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  1. I think Hunter Henry will be off the board, If Ogbah is there then he should be the pick but that's 50/50 tbh. I Dont know how I feel about Derick Henry considering J stew will be the feature back this year coming into camp, would much rather draft a player who will see the field more. Still trust the getty no matter what.
  2. Really worried about the Chiefs, I think they are the team waiting for us in the SB if we make it that far. I see them giving us our first home loss in nearly 2 years.
  3. OK so its probably safe to say that lawson wont be there when we pick at 30.
  4. I love Ealy but he seems to have an attitude problem, not the back talking disrespectful kind of attitude problem that you see some players bring. He seems to beat himself alot when he fugs up. I remember multiple times this year when he would jump off-sides or get a penalty and would go back to the bench furious and didn't want to hear a word of advice from anyone. Hopefully he can keep his head cool this year because we are going to need em.
  5. I cant believe it still. WE HAVE A fuging MVP LADSSSSSS!!!
  6. thanks for keeping my wallpaper fresh as hell. Now lets get one more picture with a Lombardi!!
  7. at the end of he day we have a top 3 DT, a top 3 CB, and 2 of the top 5 LB's. We good fam.
  8. seen a few packer fans who said they had a terrible experience with fans at the game. You guys are making me so damn proud. fug feeling. I hope everyone of those cheese heads never come back.
  9. So no Shaq, Kalil, Addison, or Edwards tonight....not having Kalil worries me, but if he has a bum ankle and this rain does not stop I for-sure would not want to risk him. He HAS to be ready to go come January. Hopefully both shaq and Kalil will be ready for GB.
  10. I have to laugh at the X factor Tolbert. I really cant believe there are people on this website who wanted us to cut him. I mean when opposing teams fan's say that he can be an x-factor, thats a pretty safe assumption the guy has game. I'm glad Tolbert has had a healthy off-season and camp, he looks very good and I expect him to produce multiple first downs tonight.
  11. stay off the taco bell dude, that poo is so bad for you.
  12. Franchise tag is becoming a good bet for Norman next year, make a push next year to go all in for the Superbowl.
  13. nope. I never did and can now post, although I was not able too for about 6 months last season.
  14. well, first ever missed extra point because of the new rule, and that would have totally been good from the 2, glad they changed the rule, will be great if we somehow win by 1.
  15. so my opponent this week in fantasy had Tom and Gronk starting, what a bastard.
  16. with Kyle love in does this mean colin cole is out?
  17. well He didnt. Where do we stand with the comp pick right now? I want that pick so bad, I feel its deserved after putting up with the Hardy bullshit.
  18. did James Dockery somehow make the Oakland raiders? please tell me he did.
  19. Bersin Mike Brown Ball Lucas Simonson Glanton Foucault Redden Todman Blechen almost half way home.
  20. swole bones survives. I cant be too mad, I though Lucas was the better player, but when is the #3 TE going to see the field anyways? I wish we could just get all of the cut info at once, this constant f5ing is killing me.
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