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  1. not if he can't score in the redzone.
  2. How many test will he have to pass to be cleared?
  3. I don't think so. Its year two in a at least 5 year process.
  4. I don't think there is much to rewire except protection and better players. I mean Sam was getting Drilled by DEs for two years. Not much you can do when you get hit and the WRs drop your ball.
  5. I think Snow is doing what he's always done. Defense really doesn't change from college to the NFL just talent.
  6. Wilson takes a year full of those he won't last long.
  7. First down is worth more than a clock stoppage when you have 3 time outs. That was soft ass play.
  8. I wasn't impressed with Arnald. He's soft. We really should figure out who we like more. Thomas or Arnald and let Tremble play.
  9. I thought it was a pretty good performance. I was more concerned we didn't use Anderson more and that DJ was not getting open enough. Still limited preseason had a lot of offenses looking sluggish.
  10. I see no reason why we shouldn't change our Guards.
  11. After a day I'm going to just chuck this up to limited preseason. Not that some of this stuff doesn't concern me but honestly I didn't really think we would win more than 8 games. This game doesn't change my thoughts. Our team and coaching staff is way too young right now. Coupled with a bad offensive line. We are getting there but are not there yet
  12. Well we have to understand too he's prob still learning the playbook too. I think most of his prob was the Jets and not his own. I mean Wilson is going to see ghosts by week 8 if they don't protect him better.
  13. it was more about the offense not figuring out the jets blitzing more than the defense letting up. They stayed on that field chasing Wilson most of the game.
  14. Better than Jake. He made some really good decisions today. He sails balls a bit high randomly but other than that he has a accurate deep ball and good placement on the ball.
  15. I would say prob as good as the Jets. Rodgers looks like a shell of himself and that team is pretty much Rodgers. We def played down to our competition but should clear things up moving forward.
  16. I'm pretty sure Tremble would have cracked that guy 5 yards down the field.
  17. They are masters at kicking the can. Still when your coaching staff can make Winston look like Rodgers and Rodgers look like Winston its much easier.
  18. We don't have the personnel to be both. That should have been clear.
  19. Had a chance to pick up the first. Ran out of bounds. Says all you need to know about a player.
  20. We have to figure out who we are in the Redzone. A passing team or a running team. This team can't be both.
  21. Remember to prerip your underware. It helps with all the sacks you will take.
  22. Um yes he does and now you're off the reservation. Its been stated many times he has direct input.
  23. They sucked in the run game. Pass pro wasn't horrible.
  24. He locked down his guy most of the day. They picked on Jackson most of the day.
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