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  1. Still plenty to work on as a rookie, but when Greg Cosell hands out praise, it means something.
  2. ellis

    Cade Mays

    Still plenty to work on as a rookie, but when Greg Cosell hands out praise, it means something.
  3. Happy Friday guys. Had an opportunity to catch up with Michael McCarthy from Front Office Sports (reporter who filed the Sean Payton/Panthers article). Made an effort to extract some additional context from his reporting. Jonathan Alexander (The Observer) stopped by, as well. He was at minicamp today, and shared his initial observations. Some interesting reporting on a number of areas, including veteran quarterbacks, Rhule’s renewed focus, Tepper/Sean Payton, and more. Thanks for allowing me to share, and I hope you guys have a great weekend!
  4. Greg is quite possibly the best at what he does, and we had a great chat about Carolina’s draft, McAdoo’s influence, the RPO, Sam, and much more. Hope you guys enjoy it!
  5. Yeah, I’m certainly not suggesting there’s a right or wrong way to do things. But I do know a lot of teams value this data. Carolina seems to be one of them right now. But again, no guarantees. Here’s the 2011 draft class, top-32 athletic testing:
  6. Hope they can get that turned around pretty soon. Losing within your division on a consistent basis, particularly at home, is problematic. Need to see better trends after the month of October.
  7. Had a nice conversation today with Ellis Williams on Fox Sports Upstate. Interesting perspective on the draft, the lingering questions about the rest of the roster, and more. Hope y’all enjoy.
  8. LMAO. For the record, I don’t see it happening that way. Just trying to keep things in perspective. I’m pretty bullish about his ability to translate in the pro game. (He’s certainly different than Jimmy in terms of traits.)
  9. Happy Monday! Billy and I put together a new pod recapping Carolina’s draft process, analyzing the traits of each of their selections. Hope you guys enjoy.
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