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  1. What’s going to suck about Necas is that he’s going to go somewhere and put up 80+ points. Good player, wrong system.
  2. Martin Necas’ father has confirmed Necas is unlikely to be back in Carolina, he wants to be traded.
  3. Unfortunately NHL contracts can’t be reconstructed so if they are with us they’ll be making what they make.
  4. Exit interviews: Burns and Staal definitely sound like they’ll be back. Pesce sounds like he wants to be back. Skjei sounds like he’s gone, looking for a healthy contract. Guentzel sounded like it could go either way. Teravainen, couldn’t tell one way or the other. DeAngelo sounds like he’s gone. Kuznetsov actually sounded like he might be done, maybe retirement.
  5. I like Drury but I just don’t see where he fits. He was the only one I went back and forth on.
  6. Personal opinion but I don’t think you’ll see Necas, Skjei, or Pesce with the Canes next year. All will get $7+M. Necas as an RFA has a good amount of trade value so we should be able to get a top four defensemen for him. And I want to see us go get Carrier in FA. He’s the perfect defenseman for the Canes. Guentzel will get $9M and Jarvis will get $7M (unless they do a bridge) eating a large portion of our cap space. We simply can’t fill out the rest of the roster by giving any of Skjei, Pesce, or Necas $7M as well.
  7. Team is going to look mighty different and while I’d love to keep our guys. I’m going to go a different route and bring in a bunch of new guys. I’ll break it down by line: Guentzel - Aho - Jarvis (Bringing Guentzel back along with RFA Jarvis is a no brainer) Svechnikov - Unger-Sorum - Toffoli (Throw FUS into the fire and give him two goal scorers in Svech and FA Toffoli to feed) Teravainen - Kuznetsov - Noesen (Bring Turbo back on a discount and bring back our only net front in Noesen) Martinook - Staal - Fast (Bring back Martinook and reunite the MAF line) Extra: Lemieux (The perfect extra) Slavin - Carrier (Burns is declining, bring in Alex Carrier who I’m a big fan of) Byram - Burns (Ship Necas to Buffalo for Byram) Orlov - Chatfield (Bringing back Chatfield is a no brainer) Extra: Morrow (He’ll get his chance) Kochetkov (It’s his time) Andersen (Only a couple years left) Martin (Most of his time will be in the AHL) First Call-Up’s: Nadeau, Blake Trade: Necas (He’ll be too expensive, trade him for a top 4 LD) Trade: Kotkaniemi (Probably won’t get anything for him, just attach a pick to him and be done with it) Walk: Pesce (Getting older, will be expensive, play will decline soon) Walk: Skjei (This one hurts the most but we won’t be able to afford him) Walk: Drury (Staal is still better than him at this point and they are redundant) Walk: DeAngelo (Thank you for your service) Walk: Raanta (Hopefully he retires) Walk: Tieksola, Murray, Burke (Better AHL options out there) Re-Sign: Comtois (Throw him in the AHL so we have a guy to protect our prospects) Re-Sign: Suzuki (Good depth for our AHL team) Re-Sign: Coghlan (Good AHL player) Re-Sign: Mendel (Good AHL player) Re-Sign: Smith (Good AHL player)
  8. If we move on from Rod it’s gotta be Andrew Brunette or Jay Leach for me. Maybe Cory Stillman.
  9. I’d have rather gotten swept than lose like this. So let’s not lose.
  10. We’re going to need another one, Freddie has not been good.
  11. Defense is playing at an elite level right now, another win in the books.
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