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  1. When it comes to football I have two preferences: 1a: Win 1b: Lose but with a lot of theatrics and hysterics. So I'm happy either way. The only kind of football I hate is Reichball where we just lose and then go be quiet and respectful.
  2. That would be unheard of on the Huddle
  3. NFL head coaching jobs are very very rare. Coaches don't care what team they get a job with, they just want a coaching job. No qualified coach is going to turn down the Panthers.
  4. omfg i'm cackling at the constant runs for 4 yard losses. This is incredible.
  5. Wow refs are calling a pretty good game
  6. Some people don't know what they're looking at when they watch football and just say whatever their emotions tell them to. You don't have to try to convince everyone, it's not worth it.
  7. That was an absolutely clean hit. Chest to chest, didn't touch his head.
  8. We only run zone blocking on about 55% of plays. Wilks used it on about 35% of plays. I think the play Icky just allowed a sack on was gap assignments and not zone.
  9. What scheme could we run that would help him do a straight forward 1 on 1 block against the DE?
  10. haha misses 2 easy wide open throws, then threads a needle. Wild.
  11. Because we don't try to block field goals. The d-linemen up the middle do half hearted jumps and hold their hands up, but we don't even rush off the edge to try to block anything like winning teams do.
  12. Bryce jumping when he throws the ball made no difference to whether Sanders should have caught it. He hesitated awkwardly and held out his hands, the ball hit his hands, and he dropped it.
  13. Sanders looked like a toddler trying to catch that. Rolled off his palms.
  14. Receiver bobbled it as he went down but that was a fantastic throw.
  15. The constant runs up the middle for no gain is exhausting. Physically painful to watch.
  16. Bryce is so tenacious on those runs. Looks 6'3'' shrugging off tacklers
  17. Don't forget to be mad at Filterer. The coach was brought in because he has a system and philosophy they wanted to bring to Carolina. It becomes the GM's job to sign people the head coach needs to fit into that system. Asking a head coach to change the scheme he was specifically hired to implement is necessary because of our situation, but shouldn't be.
  18. The perfect time to send a message that you're serious about improving the o-line is 2 weeks after the trade deadline.
  19. I noticed he was doing that a lot less lately, wonder if they told him to stop, or if Brown was calling plays he thought he didn't need to get out of.
  20. Hope you like runs up the middle from the shotgun for no gain on 1st downs.
  21. I'm all for bubble screens and the style of offense we run, if we had the personnel to run it. We don't, everyone can see that, but the coach stubbornly refuses to adapt. When it's to the point that idiots like media talking heads and fans can say "they're running agility based zone blocking with large power linemen" but the coaches keep doing it, there's a major problem. That seems to be the Panthers curse (or a problem with coaches in general). The Panthers always seem to end up with coaches who have an idea and then sink or swim with the idea, and never adapt to circumstances or things not working.
  22. I've watched CJ in one game this year, when he played the Panthers, and Bryce played much better than CJ.
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