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  1. No, we shouldn't have lost to anyone, period.
  2. They probably booked flights to the BOA Stadium because they thought Arizona would take down Carolina for them lol.
  3. How many people picked Seattle or Arizona to be the NFC Champions last month? If we really aren't as good as our record one of them would be playing for the championship right now instead of us, right?!?
  4. Did anyone expect that Arizona would've gotten beaten even worse with Palmer this year coming into this series?!? I honestly didn't expect it all.
  5. This more than made up for the 2nd half last week, near flawless effort today!
  6. If they win then good but them playing like in the 2nd half in a playoff game when they were being doubted in the first place makes me less than thrilled about this victory.
  7. You know Seattle's having a bad day when they can't hit those impossible long distance field goals they usually make lol.
  8. I wonder if Seattle is now wishing Blair Walsh made that field goal and lost by a respectable 12-10 instead of this massacre?
  9. What makes this impressive is Seattle had the best defense in the league!
  10. Carolina beating Seattle at their own game, never thought Seattle would get manhandled like this so far.
  11. I don't know why some analyst are even surprised at this (likely) 15-1 record, they went 12-4 2 years ago after a 1-3 start and still made the playoffs last year with an injury plagued team.
  12. Nice to see Carolina show killer instinct and win this game anyway with Arizona getting blown out.
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