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  1. Rhule will try his best to move on after next year. Just like he did this year. College openings happen in October and will will start fast and he will secure his new job before the collapse.
  2. Hopefully this game is the worst game in NFL history. I still have no faith though Rhule doesn't stay. Tepper holds on to trash way too long.
  3. Complete disaster. I have no faith even when this disaster is over tepper will not move on to the next one. Great job NFL. You don't have to keep stealing Super Bowls from us if we never make it to another.
  4. Man John Madden, Betty White, and now Reeves.
  5. fug Tepper and fug Rhule!
  6. I'm guessing Durban poison but it could be Girl Scout Cookies.
  7. I won't. I will just watch a lot less Football and a whole lot more Hockey. You know the Hurricanes are pretty good and usually score as much as the Panthers too.
  8. You know Facebook would pay me millions for my overreactions you lucky bastards.
  9. Oh it will get worse if Rhule is kept.
  10. At this point only his pride is keeping Rhule. Matt has been exposed as what everyones worst fears were. Nothing good to be salvaged.
  11. He just might have more fan in him than we expected. Stir that pot Joe.
  12. Tepper better cut his losses or this is going to get ugly next year.
  13. Hopefully they make us the laughing stock of the league. Tepper needs to be totally humiliated.
  14. I really don't think LSU wants this kind of winning.
  15. Yeah his arch has been pretty typical for a new owner and that's not really a good thing considering we had a decent roster when he took over.
  16. With one more game to go and it being a toilet bowl game. My question to you is what players have performed above expectations and what players have performed below expectations for this season?
  17. You forget how terrible Rivera was to begin with. Talent for talent Rivera had a better Roster and Rhule type losing seasons. Only when the roster was stacked and his job on the line did he perform.
  18. If we hired McCartney we more than likely would have been a playoff team by now. Just saying...
  19. Yup Hurney hand picked this dude. Like instead of XS and Os he was sold on snake oil like always.
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