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  1. Paying thousands of dollars just to have the ability to purchase a ticket before others never made much sense to me anyways.
  2. Who cares? Even if Bryce ends up busting we only have one year without a first. We didn't have to mortgage too much to move up.
  3. Watching again and I don't even think that play really happened during the game. Looks like CGI to me. They created this to cover their asses.
  4. I just wish Tepper would quit calling plays. We all know he's the one on the headset.
  5. Do we think Anthony Richardson is faking a concussion? He popped right up after the play like nothing was wrong and now all of a sudden he's not going to play this week??? It's AWFULLY fishy.... I'm worried this entire draft might be filled with a bunch of lazy gen z kids who are going to fake injuries at any and every opportunity in order to sit and collect pay checks.
  6. Hurney, for the moment, is the biggest fish in a very small pond. Any way you try to slice it Gettleman was a disaster. He wasn't great in the draft, he was terrible in FA and had a penchant of running off our best players. The early returns on Fitterer aren't great but it's still early enough he could turn it around and overtake the top spot.
  7. 2003, 2005 and 2008 were all SB caliber teams. Not saying Hurney was a great GM overall but you are really glossing over the fact he was the architect behind a very solid run in the mid- 2000's. You could also make the argument that the 2015 team was a Hurney product given the vast majority of star players were brought in by him.
  8. This definitely needed it's own thread. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was going to throw out some hot takes. Thank you!
  9. Every single year we hear "next year's QB class is better, just wait." I'm sure once next season rolls around it'll be the same. At some point you have to start taking shots at getting your franchise QB. It's waaay too early to say either way but if Bryce turns out to not be the guy we'll try again. One year without a first isn't crippling in the slightest.
  10. Cam had Steve Smith and Greg Olsen his first game.... Not really a fair comparison.
  11. Man, I really hate that TMJ slowed up on that 40 yarder....
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