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  1. He should be committed to the state in lieu of a jail sentence.
  2. It does disturb my book reading and cheese eating. Maybe we can get more spa music so we can all be relaxed after the game.
  3. I miss roasting the hell out of him on Twitter. Dude would go full Karen on people.
  4. People forget the Pats already had a HOF QB before they drafted Brady. The way Rivera ran Cam you would have thought he would have done the same but nope.
  5. Just not wanting to risk your job making your division better. Kinda like not helping the guy who's shooting for your promotion.
  6. So you want a good QB but you also want to pick 15 to 20. Yup sounds legit.
  7. Most teams that get a late round QB usually have a manager QB in front of them. Most successful teams usually draft other key positions first and then find a QB that will put them over the top on a cheap rookie deal. Nothing is for certain except you have a better chance adding talent in the upper rounds. It gives you access to better players and solves talent voids.
  8. It happens all the time. Name the last team to even trade a player to a rival. It's very rare. Most teams won't even trade draft position with a rival team much less a SB winning coach.
  9. Just because you don't want to hear it doesn't make it true. Our record speaks for itself. The stats speak for themselves. Ignoring them doesn't make them go away. I don't want to tank, we are tanked. We have 4 wins this year my dude. All against sub 500 teams. What makes you think we are good enough to beat any good team?
  10. I don't feel like digging up tweets from him and McClover. They are cryptic anyway so you are just going to see it a different way. I'm pretty sure players don't hate Wilks but they want a culture change and good coaching which he can't really bring.
  11. Yeah keep thinking that my friend. You are the one that has devolved into name calling. Time to move on. This conversation has hit rock bottom and I don't care to kick rocks back at you.
  12. I think you're pretty safe. No way NO let's him in their division. Payton is going to make Herbert a HOF QB though.
  13. The players get paid millions to play a game. They don't need moral victories. What will make them really happy is adding good players around them and becoming a better team with a better coach next year. Burns has already said without saying if Wilks is the coach he's walking. He wants to win a SB and you don't do that getting wiped out of the playoffs round one. It's really sad so many of you cling to any victory you can. That's why tepper can keep underperforming GMs like Hurney and terrible coaches like Rhule. Because the fans will be happy with moral victories.
  14. Lol it was an example. Gaslighting is your go to because you are losing like the Panthers this year. Picking 20 is a sure fire way to stay mediocre when your team lacks talent. You should just stop now because your argument is thin and doesn't hold water.
  15. He's definitely had a good year and stayed healthy. I still think Fields would have been the better pick but Horn was definitely the safest.
  16. Oh so you CAN'T! Figures... You act like winning meaningless games is somehow a great thing and will make this team better but can't articulate how that exactly makes the team better. I didn't really expect you to actually give a articulate answer anyway because you're the type of guy that spends 1k on scratch offs every week and tells everyone about that one time you won 500 bucks. Given the two choices I will take the picks with a new coaching staff and new approach. I didn't make it where I have looking for instant gratification and that's why we are different.
  17. I don't assume anything. We are rebuilding if you like it or not. We haven't seen much success this year and we won't see much next year as well. Saying we should win meaningless games because the Browns screw up every year is like going to get a vasectomy because your coworker got a girl pregnant.
  18. This guy isn't who you want to draft if you plan to keep your job.
  19. Tell me how winning this year will change the future? Tell me how Darnold at QB is a sure thing? Explain how lowering our draft status makes us a better team in the future because I'm too old for moral victories.
  20. Yeah I'm stupid cause I want a successful future and not a 6 win team. Totally crazy to think that might be a good thing. Probably should just go around calling people names and saying their not real fans on a Panthers message board.
  21. Wilks and Darnald is king supporters.
  22. And this mentality is how you get Matt Rhule as a head coach and inconsistent seasons with coaches like Rivera. We are all here still. Just some of us expect more than average as a ceiling.
  23. This dude is going to flame out. It's written all over his smug comments. I have a feeling Nebraska is going to be regretting their decision in a few years as well. Rhule is nothing more than a snake oil salesman.
  24. There is plenty of QBs to take this year but Nix ain't one of them.
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