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  1. CNN posted the companies that got PPP loans. I just glanced around for a couple minutes and found one that got $350k-1M dollar loan. You know what that company does? It sends fake invoices through the mail that scams people to pay money thinking that it's for their domain renewals. It has 136 complaints on BBB and is not accredited. Glad we're saving these essential businesses. DOMAIN LISTINGS LLC https://www.cnn.com/projects/ppp-business-loans/search?q=domain Check that, it looks like they got 2 loans totaling 700k-2M
  2. I see your brainwashing is going well. Welcome brother! Let the Dark Overlords who operate in secrecy take power! All shall love our new Reptilian overlords!
  3. Income inequality is a much bigger threat to the population as a whole than the coronavirus.
  4. The US total cases per million population is 11th at 11.799. We've also administered 48 million tests, almost doubling the next country at 3rd. China says 90 million tests, but yeah take that with a grain of salt. Factor in the election year BS where certain territories have an incentive to make things look worse than they actually are. The result is a pretty comparable number to the rest of the world. But the media likes big numbers, so go ham.
  5. I see the war on the coronavirus similar to the war on terrorism or war on drugs. You can't police everyone, you can't stop the virus. You can only slow it down until a vaccine is provided. Creating this nanny state seems more like preparation for something else than an actual virus that kills less than 1% of the population.
  6. So with everybody pushing this mask thing, how many restaurants are going to go bankrupt? It's impossible to eat out with wearing a mask and social distancing in a smaller sized restaurant would be very difficult. It's such a culture shock to a lot of people here in America. Where do you take a date? This thing could go on for another year before a vaccine is available.
  7. Didn't we evolve past tribal worship? Why is it whatever side you lean, you're automatically stereotyped?
  8. I know how a mask works bud. I also know that a small percentage of the population actually following correct protocol doesn't matter when the virus has such a high contagion. You aren't going to convince people to wear masks all the time, it's not happening. Do you think some young 18 year old who just got out from their parents house is going to be a little foot soldier for you?
  9. Eh, there's a large percentage of people who don't even wash their hands after using the restroom(https://www.theroot.com/yall-nasty-cdc-confirms-people-arent-washing-their-han-1829921439) so how can one assume people are washing their hands after pumping gas, touching a public doorknob, or pressing buttons on some credit terminal?
  10. Lol Bud, I work for a very large company and I am in the 1% that actually wears a mask.
  11. All I'm saying is that the mask can be just a much as a negative as a positive if you are frequently touching your face to adjust the mask. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/28/well/live/whats-the-risk-of-catching-coronavirus-from-a-surface.html
  12. One note of the wearing mask crowd. It can actually be a detriment if you aren't washing your hands. This is a respiratory illness, so let's say you get on an elevator or touch your hands on anything that coronavirus could live on. And, then without washing your hands, you adjust your mask touching your nose and face. You've just increased your risk of catching the coronavirus by touching your face, thus offsetting what benefit the mask was supposed to do. The key is to: Wear a mask & Don't touch your face, mask without washing your hands How many people will do both things? Such a small percentage that it's inconsequential.
  13. The doctors we see and hear concerning this virus are paid by MSM. They are as full of it as politicians are. Schooling is on the decline and I'd guess most Doctors don't know their hand from their foot without googling it. Statistics are going to be limited since hospitals keep that stuff sealed tighter than the FBI. And, it pains me to even reply to your post because you took my post so literally. Do you honestly expect me to write you a research paper concerning the decline of higher education?
  14. Have you seen the state of higher education lately? I'd give as just much respect to a trashman's opinion to a glorified doctor who paid for his degree.
  15. Has the MSM convinced you baby boomers to vote Biden yet so we can forget bigfoot?
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