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  1. I’ve been more than fair, re: Teddy. Wrote this about his 2020 season last night.
  2. I finally had to block that account. I have no idea if it’s Teddy. He’s been a rodent for weeks.
  3. My sources tell me that there will be another round (or two) of bold predictions in advance of actual Watson news. That, in itself, is a bold prediction. Stop by Twitter some time. Bring your popcorn.
  4. Thank you for listening to my podcast. It certainly softens the blow from the one guy on this site who posts as if he follows me around at night in a ‘94 Cutlass Supreme. I’ve always enjoyed stopping by here. Jeremy has been very nice to let me share some of our episodes. Always an interesting conversation hub.
  5. Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times (one of the best in the business) is our guest this week. Perspective from his visit to Super Bowl 55, Arians/Gronk/Brady stories, and the latest buzz on the QB market. We also talked Panthers with Sam. How close was Carolina to landing Matt Stafford? Plus, why he believes Scott Fitterer will be a great GM for the Panthers. (Sam goes way back with Scott.) Billy and I also break down the SB + all things Panthers as we enter another fascinating offseason. One of our better episodes. Hope you guys enjoy it.
  6. Teddy was exactly what I thought he would be after looking at tape from his previous seasons. The injury didn’t help matters. The situational football was really bad down the stretch, even with Brady on the field. It was just a mess, to be honest.
  7. Not at all. I appreciated the back-and-forth.
  8. He’s the owner. I’m of the opinion that he’s ready to start dipping his beak into some winning seasons. Again, it’s just an opinion.
  9. Keep in mind, I’m just offering perspective. I’m not sourcing anything here. This is not any sort of reporting. I’m just offering up an opinion. I appreciate the dialogue, even if you guys disagree.
  10. I think it’s an indicator that they, from an organizational perspective, are ready to start competing right now. I mean, how else can you look at it?
  11. OK. Well, enjoy the Super Bowl.
  12. I mean, have you been following their widely-reported activity in the quarterback market lately? I’m not even attacking the owner here, I’m actually in favor of this aggressive approach.
  13. I mean, it’s not like I’m alone here.
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