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  1. I feel sure a lot of people that believe in the supposed Madden curse, will be following Odell Beckham Jr.to see if he can overcome it.
  2. I followed the Redskins,a favorite in the Charlotte area, until we got the Panthers.
  3. Lee Ward is a hoss,i at least expect him to make the practice squad.
  4. Seems a strong message is being sent ohere. Oh well,if you can't do the time, don't do the crime,so to speak.No way do i feel sorry for those cheating mudder fudders.
  5. That comparison about Byrd's legs, brings to mind Steve Smith and the large,powerful he has for legs for his size.
  6. I hope Brady has to sit out numerous games,just levying a fine will not get it.
  7. Dallas may have the best OL in the NFL,now they get Collins at a stealing price. Life in the NFL is often not fair.
  8. I hope the NFL comes down hard on the Patriots. The best punishment would be making Brady sit for numerous games,in addition to taking some of their draft picks.
  9. If Collins has been cleared, Gettleman,Rivera,Richardson and the players should go all out to get him.
  10. I would like for us to sign Collins, but will not be heartbroken if we don't,it's not like he would be the LT of our future.
  11. All the NFC South teams did well in the draft but i look for ATL,TB and N.O.,in that order, to be our biggest challengers this year.
  12. Having low round picks do no good, if we draft them and they they never start.We drafted a LB,WR and OT that should project into above average starters,plus a possible backup RB and a LB that should at least upgrade our special teams.
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