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  1. Yeah it seems we were routed the majority of the day.
  2. From what I got from yesterdays tweets we were asswhooped most of the day.
  3. Remember when we had a historic defense last year. Yeah I remember that too.
  4. Every player Brady wanted has or it looks like will bust. I really liked TMJ coming out but he's just not going to get off IR.
  5. Wow that competition must have worked. Never saw our #6 overall pick being the starter. Shocked!
  6. I'm seriously am going to laugh when Darnold starts game one.
  7. Yeah I see already more coverage this year and I think this will be Rhules last here. Nothing about the start of this season has said we will improve much. Offense might be better but our defense could be giving up 25 to 30 points a game.
  8. Rhule gonna Rhule. I wouldn't be surprised if he does some kind of retarded two QB system at this point.
  9. I would agree with that but I don't see it happening.
  10. Take it with a gain of salt. I guess we will see if he's right.
  11. I think we know what we have in Sam but like @CRA said they may use Mayfield as a fall back.
  12. From what I'm hearing is that Rhules favorite is still Darnold.
  13. If you add in TC reps he's had more time with the first string. I'm hearing from my sources within the organization. As of now according to him Darnold is ahead of Mayfield and he must prove he can limit turnovers. I completely disagree with this and for one hope he's wrong but he hasn't been in the past.
  14. That sounds good in theory but when you add in that Darnold has taken the majority of the snaps with the first team it blows that out of the water. Nothing makes this coaching staff look like they have a clue what they are doing and if I'm betting the farm I'm betting they will be unemployed come December.
  15. This is why Rhules earn your spot crap is stupid. He should be getting quality reps. We know what PJ can do, we know what Darnold can do, yet we give them the reps and just leave the rookie to the wolves.
  16. Rhule is never going to play a none Temple guy over a Temple guy. I wouldn't be shocked if he cut Matt to PS and kept PJ. It would be stupid but it's Rhule.
  17. That's not even worth $5. The NFL needs to do better. Why can't they just stream every game for like 18 a month like any other normal streaming app.
  18. So basically they are blacking out home games? Like that's dildos.
  19. Mayfield needs to secure his job so I can change my avatar.
  20. Then if you move back a decade. We are the least successful team in our division.
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