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  1. For my next re-read of the series I'm thinking about reading just 1 character at a time. Like read all of Tyrion's chapters from GoT through ADwD. It might not work out at all but it might be pretty interesting.
  2. It actually kind of reads like they don't even know what they're doing and/or can't control it. I remember one of them says "it wasn't me" or something like that as he stabs, and another is crying and afraid. Could have been sorcery controlling them.
  3. I just think the formula fits exactly what grrm likes to do. Brienne's chapter ends with her hanging, she shows up in the next book. Arya's chapter ends with her getting axed in the head, she shows up in the next book. Davos has his head and hands hung from the wall at White Harbor, he shows up in the next book.
  4. Yeah it's made pretty clear that Sandor is the new grave digger at the place he's supposedly buried.
  5. If the only remaining plans for Gendry in the books are him hanging out at that inn or wherever when we last saw him, I'm cool with him dying.
  6. George has also flat out said Jon will eventually learn who his mother is. Hard to do when you're dead.
  7. The only way I know Jon is not dead is that his chapters were just way too much fuging boring ass north/wall stuff to not matter.
  8. I think they're referring to the one about Jeyne Westerling being an imposter based on her first being described with wide hips, and then Jaime later describing her with slender hips. Elio and Linda have always gotten really uppity (as they are prone to do) about that theory for some reason, insisting it's just a fact-checking mistake.
  9. She is mortal. Remember, she had her hands burned by Drogon. Her immunity to fire is up in the air as of ADWD.
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