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  1. WTF is this puck movement while awaiting the powerplay?
  2. Still cant believe Aho went for the pass in that 2 on 1. C'mon, All-Star, make your mark.
  3. Nice shutdown on Marchand there that close to cage.
  4. Question is though...it almost looks like hes trying to jump out of the way.
  5. Actually...leaving feet like that? Questionable.
  6. Sucky hit, but was bang bang. Aho needed to shoot.
  7. Canes are going to have to beat the Bruins decisively if they want to win this one. Don't let the refs disallow goals, give the Bruins favorable whistles, etc. Puck luck won't cut it tonight. Bury them and....
  8. My nerves can't take this. I need the Canes to score the 1st goal so I can relax.
  9. GDIT. Can we get a short handed goal JUST ONCE?!
  10. What the hell is this puck movement....fumbles all over the place.
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