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  1. We discussed Elflein, and his future: The line’s identity isn’t fully baked yet. By year 3, that’s the idea.
  2. Always good to stop by the huddle. My son’s birthday is the same day as the New England game, so let me know if y’all are out there tailgating. Would love to say hi. Fascinating stretch of games coming up. Grab a handful of Q’s before Thanksgiving, and climb into December with a shot at the playoffs. That’s growth: competing in meaningful games down the stretch, against very good teams, is a huge deal. Hoping they reached that landmark with a shot at it. Looking forward to chatting with you guys throughout the process.
  3. There’s definitely some form of a plan here. When you have a seven-year contract, you are afforded an opportunity to build your roster in phases. They drafted heavy, and well, defensively in 2020. They balanced that out in 2021, while adding some great value pieces in FA to the defense (Fox, Reddick, Luvu, Bouye.) Henderson is a long-term project, could be a steal. Pretty low risk. Gilmore is the type of move you make when you think you’re ready elevate. But still at a fairly low cost. Speaking of Twitter, here’s one account you should follow: @TheHonestNFL. Former scout, been around the league for a while, knows Rhule. He’s a well-connected guy, and has been a great contact for me in terms of scheme, concepts, evals, etc.
  5. Whew. Yea. So, with that out of the way, let’s look at the athletic testing/measurables charts for a good chunk Carolina’s current OL group. Data courtesy of mockdraftable.com
  6. “Analysts”. Okey dokey. I don’t pretend to assume that you’re talking about me—perhaps you are considering the initial video here. So, let’s just go ahead and knock this out, just in case this is about my work. I don’t aim for drama. I don’t like drama. It’s a waste of time. So, there’s that. I do put a lot of detail and time into what I do, and if the rhythm/cadence of the tweets turns you off, that’s totally fair. It’s a lot. I get it. Making assumptions about my intentions, none of which come close to the truth, isn’t great. Clicks. Likes. All that nonsense. It’s not who I am, it’s not what we do. I rarely hear that critique, because people know I’m not about that. I actively ask people to simply unfollow me, kindly, if they don’t like what we do. I don’t go around blocking people. I’m not malicious in my critiques. We have a wide reach, but I don’t obsess over that. In fact, if you talk to some of the people close to me in this business, I think you’ll learn that I’m quite the opposite of what you may think. I’m losing likes and clicks by not following a certain formula that guarantees cheap hits. That would be disingenuous, another thing that I can say that I am not. I see this critique from time to time, not just from you, and I just thought I would take a minute to address it. My account is what it is, it’s not for everybody, but there is a good deal of value in what we do. It’s honest and detailed, so I will always take time to address any perceived slight towards my approach in providing analysis. Same goes for others out there doing good work. Again, as this has nothing to do with me, and it turns out I’m a complete narcissist, there’s one thing you can put on your bulletin board right there. But, never hurts to address it, just in case. Anyway, I hope you have a nice night, and enjoy the season. I’m always around to chat on Twitter, if you can stomach it. Rough waters in them seas these days.
  7. Here’s a similar look at the offense.
  8. Had a chance to dive into Carolina’s strong 2021 defensive debut. Go check out the thread, if you’re interested. Great individual effort, pressure looks, coverages. Probably close to 20 different film cuts on the thread….didn’t want to clutter the forum with each clip.
  9. Elflein is a solid run game guard. But, he is really bad right now in traditional pass sets. Was last yr, too. Sam looks poised.
  10. Panthers have protected the following PS players for week one:
  11. Oh well, let’s just get to week one.
  12. Plenty of positives, particularly early on defensively. This play was just bad.
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