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  1. The screens are a good way to beat Seattle's aggressive D. Wish we did a few to Fozzy in our game but we decided to bench him after he went off vs. AZ
  2. The stadium is being lit by LEDs, maybe that has something to do with it.
  3. That's a 15 yard penalty. Bullshit refs already sucking up to the Seahawks
  4. I'm not really blown away by that National Anthem at all.
  5. There have been independent investigations, such as when they were accused of filming a Rams practice. They were found to be innocent.
  6. I didn't say it proves anything, yet it contradicts the story that has been repeated by ESPN for the past 2 weeks, and therefor lends credence to my hypothesis that the story is bullshit. "11 of 12 balls were deflated by 2 psi" is extremely different than "11 of 12 balls were deflated by various margins, most statistically insignificant."
  7. Hey all you unbiased fellas. Yet more evidence the story is bullshit. Only one ball was 2 psi under the limit, not a uniform 2 psi for all 11 balls like has been reported all along by ESPN. Most balls were just a small tick under 12.5, very much within range of temperature change affecting it.
  8. He already has far better career stats and has made a bigger positive impact than Armanti every did.
  9. "Pregnant girlfriend" is the street name for Adderall.
  10. The thing about o-line is that I trust Gettleman 100% to find the right talent, but I don't trust Rivera to actually start them. I fully expect Amini Silatolu to be the starting LG going into 2015.
  11. Fire alarm has gone off in the middle of the night at the Patriots' hotel 2 out of the last 3 nights. Can you imagine if that happened at the hotel the Seahawks were at? Alarmgate! The NFL has zeroed in on a Patriots maid as a person of interest in this investigation. Let's go now to Mark Brunell on the set. *tears streaming down his face* "I have *sniff* survived many fire alarms *sniff* and there is no way that this could happen without Tom Brady knowing. *sniff* I am so disappointed."
  12. Joe Theisman also said he couldn't tell the difference when he ran a test. 2 psi comes to 1 millimeter of size. Look at a ruler and see how big 1 millimeter is and think about if you could tell if a football was that much smaller in your hand.The refs obviously couldn't tell either because they were handling them all game. I think these people like Brunell and Betis who toss each other balls on ESPN and immediately say "Oh that's definitely 11 psi I can totally tell" and then break down into tears are full of poo. I have no idea about Bellichek. I could buy him not giving a poo about the equipment. I could also buy that he orchestrated it all and really did deflate balls.
  13. Every team has a history of filming teams' signals, because it's still legal to film them, just not from the sidelines. You can film from the stands perfectly fine. The Patriots filmed from the sidelines a few weeks longer than other teams. Wow!!!!!! Such cheat! Also there have been several alternative theories why the Colts' balls were not deflated. 1. They inflated their balls to the maximum limit, so when the temperature affected the inflation, it stayed within the legal allowance. 2. They were the visiting team, therefore there balls were mostly outside, be it in a plane cargo area and then with the equipment manager on the field. The Pats were the home team so their balls stayed inside the warm offices for the week before the game. Two very simple reasons for what could have happened.
  14. There should be no situation where a Pats attendant has all 24 balls in the first place. This person was either a ref/official or there was a serious breakdown in the chain of custody. The Colts' balls go from the Colts, to the ref, to the ball official, to the Colts' ball boy, to the equipment manager, and back to the refs. They don't go to the Patriots.
  15. 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher and Rich Show” reports that the Patriots turned in their game balls slightly under-inflated and an official — presumably head referee Walt Anderson — signed off on them. The show’s source indicated that a pressure gauge was not used. http://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/report_nfl_approved_under_inflated_balls_from_patriots/18162203?linksrc=story_sitewide_yardbarker_footer_head_18162203
  16. If a Pats attendant really did it there's no question at least Brady was involved. It's absurd to think some ballboy went into unilateral action.
  17. So PFT is saying there's a video of a Pats locker room attendant taking all 24 (Pats balls and Colts balls) into a bathroom. That runs counter to everything we heard about how the chain of custody goes. It was reported that the balls go from a ref, to a uniformed football attendant, to the team's ball boys. There should be no Patriots employee who is given both team's balls. There is some serious breakdown here.
  18. Well, it kinda did. The Panthers got busted this season illegally holding their footballs to heaters during the Vikings game. The fact you haven't heard anything about it tells you exactly what "everyone would be saying."
  19. Looks like you missed the slew of NFL players saying it's no big deal. And Schefter saying the NFL coaches he asked seemed insulted that anyone would consider it a big deal.
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