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  1. Duke playing in the SEC in Football would be comical. They should just give them a mercy rule and shut off the score board at 50.
  2. Clemson will not want to move to a real conference. They will get beat down every year unlike in the ACC.
  3. I'm so not excited about this season. God it feels like we have sucked for ever.
  4. Pretty sure he's gone at this point.
  5. If the Hawks want him let them have him. Huge contract and little upside.
  6. He had a huge list of problems with the jets and most of us scratched our heads when we traded him for a 3rd. Baker Mayfield has a better ceiling than Darnald simply because of football IQ. It was a huge mistake by Joe and ultimately cost him his job. It really doesn't matter how good of a OC you are if a QB can't play you can only hide him for so long in the NFL.
  7. What is this optimism you speak of. Seems sketch.
  8. His success will probably determine Routes future.
  9. This is the least I've cared about this team so I really don't care. 7 years of this and I probably won't even be watching.
  10. LB and DE are a bigger problem than you see. RB might be the difference in 4 win because after CMC we have no one like always. QB is the biggest issue but the DL as a whole isn't a strong unit and isn't backed by a strong unit. We were really bad last year and this year might be worse because we lost some role players and really didn't address the losses. CB as always will be our best unit on defense but team IMO will run all over us.
  11. People calling Funchess soft must have forgotten about him playing with a broken arm and routinely running crossing routes and taking big shots over the middle. He did his best work with the hospital balls. Where I hated him though was his work ethic and lazy routes. Dude was down right horrible at anything that needed attention to detail and finesse.
  12. If this team wins more than 6 games I will be shocked. When looking over the roster, even with the improvements we have some big holes.
  13. Remember when Hurney was a genius for fleecing us with Curtis Samuel. Great times.
  14. To be honest it would be best for his career because he can't stand unhappy fans.
  15. Can't say I'm not happy to see the Rangers fall.
  16. I doubt we see another cup unless we are ridiculously good. Every team to beat us seems to be pushed by the NHL to win it all. Complete BS.
  17. I would have to agree. Rhule and tepper have built this disaster.
  18. Then why ask questions like that?
  19. I will never understand teams desire to play a guy who isn't all there up stairs in a football sense. Talent only takes you so far and after that it creates collapses. Even backup quality QBs have decent QB IQs and just avg talent.
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