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  1. So Greg Hardy got shut down for an entire season but NFL gonna NFL and do nothing now. I guess COVID is their next overreacting.
  2. poo I couldn't remember how he spelled it.
  3. We could have one of the most dangerous offenses in the league this year if Darnald and the line do well. Sam has more target options than he ever has in his lifetime. This is the type of team I wanted to see around Can Newton and it never happened.
  4. Lions did with Berry Sanders. Ricky Williams had the same situation as well.
  5. Probably should move out to fort mill or concord. They could both afford it.
  6. I was looking forward to JC shutting him down but Tommy John got him first.
  7. I say 10-7. I think Darnald wins those 4 games Teddy Bear couldn't.
  8. OK let's count how many times Winston has started for NO. Ok go!
  9. Reports say you're wrong. And crabby Winston is still riding pine.
  10. Started over crablegs last year and now starting over him this year. That pretty much says it all.
  11. From what I took from this is we probably should resign Okung.
  12. Yeah a HOF offensive guru. I think it says a lot about Winston and thats about it. Two coaches choosing someone else over him.
  13. And yet he started over Winston last year and is starting over him this year. So what does that exactly say about Winston if this is true?
  14. Hill is simply a better QB than Winston. Winston is no more a backup at this point.
  15. CMC IMO wasn't simply because he's a great WR that can run the rock. He's simply a imposing player on the field. With that said pretty much any other RB isn't worth it in this NFL. Case and point Saquon Barkley.
  16. Honestly there probably isn't a better Rush Duo in the nfl. Both are probably going to get paid next year.
  17. I have a feeling he's gonna go HAM on the league this year.
  18. Yeah extending guys like Burns,Moore,and maybe Anderson would be great.
  19. You should know anything can be spun and about 60% of South Carolina is Clemson Fans right now and they don't care. They will fill the seats with Clemson jerseys.
  20. Why would we make a move if he's doing good? Probably better not giving up 4 first round picks.
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