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  1. I knew there was more to it, I was just trying to simplify it for the sake of simplifying it. Redick’s contract is extremely reasonable. But there are some quirks to it, and those had been explain to me a while back. I appreciate you making that a part of the conversation here.
  2. I actually enjoyed this conversation. Thank you for enlightening me with your perspective, it’s always good to hear different viewpoints.
  3. It’s not an invalid question, sir. The staff has plenty to figure out. Should be an interesting season. Enjoyed the conversation.
  4. Thank you for letting me stop by. Next time, I’ll bring a little less fluff.
  5. Again, the gentleman pointed out here, he is correct: the cap hit on Reddick for this year is low because the contract is structured as such. Unless my old eyes are failing me again, Reddick, in terms of “cash spent” for 2021, is ranked 47th out of all edge rushers. That’s a bargain based on his production, and burns is still a bargain based on his rookie deal. That was the whole point: maximize that value now. If Carolina can get a pair of double digits sack seasons out of those two, on those contracts, that’s a great job. And there’s no reason to believe it won’t happen, given the
  6. If you feel like I misrepresented everybody here, I’ve got a pretty good track record of not doing that, but I apologize to you personally. And yes, you were absolutely correct, those cap hits do spread out. The larger point, and one that shouldn’t go overlooked, is the Carolina has two of the league’s better edge rushers on their roster at a discount right now, one by virtue of their rookie contract. As of this year, those are the percentages. I wasn’t trying to fool anybody, or bamboozle anybody LMAO.
  7. LMAO, I have no idea who will end up where, I’m just using 2021 cap hit figures
  8. Reddick’s sack production in 2020. Yes, it’s inflated by the Giants game, but still: 7.5 in the other games, while making a habit of getting the ball out. Check out two sacks in particular: the second one against the Cowboys (what he does to the back), and the sack v the Lions (WIDEST Wide 9 ever, and then, less than 2 seconds to the QB after the TE loses the 1v1)
  9. New episode, hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for all your support.
  10. Taylor is tremendous, and so is Ryan. I don’t think there is too wide of a gap between those guys, when you put on the tape. But I like Gantt, and he does speak from the heart. He’s here this year on the franchise, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the team feels a little liberated that they can groom Brady Christiansen into that role on a rookie deal. Of course, there are no guarantees about that, and that might not even be the plan. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s crossed their mind.
  11. DJ has improved in terms of route running. He’s not there yet, but I see improvements from yr one. Where he shines on tape: competing for contested balls, particularly on nine routes. He’s also a tenacious player with the ball in his hands after the catch. He doesn’t have Steve Smith‘s personality, and he’s miles away from earning those credentials, but I do see some of 89’s traits when I study his game. Steve was more refined as an intermediate route runner, particularly after a few years. It’s just something you keep working on. Another trait I see in DJ that reminds me of 89: ho
  12. He had a hell of a day v Cincinnati a few years ago. I’ve been digging into his tape over the past couple of nights. I wanted to review this one first, because I remember being there and watching him doing everything right. I think it’s a decent idea to try to keep him around long-term. I know you can’t keep them all, but he’s a cornerstone guy in my opinion.
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