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  1. He tried to shovel it off. Either way bad decision. Even Darnold said it was a poor decision. How about we actually imagine that he's not Brady for a second and see he does have room to improve.
  2. The offense has not improved dramatically "jackass". We just got CMC back. We are statisticly the same as last year but it's just week two. You don't drastically get better in two games "idiot". If anything we lost a player in Samuel that Marshall hasn't filled and our interior line is probably worse from a year ago "dumbass". I seriously hate you hardcore homers who think we are a super Bowl contender after two games. Let's at least make it to week 6 ok "buttercup".
  3. Well with a DC like him. Even if Brady goes else where we can find another OC and he doesn't have to be lights out. Snow going to bring the freeze to any OC in the leauge.
  4. I never really realized you can't boot leg on us. That's crazy man. Russle Wilson would have problems with that.
  5. It will be really cool when they can do that in reality. Its coming soon. Just need to get chip manufactures back up and going.
  6. I'm not sure we are a complete enough team to take on teams like TB and KC right now. We are young and we don't quite have the correct personnel to yet. But I mean where we came from year one to two is awesome. We have made more progress in two years than the NYG have in 5 years.
  7. They are no better than the Saints. I have a feeling Horn might get his second INT this game. Just a feeling.
  8. I think last year you saw us compete. I hope we win some of those games we lost last year. Its a long season this year and injuries no doubt will make us have to be next man up at times. I hope we can do like Sunday and keep rolling. Darnalds development will def play a big roll but he seems to be getting more comfortable and the league is taking notice.
  9. Its why a handfull of us said we would never be successful until Hurney was gone. He was a horrible GM and even Tepper admitted he fugged up. Moving forward I have faith in our FO to improve that position going forward.
  10. Calm down Karen. It was a really bad decision and if it were a tighter game it could have cost us the game. Also Teddy had 328 and 2 TDs and zero INTs this week so your comment is kinda idiotic.
  11. That's because he was using his legs. It wasn't the passes beating people. Well that and they were playing the Jags and Browns. I mean that would be like us playing ATL and the Jets. Yes great wins but playing subpar teams.
  12. Yup its a really good sign. We are a young team so I expect hiccups but honesty year two that happens. This team was pure trash when Rhule took over so seeing such a leap is really encouraging.
  13. Yeah it really shows you a coaching staff and players have goals. If we keep going like this no doubt we will see the playoffs. You have to have good players and good coaching to win and I think we are seeing some of both. Lots to improve but def a improvement from last year.
  14. Who would trade their starting kicker right now? Much less for a 4th. We screwd the pooch with Gano and Butker. Its one of the reasons why Hurney isn't here. Nothing we can do about it till next off season.
  15. They have a pretty good defense. Their offense though is not good.
  16. I honestly don't think we have been over looked. I think we might just have the best front 4 in football right now. Teams really can't do much about them. They play the ball really well and rush the passer better. That's just really hard to plan for because no one has a Burns, Brown, Reddick combo on the practice squad. We are a really good defense. Our offense while not great doesn't have to be. They just don't have to turn the ball over and we win.
  17. while I would like sto see brown too our line isn't great. We can't even get a yard on the goal line.
  18. Negative even Teddy would have won this game. So far the Defense has been carrying the offense.
  19. We should win. Their line isn't anywhere as good as NOs and we made them look like a Div III line.
  20. I just like we can get pressure with 4. Teams like Tampa we are going to have to.
  21. We are 6 games away from my prediction on the season. With 14 more games to play we just might get there or break it.
  22. What exactly is a "College Defense". While college offenses might take advantage of a wider field and rule diffrances. Defense is defense. Ole Mole face didn't like us making his so called Guru Coach look bad.
  23. Burns has become extremely disruptive. Teams are releasing Brown and Fox just so Burns doesn't kill the QB.
  24. Kicking is by far our biggest weakness.
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