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    Aaron Rodgers

    listening to joe rogan did more to melt his brain than any drug
  2. we kind of are, though. i mean we're not in the top echelon of franchises obviously, but 2 SB appearances and a smattering of deep playoff runs and 12-4 seasons over the past 20 years is more than a whole lot of franchises can say. at the very least we're as good as a franchise as the modern era Chiefs were before they got Andy Reid and developed a winning culture. that's what i think our priority should be this offseason, finding our Andy Reid more than our Trevor Lawrence.
  3. i don't think a few draft positions is going to make that big of a difference. the same handful of teams get the first pick every year but rarely get better, we don't want to become one of them just hoping to draft that exact right player that'll turn everything around. long term winning teams comes from ownership, culture, coaching, and their strategies on how to run a franchise.
  4. hey the plus side of just seeing this thread now is that i also immediately got the good news. this is great. love you buddy i'm glad it sounds like it's working out
  5. i like the helmets but the logos need the keyline they used to have, or that alternate white whisker logo
  6. i think the kicker showed he would have missed the xp anyway
  7. deserve to lose when you come out and play for a field goal from the 20
  8. feel so vindicated about wilson on the broncos. turns out maybe when he was just lobbing up wobbly ducks on a prayer and his WRs magically came down with them, it might have been the WRs all along.
  9. he really didn't need to do the PI that was not gonna be caught. dumbass
  10. imagine spending an entire offseason and another year of your life following the Panthers hoping for something good and then this is what you get
  11. why not just punt on 3rd down you're just risking injury by calling 'we give up' plays
  12. i'm shocked the guy who had blaine gabbert over cam newton would be bad at drafting
  13. squatting on the username Corral Reefer, willing to listen to $ offers
  14. that combined with a much improved line sounds like a good combo
  15. nobody has ever accomplished less with more than Aaron Rodgers. nobody has ever accomplished more with less than Cam Newton. we could have them both on 1 roster and it might balance out
  16. you have to think a vaccinated Rodgers would have won that
  17. i thought the process was going great and we're closer than people think, why do we need to fire a bunch of people
  18. i checked out during 2019-2020 season and just watched this year very casually. i'm closer to finding another team than checking back in
  19. how is that not PI? ball was in the air and the WR was tackled
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