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  1. I signed up for AT&T NOW because I didn’t want to be under a contract. I’ll be damned if they didn’t discontinue the service two days later. Fortunately, I was grandfathered in. Once Hulu or YTTV gets Bally’s, I’m going back.
  2. Looking at the map, I would guess that the Hurricanes/Hornets will be on Bally Sports South and the other teams will be on Bally Sports Southeast. It’s kinda like right now we have FS Carolinas but cannot see Braves games.
  3. I very rarely post. Been lurking around here since around 04/05. I loved Luke at BC and even more now. Bought his jersey during the offseason in prepararton for this year. I'm on Twitter and I follow the Huddle there but check it at all. I don't even recall my handle. Pathetic, I know..
  4. With the loss at Buffalo, I think this team definitely has the mindset of not overlooking/past any team. I do not believe that there will be any letdown against the Dolphins. Actually, I believe the defense will be even more fired up this week.
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