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  1. 2016 was equally awful... I'm glad Hurney and Gettleman are now off ruining other teams
  2. Hurney was awful but him somehow conning the Bills into giving us a third rounder for him is one of the greatest moves a GM has ever made.
  3. Hurney sucked but our o-line and more specifically tackles were usually pretty decent during his tenure.
  4. It still pisses me off at just how bad Gettleman neglected protecting out franchise QB. Nate Chandler? Byron Bell? Matt Kalil? Ughhhh.
  5. Paradis was very solid for us last year. He's not going anywhere.
  6. I think we should intentionally lose every game for the next decade. Imagine how stacked our team could be with 10 #1 picks!
  7. Between Gettleman and Hurney we've really helped solidify the NFC East as a dumpster fire for years to come.
  8. There's 0% chance there will be a vaccine available this year.
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