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  1. Lies we have a offensive Guru at OC.
  2. Fields, Matt Jones, etc.
  3. Seriously we are looking to be set back for years with this team.
  4. You should not have let Hurney pick our coach.
  5. How about Justin Fields. Who Rhule and Brady walked out on.
  6. What makes you think he wants to play here?
  7. Unfortunately Hurney picked Rhule too. It's all who's making the decisions and it was bad ones.
  8. It would be less painful than being a Panthers fan now.
  9. I can't say I really want Rhule back next year. Or at least Joe Brady. Never forget this is a NFL team that Hurney hand picked.
  10. This is worse because the coaching staff and players will be back next year.
  11. There is more than half a season of even worse game. I doubt we score against TB and AZ.
  12. We can seriously blame someone different on every series. Ooof
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