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  1. Because you've been blessed enough to see me in a bikini...? Keep dreamin, princess. I choose not to be a bikini model but don't get it twisted, I'm fully equipped. Jeremy, you can back me on this, right?
  2. Don't count him out just yet... He is one of the youngest guests on the show. If you'll notice, between our two 21-year-old picks, they're very cautious over what they say and how they respond. The other guys are definitely more comfortable in their own skin. Furthermore, to Funch's credit, he said he grew up a basketball kid, he's just now fully learning the game- and I think with that, comes learning the respect and passion for it. Nobody better to learn from than a coaching staff that likes to teach. Don't lose hope yet-- not like we have much selection at his position right now :) just my 2 cents
  3. Damn... I was hoping "Mods" was short for models. CH Models, Inc. has a ring to it
  4. Whaaaat?! You have to be there!! That way I can say I met boo!
  5. Whew... What an eventful two days! First, a podcast and now I'm signed up for Carolina Huddle?! Oh snap, poo just got real...
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