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  1. People listed all the same reasons Deandre Hopkins wouldn't come here last year. We're irrelevant, we don't have a great QB, he'll only sign for a Super Bowl contender, etc. And then he signed to play for one of a small handful of teams equally irrelevant as the Panthers to be thrown to by Ryan Tannehill. Big name players don't always sign for the top teams.
  2. I think after only 1 rookie season the chances are much greater than, for example, when David Carr left the Texans after 4 years of getting his ass ate and people thought we'd magically fix him.
  3. That's definitely reason to be optimistic. Tbh the main thing separating Wilson on the Seahawks and Bryce Young was that Wilson could close his eyes and throw up a wobbler, and one of his WRs would actually break off his route and come back for the ball and come down with the catch. If BY did similar it would be ugly.
  4. Us losing to the Bucs both kept the Saints out of the playoffs and got us our new head coach. Double win.
  5. Busted. I have not been paying attention
  6. tbf "No retreads" has been the Huddle mantra since Reich was fired. You can't avoid retreads but also get a guy with lots of experience.
  7. In a way a Huddler became GM. Sure, the board ran him off with constant concussion jokes, but he was a Huddler for a few days at least.
  8. Down like 30 points and the Cowboys are still trying to block extra points harder than the Panthers have in years.
  9. This is a blast. I haven't had this much fun watching football since Cam was cut.
  10. The Tinderbox spent 15 years trying to radicalize the Huddle but the NFL going to streaming services eventually did it. Arise ye workers from your slumbers Arise ye prisoners of want For reason in revolt now thunders And at last ends the age of cant.
  11. Watching all these short dump-offs and checkdowns by Stroud go for 60 yard gains is legitimately funny.
  12. Reich called an offense built around Bryce, and then Bryce ended up having his best games when that was abandoned and they put him under center. Doing weird poo because they think it's what Bryce needs is a big reason the offense sucked as much as it did.
  13. "Just out of the reach" it landed in his open palm
  14. idk what youre talking about, report any posts that break rules
  15. Would keep the Saints out of the playoffs but also ensure maximum suckage of the Bucs. Seems kind of ideal lol
  16. People being optimistic about a Panthers player will never, ever, ever be as annoying as the opposite, I'm sorry.
  17. He played too well and it made the WR overconfident and start showboating. It's a lack of character on Bryce's part.
  18. If we fire him now the team might lose next week, it would be a disaster
  19. They're 16th, so middle of the pack. Jaire Alexander is a top 3 QB in the league. Bryce threaded the needle past him on multiple occasions.
  20. He was "disillusioned" through our 15-1 season and continuously posting about how terrible Cam was during his MVP run. I don't think he's a troll in that he intentionally has bad opinions to upset people, I think he just genuinely has terrible opinions that have been a Huddle energy vampire for a decade.
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