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  1. Can't wait to hear 4hrs of Ronde hate. It's like every fiber of the media want a the Saints to win.
  2. Love how everyone is still doubting us and think we will be catching up to ATL. New teams fade because people figure them out.
  3. I really feel its skewed because Cam held the ball so long. Oher did look avg but not Bell bad.
  4. Having a QB controversy and playing our secondary is not a good match up. The only thing im worried about is the same thing I worry about every game... Shula.
  5. Yea... II'm gonna go ahead and ask you to stop talking. Greg Olson is calling a better game.
  6. If anyone can defend shula after this game good luck.
  7. It's same recycled crap from last year. A draw would have been better.
  8. Norman proving why he is not worth a big contract.
  9. So who wants to say shula has called a good game?
  10. Yea I disagree. OOnly reason we are tied is because the Jags are a bad team. Play calling has been slow and vanilla.
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