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  1. This is the first year in a very long time when the Panthers have actual legitimate competition for the o-line. It is about time. Seems like Rhule is serious about fixing a long overdue problem.
  2. Kind of like Joe Webb was the #3 QB for a few years. Webb played special teams, WR and QB 3. Perhaps Stevens could fit in a similar role. He can certainly contribute a whole lot more than Grier has the past two seasons.
  3. Agree or disagree, Rhule believes Sam is just as good as Fields or Jones which is why they picked Horn. We will see if this was the right decision soon.
  4. So I probably have his wrong but I thought rosters went from 53 to 55 last year. But I know this is confusing as it has something to do with two spots coming from the practice squad. I kind of figured that since there will be 17 games the rosters would be more than 53. Can any of you smart people explain this...is it 53 or 55.
  5. Now that there is a 17-game season, are teams now able to have more than 55...which increased from 53. Also- does the practice squad increase from 12?
  6. Well at least Bradbury was a solid pick I thought it was a mistake to let him go. I still remember when he was drafted and he got the call from the Panthers.... he was fixing his mom’s toilet
  7. When Moose was a rookie, John Madden was the commentator on one of the Panthers games. It was the first time he had seen moose play. I remember his description: This Muhammad kid is a nasty receiver. That was a high praise complement and Moose had a great career.
  8. He will be better than Samuel. This guy catches TD’s.
  9. I don’t think the Panthers could have made a bigger mess of the QB situation. They cut Cam with one year left on his contract and sign/overpay Teddy for 3-years. During the off-season make it known to everyone that they are done with Teddy (terrible negotiation tactics) after only one year But still own his big contract. And now have the young/unproven with hopefully hidden potential Sam Darnold as the QB. To me, it looks like a bunch of rookie decisions/mistakes have been made at the most valuable position. It also seems like Tepper is meddling and I wonder if that is why the Panthers ar
  10. If true, it is pretty scary that the owner is this involved. Tepper needs to trust the people he hired to be the football experts and stay out of their way.
  11. Or he will trade back this year and get the 2nd back. The Panthers still have #8 this year.
  12. A recent example of wishing the Panthers made a bold move: For the 2020 draft, move up 2-3 spots to pick Justin Herbert even though they just signed Teddy.
  13. Wait until after the draft.....let’s see how that plays out before doing anything.
  14. We have to believe that the Panthers FO wishes they could do a redo on the QB decisions they made the past 24-months. Most can easily see the mistakes that were made. As a result, there is no clear cut easy decision to fix it.
  15. Yeah I don’t know about that. Tepper is the CEO. If he doesn’t have the right people in place to have a winning team that is on him. That is how businesses work...no excuses.
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