie year. If the Panthers are that far down on Teddy, his acquisition has to go down as an all time top 10 worst free agent signings
  5. This is where I believe Tepper was very directly involved. If Tepper is smart, he will stay out of the day to day football operations and trust his football people to run the show.
  6. Either directly or indirectly, I believe our new owner has contributed to our cap mess the past 3-years.
  7. Agree...John Fox went 7-9 his first year as the Panthers HC a year after they went 1-15. An aging career backup Rodney Peete was the QB during the 7-9 year. Think about that... And we all know his 2nd year they went to the Super Bowl....and were a Patriots last minute field goal of winning it. if Rhule does not go at least 8-8 this year it will be a massive disappointment.
  8. Are there any reports where Payton is asking to trade for Teddy.....LOL Seems like the Panthers are open to giving him back. Payton has to be silently laughing to himself about this.
  9. Totally agree...I had a typo...Hurney was not the lone guy making the decision. Brady is still the offensive coordinator and Rhule is the the HC. They Definitely played the major role in getting TB to come here. They are not in college ball anymore. Reminds me of when Spurrier thought he could win in the NFL with Danny Wuerffel and Shane Matthews as his QB.
  10. We can all blame Hurney for the TB disaster but realistically he was not the lone decision maker and many of the people who wanted TB here are still with the Panthers. The good news is they obviously learned quickly...the bad news is the Panthers are stuck with a huge cap number.
  11. Since Tepper has been the Panthers owner: 17-31 which is Detroit Lions or Cleveland Browns historical territory. 2018: 7-9 2019: 5-11 2020: 5-11 So far his ownership has been underwhelming (except for the practice bubble!).
  12. There is another way to look at the Panthers going after Stafford...it could mean they don’t like the “Big 4 QB’s” in the draft and thought Stafford was a better option. I don’t think the Panthers trade up in this draft..unless they are completely sold on one of the QB’s. They just got burned on getting Teddy and this mistake cost a lot and will continue to impact the Panthers this season. For the record, I hope the Panthers like one of these young QB’s and they can get him without giving up picks.
  13. Teddy better start eating his Wheaties and pumping some iron.
  14. Unfortunately, I think Grier is a known. When the Panthers started PJ Walker over him I think that’s all we needed to know about him. It would have been great if a 3rd round QB was the answer but I am pretty sure he is not.
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