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  1. It's just an illusion. This team is terrible on both sides of the ball. What's worse is Rhule is set on making the offense a heavy run first team with a defense that's light in the pants. With that direction we are just going to be equally terrible next year.
  2. Say goodbye to multiple 1st round picks for another QB that's not going to work out.
  3. The FO is Rhule and Tepper so of course that's how they are looking at it.
  4. Not a shocker here. Once again this is why you don't pick top 10 RBs and pay them.
  5. I'm pretty sure Rhule has convinced Tepper in a year three turnaround.
  6. At this point I really hope he makes career decisions and moves to a better team.
  7. I'm pretty sure he did but he also went to Harvard as well.
  8. Makes no sense why you would bring in Fitters and Morgan and basically let Rhule have all final say. This is the oxymoron that is Tepper.
  9. Let's hope we have more focus on drafting a QB to go along with some more OLD talent.
  10. Are you working on the important assignment for tepper? Make sure you have talked to accounting.
  11. Unfortunately we have a new owner making all the new owner mistakes. Unfortunately after Rhule burns him he could over correct and cause another situation. Owner growing pains are the worst.
  12. They still suck and have for a lot longer than us.
  13. Well we have hit Jags/Jets level bad. Another year under Rhule we might be on the Browns/Lion's level.
  14. I have been saying this was a boom or bust for a long time. College coaches don't work out in the NFL, Beat up QBs don't get reformed, and Cam was never going to save this team. Hell Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers couldn't. Even before that I was not so happy about Tepper either. He likes to think he knows more than everyone else in the league yet it's clear he doesn't.
  15. Different situation entirely. Rhule has proved nothing and seems set in not even trying to get better while Tomlin was just a winner. The difference in the two is Rhule knows how to sweet talk and Tomlin doesn't.
  16. Looking at Matt Rhule it's clear he doesn't. Lots of pain in our future for sure.
  17. Just shows you how terrible our draft process was under Hurney and Dave Fatman. Here lately it's been better but terrible coaching and zero focus has been the problem. We seriously have had a better line sitting on the bench all year in BC and Brown.
  18. Rhule will make sure it's one of his guys calling the offense. That way he can't be replaced mid season.
  19. Apparently unless Rhule coaches the next game naked while swinging his dick on national TV he's not getting fired. We are just not seeing all his winning.
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